Melt & Pour Soap Making Course

CSDO Melt and Pour Soap Making Courses

Start-Up Melt and Pour Soap Making Course 

If you are looking for a versatile, easy and fast to make soaps that can be ready for use within 24 hours, then Melt & pour soaps are definitely the best choice. They are preferred by individuals looking for fast and efficient soap production solutions for starting or even expanding their soap making business.

In fact, integrating Melt & Pour Soap making method into their existing soap business can help enhance its speed, efficiency, and versatility for the business owners. This can prove to be a valuable asset as rather than replacing their entire product range, the new method can actually compliment them. In addition, it will also ensure faster turn-around on specific product lines and even prove effective in terms of attracting wholesale clients.

By using the melt and pour glycerin soap crafting methods, it is possible to produce 100% natural soaps with organic ingredients as well as those containing essential oils and herbs. It is also possible to produce transparent and eye-catching soaps in fun shapes and sizes.

Course Curriculum:

  • Health & safety concerns and solutions
  • Equipment used
  • Types of soap bases and their differences
  • Melting techniques used and heat control measures adopted
  • Different types of molds and their suitability
  • Coloring techniques including thermal coloring
  • Fragrances techniques using essentials oils and herbs
  • Use of botanicals, natural emollients, and glitter in soap
  • Troubleshooting common problems

The “Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Making Course” is suitable for people of all skill levels and it does not even require them to have any prior experience.

Course Fee: 7500/-

Duration: 3 Days

Timing: 10.30AM-1.30PM

All material for making soaps, study material will be provided by CSDO

Professional Melt & Pour Soap Making Courses

If you have already completed Startup course or are already into making Soaps and are looking forward to upgrading yourself in the world of Soaps then you can enhance your skills and proceed to dazzle the world with innovative soaps!

Theoretical part:

  • Introduction to designer soap
  • Introduction to chunky soaps, granite soaps & embedded technique
  • Introduction to new and funky techniques
  • introduction to double mould soap

Practical part:

  • Making designer chunky soaps (jelly roll soap, pinwheel soap, popcorn soap, curly soap)
  • Embedding toys and loofahs in soaps
  • Reusing your leftover soaps
  • Double Mould Technique: Watermelon Soap, Lemon Soap, Orange Soap

Course Fee Rs. 9999/-
Course Duration: 2 days 

Timing: 10.30AM-1.30PM

All material for making soaps, study material will be provided by CSDO