Melt & Pour Soap Making Courses

CSDO Melt and Pour Soap Making Courses


The melt and pour soap making is not only innovative but also exciting. This soap is made by a process where you melt an existing base of soap. You can further add some fragrance, colour, essential oils and after that can pour the melted soap into attractive soap moulds. This process of making melt and pour soap is super exciting you can try so many various new ideas for moulding, colouring or it’s fragrance. You do not need to handle the percentage of lye in the soap because it’s already taken care of!

You can learn to make melt and pour soap making by joining the vocational courses. It is exciting to make these soaps at home for yourself and your family. They can also be a perfect gift for gifting to your friends and relatives. While learning this course also opens upthe option to start your own venture. Where you can earn money by selling the attractive soaps you make.

Startup Melt & Pour Soap Making Course

We teach you from scratch how to start your own work and learn soap making business!

Theoretical part:

  • color wheel
  • introduction to soap bases
  • introduction to soap making equipment
  • introduction to soap perfume
  • introduction to soap color
  • introduction to machinery used for transparent soaps.

Practical part:

  • Making plain soap bars (Cloudy soap, crystalline soap )
  • Glowing Carica Soap
  • Grandma Soap
  • Fairness Soap
  • Antibacterial Soap
  • Purifying Soap
  • Rhassoul Soap
  • Calamine Soap
  • Bentonite soap
  • Charcoal soap
  • Butter Soap –  Shea butter soap, Coco butter soap, mango butter soap, Kokum butter soap
  • Aromatherapy soaps
  • Skin – softening Soap
  • Making soaps in bulk for production purposes
  • Using soap machines
  • Basic packaging for soaps

Course fees: Rs. 9,999/-
Course duration: 3 days

Professional Melt & Pour Soap Making Courses

If you have already completed Startup course or are already into making Soaps and are looking forward to upgrading yourself in the world of Soaps then you can enhance your skills and proceed to dazzle the world with innovative soaps!

Theoretical part:

  • Introduction to designer soap
  • Introduction to chunky soaps, granite soaps & embedded technique
  • Introduction to new and funky techniques

Practical part:

  • Making designer chunky soaps (jelly roll soap, pinwheel soap, popcorn soap, curly soap)
  • Embedding toys ad loofahs in soaps (jeweled raindrops, living a dream, flower “N” petal, spring botanical, embossed toy, forth “n” bubble, half embossed toy)
  • Reusing your leftover soaps
  • Double Mould Technique: Watermelon Soap, Lemon Soap, Orange Soap

Course fees: Rs. 9999/-
Course duration :  3 day’s