Cosmetic Cream Courses

CSDO Cosmetic Cream Making Courses

  • Knowledge of various cosmetics creams and their uses
  • Types of cosmetics creams
  • Various chemicals,their properties used in cream making
  • Various tools, utensils, gadgets used in creams making
  • Formulations of various creams as per skin demand
  • Additives—colours/perfumes used in creams making
  • Packaging of creams in latest packaging/labeling

Demonstration of various cos. Creams will be given-

  • Massage creams/Nourishing creams/Vit E cream/Cold cream/Day cream/Night cream/Cleansing cream/vanishing cream/foundation cream/ fairness cream/acne cream/pearly cream/gold cream/ silver cream/fruit cream/

Duration – 2 day’s
Fee : Rs. 10,000/-