Startup Chocolate Making Course


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Description of Chocolate making start-up course

 Want to gain skill in making chocolate at home? Chocolate making start-up course from CSDO is the best option. This course helps to develop basic skills to make a variety of chocolates. In order to start chocolate making unit at home, acquire useful knowledge and develop skill. During the class of this start-up course, a trainee learns about methods of melting the chocolates. This course aims to help people know how to start small units in the comfort of home.

 Benefits of chocolate making course

For people who love chocolate making, chocolate making start-up course is of high benefit. During the course, the candidate gets a deep live knowledge on making a variety of chocolates. Experts provide a list of ingredients, suitable methods, process, wrapping, decorating and quality check. An individual get experts help to work at home and earn money. Trainee gets an overview of the chocolate industry, expected demand and acquires basic experience from the workshop. This course improves the skill and helps people to enter in the chocolate making industry.

Course Curriculum 

Theoretical part:

  • Knowledge of different types of COMPOUND chocolates and choosing various chocolates.
  • Introduction of different chocolate molds and how to choose the right kind of mold.
  • Selection of right kind of the chocolate essence
  • The machine used for making chocolate for fast production.
  • Selection of chocolate packing paper and how to measure the paper for different shapes.
  • introduction of chocolate machines for production.
  • You will explore Do’s and Dont’s of chocolate making.
  • Marketing of chocolate.

Practical part:

  • How to melt the chocolate during the different seasons.
  • Bar chocolate: Milky bar, dark chocolate bar, white chocolate bar, mang Flavored, Sugarfree chocolate bar, Diet chocolate bar
  • Flavored bar: Mango  chocolate bar, Pina colada  chocolate bar, Cappuccino chocolate bar, Hazelnut  chocolate bar, Orange chocolate bar
  • Dry fruit chocolate bar: Crunchy chocolate bar, Butterscotch chocolate bar, Walnut chocolate bar, Rum & raisin chocolate bar, Roasted  cashew bar, Roasted almonds chocolates, Roasted pistachio chocolates, Crackle bar
  • Enrobed  chocolates: Dutch macaroons, ladies kisses, rocky road bites, chocolate biscuits, chocolate pie, almond supreme, walnut cluster, true heaven, surprise moment,  )
  • Hard centers: Lemon, Peppermint, Strawberry, Coffee to make lemon chocolate, peppermint chocolate, strawberry chocolate and coffee chocolate
  • The basic packaging of chocolates
  • Marketing of the chocolate

All the material and hand outs will be provided by CSDO.

Course Fee: 7500/-
Course Duration: 3days

Timings: 10.30AM-1.30PM