Startup Chocolate Making

Start your business from a single room in a very low investment with this course.

  Theoretical part:

  • Types of chocolates and choosing of chocolate
  • Types of mold and choosing right kind  of mold
  • Types of essence and choosing of the essence
  • Knowledge of chocolate making equipment
  • What are molded chocolates
  • Difference between the hard center and soft center
  • Styles of chocolate packing paper and choosing the paper
  • Knowledge of chocolate machines
  • Knowledge of making chocolates for production purposes

Practical part:

  • How to melt and temper chocolate
  • How to make plain and flavored chocolate bar
  • How to make dry fruit, crunchy, butterscotch, walnut, rum n raisin chocolate bar
  • How to make chocolate shells
  • Method of making soft centers ( vanilla, coconut )
  • Method of making hard centers ( coffee, pineapple )
  • Basic packaging of chocolates
  • Practical demonstration of making truffle like orange, vanilla, coconut, coffee,hazelnut, cinnamon and praline
    Practical demonstration of making dipped chocolates

Course fees: Rs. 8,500/
Course duration: 2 days