Digital Market Workshop

People pay high attention to the changes that happen in the Digital conventional methods of Digital marketing. No matter what changes are introduced, people will always be eager to review and get attracted towards it. It is important for the organizations to reach every prospective customer by opting for the right Digital marketing method. The high competition and other factors have forced companies to trust the various feasible Digital methods to reach customers through mobile and the web. Thus, no matter what changes you introduce, it is always a better option to look for the modern way of marketing and reaching every customer across the world.

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for the best platform to reach prospective customers? If yes, then look for the Facebook marketing. This is the right source that targets young customers and is the best social medium for marketing across the world. This source is best to provide you well-framed network for reaching people.


  • About Facebook
  • Business Page Creation
  • Best Practices
  • Facebook business pages
  • Facebook ads creation
  • Invite friend using list of email id in excel format
  • How to manage Facebook ads
  • Increase Fans, Post Likes, Reach on post and page
  • Increase video views
  • CPC/CPM/CPA in Detail
  • Advertising Objectives
  • Targeting audience
  • Facebook power editor
  • Facebook management tools
  • Facebook report
  • Facebook Insights & Features
  • Successful Campaigns
  • Targeting – Core Audiences
  • Targeting – Custom Audiences
  • Targeting – Lookalike Audiences
  • Campaign Structure
  • Direct Response Measurement Solutions
  • Boost Your Posts
  • Website Conversion

duration : 1 day

fee : 2000/-


For entrepreneurs who are looking to reach people and promote business, Linkedin is the right platform. This provides the easy way to form new business connections. For this, you need to understand the rules of Linkedin and makes its use to grab the new opportunities. This has emerged as the most affordable digital marketing medium.

  • Understanding LinkedIn
  • Complete Your Profile and company profile
  • Recommend Others
  • Join Targeted Groups
  • Connect With Twitter
  • Add Your Company Profile
  • Optimize Your Search Ranking
  • Optimize LinkedIn For SEO
  • Add Advanced Applications
  • Linkedin Advertising


fee 2000/-

Considering the change in the marketing trends, it is important to opt for the updated way of marketing methods. For this, Emarketing is the best method that entrepreneurs are opting to reach every corner of the world and target the prospective customers. This is the best way to connect with people.


What is email marketing

Creating the Email

How often send email

Email vs. Social

Functions of Email

Email Marketing and Your Business

Sending the Right Message with Lifecycle Marketing

Contact Management and Segmentation

Developing Relationships with Lead Nurturing

Measuring Success with Email Analytics

Email Optimizating and Testing

The Essentials of Email Deliverability

Email Campaign Example

Process Measurement

Email as Conversation

Transactional and Functional Emails

Landing Pages

The Mailing List

Spam and Blacklists

Working with Email Service Providers

Combining Email with Other Channels

Marketing Automation Basics

Advanced Marketing Automation

Email Metrics and Measurement

Advanced Email Marketing



FEE : 2000/-


For people who are looking for the best online marketing solution will definitely find Google analytics service best. This is the right tool that helps in tracking the advertisement. These experts help in staying updated with the different strategies and developing innovative ways to reach the targeted customers across the world.

  • About Google Analytics
  • Google analytics account structure
  • Google analytics insights
  • Cookie tracking
  • Google analytics cookie
  • Start your Google Analytics
  • Create and setup account
  • Analytics code implementation in website
  • Create a goal and report.
  • Setup goals
  • Types of goals
  • What is bounce rate
  • Difference between exit rate & bounce rate
  • How to reduce bounce rate
  • How to set up funnels in goals
  • Importance of funnels
  • Adwords and analytics account integration
  • Marketing campaigns via Google analytics
  • Setup tagging


FEE :2000/-