Lotion And Moisture Courses

Lotion and moisturizer making


Lotion and moisturizer making course description

Skin care products normally used in every day to keep skin healthy and shiny. Before using, ingredients play a vital role as they have a positive or negative effect on the skin. Lotion and moisturizer are available in the market filled with harmful chemicals. Each individual’s skin is different and needs special care. After a bath, skin becomes dry and rough. Use of lotion reduces skin trouble, removes dryness or oiliness. In order to keep skin healthy, ensure to make your own moisturizer and lotion. For this, CSDO organise lotion and moisturizer making class.

This is the right time to tailor your own lotion. Avoid buying products available in the market. Market lotions filled with alcohol, toxins and chemicals. On the other hand, natural ones are made with butter, natural oils and other skin beneficial ingredients. This includes floral waters, Aloe Vera and colloidal oatmeal. If you have time and love making own skin care products, learn lotion and moisturizer making from our experts. Once you attend the complete workshop, you will go home with the product made. You get a chart on ingredients, process and detail handout on making skin care products.

Making lotion and moisturizer for COMMERCIAL use will help to earn a lot of money as people are looking for the best lotion and moisturizer. Do you wish to learn the best art of making quality and natural care products? Attend lotion and moisturizer making classes from our industry experts. We design class for a few students at a time and provide the best duration. Our Experts share detailed knowledge on ingredients, process and use of technology.


When you learn lotion and moisturizer making, you can make skin care products for self-use or for commercial purpose to earn extra money. We at CSDO also help students to start unit at home. Make products and take them to the market. In making lotion and moisturizer small things play a big role. We deliver the best practical knowledge of each process. This helps students to know all about making lotion and moisturizer. The workshop also pays to focus on the quality check of the products. This is basic to making such skin care products at home.


  • Knowledge of various water/aqua used in cosmetic industry
  • Making and defining various lotions
  • Knowledge of different skins-dry, normal, oily
  • Treatment or using of various lotions as per skin demand
  • Professional knowledge of skin care and using lotions as per skin type
  • Knowledge and properties of various natural and synthetic preservatives/ colors/perfumes used in the cosmetic industry
  • Developing your own formulation as per the climate and skin type conditioners
  • The latest packaging of various lotions and moisturizer

Practical demonstration of the following cosmetics will be given-

  • Rose water, Skin toner, Astringent, Antiseptic acne lotion, Aftershave lotion, Face cleaner, Winter lotion, Moisturizer, Aroma lotion for dry skin, normal skin and oily skin, hand and body lotion
  • Oil-free moisturizer, Vitamin E moisturizer
  • Alovera Moisturizer, Nourishing moisturizer, Herbal moisturizer
  • Developing your own formulation as per the climate and skin type conditioners
  • Knowledge of raw material, color and perfume used in the industry
  • Latest packaging of various lotions and moisturizer.

Duration: 2 days

Fee : Rs. 10,000/-