Why Email Marketing is better than Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

If you own a business, both email marketing and social media marketing will help you in product promotion. Both are useful and the results are amazing. The question is which is more effective overall? The answer to this will help in deciding where to spend more time. Social media is a key to the online marketing landscape.

It is easy to share ads using Facebook, Twitter and other platforms with a virtual crowd. This easily helps in growing brand image and business at low cost. On the other hand, Email has its existence quite a bit longer. Although it is less exciting than the social media, never underestimate the power of this marketing channel. Therefore, Email Marketing is very effective and is still alive over the social media.

Why Email Marketing beats Social Media Marketing?

Email is a personal phone book for everyone. On the other hand, social media is a casual acquaintance. With Email Marketing, you get control of the entire communication which is never possible with social media. Here are few points that support the above statement.

1. Get personalised attention: Email is capable to get more attention over the post on a Facebook or other social Medias. With the recent changes, the ads seen on Facebook are the newsfeeds. With this, people need to use promoted posts to gain user’s attention. Besides that, people get less email that the newsfeeds and updates over the social media. With this, you get less competing message and it becomes an effective tool for marketing.

2. Complete control who sees what: This is an amazing benefit of the Email Marketing. You can personalise the email as it is technically more versatile. You can easily input the required information and the reader will not feel it painful to read. The same does not apply to the counterpart social platform. It restricts and provides limited access to use it.

3. Easy to personalise for better results: Email is very personal and messaging it is very easy than on the social media. This can be sent to desired people at a time and changes can be made. On the other hand, any customised post will lead to one to one communication that will not scale.

4. Easy to segment message and increase conversion: When it comes to a personalised message, Email proves to be better on the social platform. You can easily dice and slice the email in your desired form. It is easy to monitor your targeted customers and see what email they open. This will help in making necessary changes as per the customer’s desires. Social media gives only limited control over the targeted audience. It even becomes hard to track the effectiveness at the individual level. Just take demographic information from the social media and add to the mailing list. This will help in easily segmenting the emails according to the customers.

5. Simple legal restrictions: Social Media Marketing has to abide by the tough restrictions of the social media. Certain ads and promotional activities are banned like gambling, Guns, porn, prescription drugs, etc over the social media. However, in case of Email, the rules are less strict.

6. More engaging: Email has more users than the people using the social media. Email has more engaging rate than the other Medias that proves that Email Marketing is more effective than the Social Media Marketing. With this, it is clear that Email engages people several times than the social channel. On social platform, you need to encourage people, ask them to sign up, etc.

7. Email is an effective commercial promotional channel: When it comes to marketing any product or service, email proves to be the main commercial channel. As per a study, over 77% of the people responded in the favour of email marketing when competing with the social media marketing.

8. Email Marketing provides complete control: With email, you get a direct route to flow your marketing and provides you with a complete control. In the case of social media marketing, you depend on the mercy of the users.

9. Email works in your favour: Email is a commercial promotional channel, thus it easily works in your favour. In email, it is easy to input some commercial offers and useful contents that promote your business. This is the most effective communication tool and is less costly over the other promotional channels. Thus, it is easy to use this channel to sell your product and add more delivering value. Besides this, social media does not provide clear understanding of the upcoming sales. Social media provides one ad at a time and its frequency continues, they try to opt out.

How to decide on which marketing style to use for your business?

Are you are in a tough situation and unable to decide on the best marketing style? If yes, then understand the nature of your business, your capabilities and what you expect from the business. After this, analyse the pros and cons of both email marketing and social media marketing in the aspect of your business. Know your prospect customers and see how each of these marketing styles will lead to success.

Therefore, ensure that you end-up in picking the right marketing media for your business promotion. Just analyse the above benefits of email and even take the help if an expert. For this, CSDO provides workshops to clear the doubts regarding the different styles of marketing and what matches your business most.