Decoupage Course


The art and craft of Decoupage involve the cutting out of the pictures and gluingthem to given objects.The object in the pictures is then coated with multiple (up to 40 or even more) varnish layers. Because of the varnish, the end objects appear like they have the inlay work, and the “stuck” feel that the pieces carry make them look more charming when compared to other kinds of arts.

Easy and fun-filled art form
The art of Decoupage has been used since centuries.  The word has been taken from the French word “Decoupage” which means to “cut from” or “cut out” of something. The art gained prominence a wide recognition is the 18th century when the Florence artesian painted many different kinds of a decorative object using the method.Decoupage has never lost its significance and is one of the most effective and fun-filled ways to practice the art and create decorsof the various kinds.

Decorate a wide range of items
There are a number of items that can be decorated through decoupage. Some of the most common items that can have beautiful and different decoupage designs include frames, furniture, mirrors, lamp shades and lamps, plates, bowls,boxes, pots and vases among others.
The students can learn this art and can beautify any space they want.

Learn in your free time
The Decoupaging courses can be easily learned in the free time. The entire course duration may not last beyond a few weeks, but brings to you a great skill that you can also use to earn money as well.

Step-by-step learning
A good decoupage course provider would help the student learn the course step-by-step so that they complete the smaller projects initially and then gradually move to the more complex 3D or Pyramid Decoupage projects. Therefore there is no rush involved and you can learn the art easily,  and also prevent the occurrence of errors later on.

A decoupage course helps you know about the various materials being used in the decoupage projects and helps you know how you can create beautiful crafts that can also be sold in the market for a good price.