Entrepreneur Development Programme On ‘Making Glycerin Bath Soap’

Why to Attend This Seminar

As it a new concept in India it has been observed that handmade soaps are in great demand, especially overseas. Certificates will be awarded to participants by NIESBUD (MSDE) which would be of help in case of any assistance or need when there is any vacancy for government job.

The faculty is very eminent and highly educated covering concepts, knowledge and how to expand business efficiently. Any future support even after completion of the course will be provided and candidate is free to raise query in case of any doubt.

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to glycerin soap making
  • Raw materials of glycerin soap making
  • Techniques for glycerin soap making

Soaps you will learn to make:-

  • Plain glycerin Bar Soap – Lemon, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Sex on Beach
  • Chunk Soap
  • Tutty Fruity Soap
  • Marketing strategy for glycerin soap selling
  • Live Demo of glycerin soap making
  • Soap presentation
  • Aromatherapy Soap
  • Stress Buster Soap
  • Neem Soap
  • Alovera Soap
  • Activated Carbon Soap

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Who Can Attend


If you are a student, then make sure to gain some technical skill to enjoy a flourishing career ahead. For this, CSDO is providing soap making classes in Delhi to learn various soap making process and get expertise in it. After training, students will have a well-guided career that has extreme earning opportunity with very less competition as compared to the other professional courses across the globe. This is the best vocational course for students who wish for a safe and growing career.



Soap making classes in Delhi have a remarkable earning opportunity for the businessman. For this, attend the soap making workshops from CSDO and learn various methods of making natural soaps according to the ultimate user’s demand in the market. The classes will provide knowledge on starting the business at home with low capital. CSDO will also provide equipment and other support with the proper knowledge to make and setup a workhouse at home with high productivity and low risk of failure.



Housewives always care about the soap that is used at home. If you are scared of the chemicals and toxin chemicals used in the soaps then nothing can be much better than making your own soap. For this, attend the Soap making classes in Delhi provided by the SDO. The classes will provide practical knowledge on adding natural ingredients in soap. These natural soaps prepared at home will provide a glowing and healthy skin to your family.



If you are operating an NGO, then attending the Soap making classes will be a beneficial option. You can promote the home based soap making among the needy people and help them to earn for themselves. This course is suitable for people who do not have technical skill and looking to work for meeting their basic needs. Just promote this class in your NGO and see how the needy people will be benefitting from it.


Pharma companies

Soap making classes in Delhi by CSDO is highly beneficial for the pharma companies. The workshops operated under the guidance of experts will definitely help professionals in Pharma companies to learn various latest techniques of soap making and detail on natural ingredients that provide healthy and glowing skin. The class will also provide knowledge on the medicinal benefit of introducing various ingredients. Pharma companies can make various soaps at their workshops as per the personal desire from the customers.


Spa owner

Are you operating a spa? If yes, then make sure to satisfy customers by using natural products that are self prepared. For this, you can attend soap making classes provided by CSDO in Delhi. The experts here will guide you in understanding the latest soap making process, technology and natural ingredients. This will increase the satisfaction level of your customers when these natural soaps are used at your spa. You can customize ingredients of soaps as per the individual customer skin requirement.


Saloon owner

If you wish to provide a special sense of personal care at your saloon, then make use of the natural soaps. For this, you need to attend the soap making classes at CSDO and learn making natural soaps at home. You will learn about various ingredients used and their benefits. The classes are modified as per the trainee’s requirement. Thus, you can attend a class that is dedicated to saloon owners and understand the benefits of making soap for your customers use at the saloon.


Working professional

Is your job not earning you enough money to provide you with a dream life? Do not worry, as after attending soap making classes, you will not only earn attractive profit but also will have a safe and progressive career. After attending the classes at CSDO you can easily quit the job and start the soap making business at home. For this, CSDO will provide personalized support, equipment and experts to set up a high production company at home.

School owner

Having a vocational course in school is the secret to attract students and provide them versatile career option. If you are a School owner then look for introducing soap making classes as one of the subjects. This class will be attracting students for the vocational courses and they will gain complete knowledge on the technology and process used in soap making. The course is planned to support needy students to earn money even during their academic time.


Retired people

Retired people often get bored and look for some work. If you are among such people, then soap making class is here to provide you with an earning opportunity and will be best to overcome the boredom of the free time. You will get experts support in setting up a business at home and produce high-quality soaps. You can employ other retired people in your society and enjoy this part of life without feeling short of money.



Do you wish to own your own business and be a successful entrepreneur but do not have a satisfactory business option? CSDO in Delhi has introduced soap making classes that will provide you a business that has global demand and will be a high profiting one. For this, learn various methods of soap making, ingredients used and even ways to set up new business at home with low capital. CSDO will provide equipment and setup support with tips to maintain high production quality.



Soap making classes available at CSDO are highly beneficial for the Corporates. Here experts provide complete guidance on making various soaps with the use of natural ingredients, basics on how to attract customers in the market, understand customers’ demand and supply right quality and quantity soap. Corporates will also learn various marketing techniques and ways to earn a profit by meeting customers demand despite to tough competition in the soap market and will have a best customer base.



If you are free and looking for a startup business then soap making will prove to be the best business idea. This requires less capital and is among the best startup business in India. For providing training and guidance of various soap making techniques, CSDO conducts soap making classes for such desperate people. After completing the training you can start the business at home with low capital. Here experts in soap industry will also support you in the complete setup.


Institute owner

If you operate an institute in any part of India, then make sure to introduce a vocational course for students that provide them easy earning opportunity. This will provide you large students and will be beneficial for your institute growth and earning. Fort this, you can attend soap making classes at CSDO in Delhi or can conduct classes at your institute. Our experts will be happy to teach your students and will provide them career and business options.



Are you operating an export company? CSDO has come up with the new business side that will help you to reach across various corners of the globe. For this, CSDO conducts soap making classes in Delhi. Once you learn techniques to make natural soaps, you will get demand from across the world and will help in expanding the export business. This business requires low capital and can be started at home. Thus, soap making will provide you new and profitable export option.

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