Trousseau Grooming Course

It’s good to always upgrade yourself with latest techniques .All those who are already having expertise in the area of trousseau have this amazing opportunity to learn and move a step ahead in their careers with trousseau packaging advance course.

Benefits of the course
Learning trousseau grooming packing would be that you can take wedding orders work from home and earn amazing extra income with minimum investment.

This advance course includes:

  • Bookey
  • First card wedding invitation
  • Baby Shower
  • Ring Platter
  • Cage Decoration in which various items can be incorporated placing of products in altogether perfect way.

Prerequisite for the course:

  • Basic knowledge of packing and wrapping
  • Material will be provided by CSDO and participants can take away finished products at the basic cost.
  • Certificate will be provided at the completion of the course.

Course Fee: 6,000/
Duration of the course: 2 days