Professional Gift Packing Course

When we talk about art and craft, we think about our extra class at school wherein we are able to make stuff toy, kites, pen stand. 
Although in the old days this gift wrapping had a limit to those classroom and school periods today people are keen about art and craft and they want to take gift wrapping on a professional upfront because of their inbuilt skill in their hands , creative mind and they know to reinvent a packing that can’t be done by anyone. 
 You can add beauty and create an amazing design to just a simple object!
You can decorate and create and make so much even out of waste.
CSDO is the prominent school in India which can help you make a blissful career in Gift wrapping.
The reason why you can opt for this course is that if you are a housewife than this is the course for you because 90 percent of females are already blessed with the quality of doing something new and creative.
Also if you are working then your week offs can become your extra source of income by making creative designs in trousseau and gift packing and selling them at a good price. When vacations arrive you can also get an extra household income by making such wonderful objects. Also, you can start your own training school in your locality for  Gift wrapping.

Course Curriculum 

  • Introduction of the various papers and equipment like
  • Paper punch, eyelet machine, scissors, zigzag scissors,  and machinery lime paper shredder, heat gun sealing machine, shrink paper
  • Return gifts
  • The decoration of carrying bags and envelopes
  • Bow 10 types
  • How to create  your own designer paper using stamps, roller, pads, stencils
  • How to wrap various kinds of boxes like round, hexagon, square, rectangular, heart shape
  • The decoration of the boxes with ribbons and accessories (30 designs)
  • Bottle wrapping
  • Gents garment packing, kids garment packing, sweater packing
  • Bed sheet, pillow and towel packing
  • Packing of soft toys or any uneven object
  • How to set up your own business and get success
    Outcome of the Course
    There is immense potential in gift wrapping as in today’s modern world people are looking for something different than the league and give newness to your object.
    To become a professional artist you don’t need time but you need to be passionate.
    When passionate is involved then success is guaranteed yours.

All the material will be provided by CSDO and students can take away prepared products with them.

Duration: 4 Days 

Fee: Rs.9999/-