Professional Course of Bakery

Professional Course of BakeryBreads

Breads are the daily used food stuff, which have become a part of our daily life. Especially, these are the boon to the sick people. But, can you simply imagine how hygienic are these bread made off? You’ll vomit if you see the way the breads are prepared by the people. And if you give this bread for the sick people, what will be their condition? Hence, think over it and try making these breads at home. You need to have microwave at home, if not get one, and contact our supportive team. CSDO help you in preparing the delicious hygienic bread that is good for your kids as well as sick people, and other family members at home. The only thing that the CSDO requires from you is the trust, if you trust you can learn amazing dishes.


Buns/rolls are the most tastiest and demandable food stuff that is simply loved by most of the people. Regardless of age and family status, everyone wants to have these buns or rolls. Rich man consumes these buns in the form of burger; while, poor man have this bun with tea. Likewise, these buns/rolls are a must-have food in all the houses. Small kids to teenager to adults need these buns/rolls for their breakfast. These can be consumed by stuffing the bhajis or applying cream inside the buns. If you too love buns/rolls but wish to consume in various ways, you need to learn how to prepare buns/rolls at home. And it becomes possible by approaching the CSDO. The group or team of CSDO is pleased to help you learn making bun/rolls. Do you wish to learn? If so, simply enrol with CSDO.


Croissants/Danish are the type of pastries available both online and at your local restaurants or bakeries. Though you find plethora of pastries to taste, you need to try these Croissants/Danish. These are the best food stuffs that you ever enjoy in the kitty parties or any other small functions like house opening ceremony, etc. You need to know where all these stuffs can be used, and how to consume these pastries. In fact, if you know these, but unable to prepare, then take a moment and call CSDO, the group of CSDO is available with you to help you 24/7 to learn these Croissants/Danish pastries, and other food stuffs.


Have you ever tasted Quiche? If not, try these mouth watering dishes. These are the best food stuff for the kids. Not just kids, even teenagers love to consume this delicious stuff. If you don’t have any idea about preparing the stuff, contact CSDO. The team of CSDO would help you get to know the ingredients that are needed to prepare this Quiche. Also, CSDO guides you step by step to prepare the awesome Quiche with ease.


  • Brown Bread
  • Wheat & Oats Bread
  • Sandwich Bread
  • Soup Stick
  • Aajwain Stick
  • Choco chip bread
  • Milk Bread
  • Spinach & Olive Bread
  • Pita Bread/Pizza base
  • Pretzels Calzone
  • Focaccia (Italian Bread)
  • Multi Grain Bread
  • Bagies
  • Garlic Olive Bread


  • Pao Buns
  • Knot Buns
  • Paneer Croquette
  • Dinner Roll
  • Butter Horns
  • Chana Masala/Teddy Bear Rolls


  • Plain Croissants
  • Cheese Croissants
  • Corn Mushroom Croissants
  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Apple & Cinnamona Danish
  • Chocolate Danish


  • Veg Quiche
  • Mushroom Quiche
  • Paneer Quiche


  • Paneer Pattie
  • French Hearts
  • Cream Roll
  • Veg Pattie

Duration: 15 days
Fee: 25,000/-