Start-Up Cold Process Soap Making Course

Course Comprises of:-

∼  Handouts to remember

∼  Raw material in house

∼  3 DAY’S extensive training

∼  Live interaction with trainer

∼  Question & Answer Round

∼  You get prepared Soap as token of love

∼  Certification of completion

∼  Lifetime association with CSDO

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Course Description

Course Fee

Cold process soap making is an art of making soaps and this is a fascinating course where you are going to learn the step by step soap making using the cold process technique. Being one of the most popular methods of making soaps, it is also a great way of preserving the oils and scents while making soaps.


Course Curriculum:-

  • Basic chemistry and history related to the art of soap making
  • Important ingredients and equipment required for soap making
  • Getting to know about saponification in which the oils turn into soap and its value
  • Safety measures taken while handling sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
  • Knowing the oils and butter and their quantity in making soaps
  • Selection of additional oils aka hero ingredients
  • Understanding the process of superfatting& lye discounting
  • Using and handling lye calculators
  • Formulating personal recipes of soap
  • Knowing how to prevent rancidity and DOS
  • Using herbs and spices to add natural colors to soap
  • Using botanicals in soap
  • Knowing the various levels of “trace”
  • Using exfoliates and scrubs to add texture to soap
  • Using clays and powders while making soaps
  • Using alternate methods to color soaps
  • Substituting other liquids while making soaps
  • Making use of the natural and essential oils for natural scent
  • Working with cosmetic fragrance oils
  • Training regarding molds along with the lining options
  • Knowing the insulating & gel stages
  • How to cut, cure and store in the Cold process soap making
  • Testing the Ph value of the natural soap
  • How to wrap and pack the soaps made by you
  • How to troubleshoot if you face any common issue in Cold process soap making
    • Making Plain cold process soap bars
    • Cocoa butter soap
    • Moisturizing soap
    • Almond soap, Cinnamon soap, Clove soap
    • Making Mud and Clay Cold Process Soaps
    • Clay of Multan Soap
    • Soothing Effect Soap
    • Production of soaps for bulk & mass production
    • Marketing of the soaps
CP 3

Course Description:-

This course of Cold process soap making is a fun learning workshop where we will teach you the step by step making of cold using the cold process. We will guide you and give you the knowledge while you learn to make beautiful and moisturizing soaps and in this learning experience, we are going to use the natural ingredients. For those who are looking forward to make luxurious and skin friendly natural soaps, we will be using the essential, natural and traditional oils along with the exotic butters. If you love to indulge yourself with the luxuries of the natural bounties, you are going to love each and every step of this course that will bring you closer to nature and cleanse your mind while you take each lesson. Along with the natural and essential oils and exotic butters we will tell you about the blending of various herbs and botanicals efficiently while you make your natural soaps.

Ours is a Craft and social development organization where we learn to nurture our creativity along with our students looking for the horizons of their creativity. We provide them the knowledge and let them explore their creativity while they improve their skills under our guidance. The years of experience that we have has helped us in training many of our students learn this beautiful art of making soaps. Along with taking your hobby to one step forward, this course helps in the development of society as we train our students to start their own career in the field of natural soap making.

No matter if you have made a couple of tries in making soaps or you are a novice in the field yet fascinated with the idea of making soaps, our Craft and social development organization makes sure you are comfortable while taking the lessons so we start with the scratch. There is no requirement of having a prior experience if you want to take up our classes, however, if you have a little experience it will help you understand the things in a better and faster way. If you are doing it for the first time, don’t worry the teaching module is created in a way that you will learn and pick up the terms faster and in an efficient way.

All you have to be is willing to devote your little time and know the happiness and pleasure you will get while you create your soaps. To make your understanding and learning better, we have small batches so that we can give proper time to each of our students. Along with the practice we share the recipes with our students so that they are well aware of each step and they have the required information related to soap making.

Cold process soap making is a relaxing process that gives joy and helps in uplifting your mood. The course that we offer is something that is going to add value to your life and you can even start your own brand.

What will you gain out of STARTUP Melt and Pour Soap making course?

  • You will learn to make natural botanical soaps right from start
  • You will be creating layers & sculpted layers within the soap in the course
  • We will also teach you how you can create swirl designs and effect soaps
  • You will also get to know the technique of making creative surface designs and texture on your soaps

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Quick Details of Course

∼  Course fees: Rs. 9999/- 
∼  Duration: 3 day’s
∼  Timing: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
∼  Location: Lajpat Nagar-II 
∼  Requirements: None 
∼  Suitable For: Beginners 


This course is for you if:

√  You love to use natural ingredients and essential oils

√  You want to learn how to make professional quality products

√  You want to start your own soap or cosmetics business

√  You want to enjoy the fun and passion of a new hobby

Dates & Booking

Date: Monday 18th March 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

Date: Monday 18th March 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

Date: Monday 18th March 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

Date: Monday 18th March 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

At the end of your day with us, you will also receive your certificate of completion for this course.