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The training providing in the Melt and pour Soap making courses are followed by the easy steps with the support of experts. You will get a clear understanding of the market demand and set up a business at home with low investment. CSDO is providing this vocational course that provides complete details on various Melt and pour Soap along with turning this skill into earning. The classes available at this academy are best in the industry.


  • Making Plain Soap Bars (Cloudy soap, crystalline soap )
  • Making Basic Designer  soaps ( Double Decker cloudy soap, Double Decker crystalline soap, Twinkly soap, Double Decker Cloudy & Crystalline soap)
  • Making  Basic Chunky Designer Soaps (Bumpy Surface Soap, Bar & slice Soap, Check Board Soap, Tutti Fruity Soap, Scrap Soap, Jelly Roll Soap, Pinwheel Soap, Celestial Soap, Popcorn Soap, Curly Soap)
  • Making Aromatherapy soaps (sandalwood soap , basil soap , peppermint soap , lemon grass soap , eucalyptus soap , blended customized soap )
  • Embedding toys and loofahs in your soaps ( jeweled raindrops , living a dream , flower N petal , spring botanical , full embossed toy , froth N bubble , aquatic love , peaceful sins , soap and scrub , half embossed toy)
  • Reusing your leftover soaps and using waste soap base
  • Making Mud and Scrub Soaps (Oatmeal soap, clay of Multan soap, cinnamon soap, walnut soap, calamine soap, Bentonite Soap, Kaolin Soap, Wheat Bran Soap )
  • Making  of Double Mold Technique (Watermelon Soap, Lemon Soap, Orange Soap)
  • Making Fancy printed soaps
  • Making lemon / orange / watermelon soaps
  • Making of Herbal Soap (Neem Soap, Tulsi Soap, Five Spice Soap, Rosemary soap)
  • Making soaps in bulk for production purposes
  • Using soap machines
  • Basic and Theme packaging for Soaps

Starting date: – 19-06-2017

Finish date:– 28-06-2017

Timing :- 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Duration:-10 days

Fee :-20,000