Moulded Chocolates


Tempered chocolate is poured into a mould, cooled and un molded. Molded chocolates are excellent gifts for every occasion.



Things Required For Chocolate Making/ Tempering Chocolate/Sweet Chocolate/ Bitter Chocolate/Plain Chocolate/ Milky Bar/ Almond Bar/ Crackle And Butter Scotch Bar/ Fruit And Nut Bar/ Flavored Chocolate/ Butter Scotch Chocolate/ Crunchy Chocolate/ Cashew Chocolate/ Rum & Raisin Delight/ Almond Delight/ Lolly Pop/ Hard Center/ Coffee Center/ Cashew nut Hard Center Coconut Hard Center/ Mango Hard Center/ Pineapple Hard Center/ Lemon Hard Center/ Pistachio Hard Center/ Peppermint Hard Center/ Strawberry Hard Center/ Raspberry Hard Center/ Soft Centers/ Marble Chocolate.

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