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Trousseau Packing

Imagine you receive a wedding gift that is wrapped in the most creative and attractive way you could never imagine? Trousseau packing adds to the element of surprises and is much more than ensuring the element of surprise for the recipient. It not only adds a personal touch to the art of gifting but also shows a number of efforts you have put to make the moment special for the receiver. This art of trousseau packing is easily accessible to anybody be it gifting in a gift bag, adding crafty, ribbons, silk or sequins.

How about turning yourself to be an ideal Wedding Trousseau packer?  Trousseau packing courses at CSDO can also make you a pro packer for any kind of occasion. Enhance your creativity and rediscover your ideas and senses regarding designing and color combinations. Make your wedding packing instances awe-inspiring with our practical lessons.


1.The intro of packing accessories.
2.The decoration of ring platter and trays.
3. Making of the designer envelope.
4.Ring platter variation and understanding color combinations.

5. Basket decoration

6.Shoe packaging, Saree Packing

7.Application of fabrics of different types and so on …

The outcome of the Course 
You will have a clear understanding of using different types of trousseau packing course accessories, lace and  choosing the color combinations. We will open up your mind and you can do various types of packaging post learning this course & can make your career in Trousseau Packing. Also, you will take away the material prepared in the class and will be able to prepare trousseau packing gifts on your own.

All the material will be provided by CSDO and students can take away prepared products with them.

Duration – 4 days 

Fee – Rs. 9999 /-