How to Use Massage Oil & Benefit

What is Massage oil? 

For a sensational massage, oil is an important part. Massage oils have various varieties and natural ingredients that soothe and heal skin. Massage oils include almond oil, herbal oil, olive oil, etc. We know that massage oil should be right instead of expensive. Hence, pick the right oil or make it at home for self-use. It is also the best way to earn money from the comfort of home.

The benefit of Massage Oils

We know that for smooth running a car, proper oiling and care is a must. This same applies to the human body. For a healthy life and energy, the body needs proper oiling. All it needs is regular massage. For this, know the benefit of Massage oils and find the natural oil. Massage with natural oil provides energy, soothe skin and increase glow. Massage oils are good for strengthening bone density and motion. Ayurveda so far proved various Benefit of Massage oils. Here are few amazing benefits of a regular massage with homemade oils.


  • Improve blood circulation and lymph
  • Lubricate tissues, joints and organ linings
  • Relieve pain and swelling in the body, energise channels and remove toxins
  • Soften skin, improve radiation of skin and prevent dryness
  • Make the body feel light, strong and vital
  • Calm nervous system, improve sleep and muscle stamina
  • Improves intelligence, self-confidence and memory
  • Provides better lifestyle, choices and clarity
  • Banish fatigue
  • Balance three subtle of body
  • Open nadis and awakening consciousness

How to use Massage Oils

For a general idea, use massage oils as follow:

  • Take drops of oil and apply to the needed area
  • Apply to cloth to inhale
  • Use as a diffuser

When you wish to relax, escape from stress or relieve pain, massage is the best way. Use natural massage oils and get a pleasing tough off the spa. It is the best practice followed by ancient time and is popular across the world. All you need to know the best techniques and benefits of oil. There are different techniques to use Massage oils for various parts of the body.


Full body massage: It is good to enjoy massage using natural oil to relieve pain, deep tissue massage and soothing skin. This provides immense relaxation and a stress-free body.

Foot massage: Feet have large pores and absorb oils quickly. This is the best way to relax and unwind. This massage improves bloodstream and heals the complete body.

Face massage: A regular face massage with the best massage oils glow the skin of the face. Use palms to rub oil and enjoy the best feel. It provides instant soothing effect and heals the face skin.

Head and scalp massage: Scalp massage improves blood circulation and removes stress. Oil has medical properties and helps scalp dryness, itching, dandruff and more.

Ear massage: Human body has over 200 acupuncture points on the ear. Ear massage activates several organs and balances the body. Just use the best technique of massage and heal the complete body.


Also, take the training to learn best practices of oil massage therapy. Massage oils, when used properly, heals the entire body and provide a healthy physique. 

Why make it yourself?

Why make massage oils yourself? It’s cheaper than oils available in the market. You are sure that no chemicals added and use materials as you like. It’s easy to adjust oil as per your skin type and needs. Thus, learn to make oils from professionals, it’s really easy, just try.

Make own Massage oil means to go native. Here you choose the best herbs, perfumes and essential materials. Oils available in the market may have added chemicals and can harm the skin. Thus, learn how to make the best Massage oils from CSDO.

This is the best academy to get detail training on making various massage oils. During the class, trainees get knowledge of the raw material, process, equipment and packaging. Get a deep knowledge of fragrances, the purpose of use and how to make them at home. This takes less money and is naturally good oils.

Packaging options

Packaging is a wide area to cover. There is no limit to the new ideas of packaging options. For this, CSDO provides complete training. The trainees get knowledge of different bottles, labelling, sealing, gift raping, etc. The packaging option also depends on the purpose of the oil. If made for self-use at home, packaging can be normal. For wholesale, the packaging is different, appealing to customers and provide safety to the oil. The appearance of packaging is important for commercial selling oils. Herbal massage oils should attract customers through its packaging.

Along with this, it should not damage the oil and should maintain its natural healing power. Hence, pay high attention to good packaging as per the purpose of the oil and considering the users.

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