Decoupage -For Beginners

Wonderful art of turning old objects into ornamental craft object by using the latest technique. Decoupage is a French art of decorating object by gluing colored cutouts. An excellent way to create personalized gifts with career opportunities. The simple courses can be completed easily online or at nearby physical classes and bring to a learner all the skills, which can turn him/her into a qualified and efficient artist

Decoupage Course and Benefits
The Decoupage courses Introduce the students to this age-old art and help them explore the method for decorating different kinds of objects through the use of paper cutouts. Here are some of the benefits of decoupage courses.

No previous experience required
Anyone who wants to learn the art of Decoupage does not require to have any special qualification or skill. The course is pretty basic and a person can start learning it in his/her free time.

Decoupage beginner courses help a student learn specifics including:

  • Cutting out the pictures
  • Surface preparation
  • Picture arrangement
  • Gluing of the pictures
  • Varnishing to an adequate thickness

Decoupage will be taught on the following objects:

  • Bottle
  • Pillar Candle
  • Coaster (sets of 4)
  • Tissues Box

Fee: Rs 5000/

Duration: 1 Day

A certificate will be provided at the completion of the course.

All the material will be provided by CSDO.

The market price of the prepared objects is approx 2000 and participants can take away all the prepared objects with them.