Gel Making Courses

CSDO Gel Making Courses

Learn to make various kinds of

Gel making is quite helpful if you are passionate about learning Cosmetics. It is a simple procedure which involves a combination of different natural & synthetic ingredients. Gel making in India has recently come up with various brands guaranteeing best results. Classes for Gel making in Delhi have become popular given many people today seem to be interested in this kind of cosmetic product.

If you are curious about how to make gel making on your own, you need to hunt for schools or institutes that are popular in this form of study and learn all you need to know about making gels. It is also very important to use the right kind of products that will not harm or damage your skin. Many people before enrolling themselves in such classes wonder what is the scope for gel making or, what benefit it could give them. Gels are in great demand especially in the polluted and humid city of Delhi.

Gels are wonderful for all types of skin whether oily, dry or normal because they fully hydrate our skin .


  1. Synthetic gel
  2. Alovera gel
  3. Massage gel
  4. Fruit gel
  5. Dry skin Gel
  6. Oily skin Gel
  7. Acne Gel
  8. Whitening Gel
  9. Night Gel
  10. Fairness Gel
  11. Gel mask
  12. Facewash Gel ( for all skin types)
  13. Facewash cum scrub Gel ( for all skin types)
  14. Hair gel

Duration – 2 Days
Fee – Rs. 10,000/-