Cooking Workshop

  1. Classic fruit punch
  2. Orange ginger
  3. Blue lagoon
  4. Virgin Mary
  5. Mojito

Nomatter how much globalisation happens but Indian dessert are world famous and loved by all.Learn nostaligic flavors to modern desserts Gajar ka halwa,Rabri ,Rasmalae and so on not only for beginners but experts too.

  1. Dessert malpua with rabri
  2. Jalebi
  3. Shahi tukda
  4. Badam gillori
  5. Coconut burfi

Have a party at home or dinner organised but are confused which dessert to make? Dont worry !This course is designed to satsify your taste buds either it be sweet or decandant both for experts as well as beginners.

  1. Tiramisu
  2. Pineapple soufflé
  3. Mango sogo fudding
  4. Chocolate mousse
  5. Thai pan cake with lemon grass

Special course to learn shakes and smoothies that are full of rich fruits and milk.This course is very interesting as the smoothies are not only healthy but delicious too.These smoothies are for beginners as well as experts.

  1. Tropical smoothie,
  2. Lemon basil smoothie,
  3. Black currant delight
  4. Banana smoothie
  5. Kewy Smoothie
  1. Hummus
  2. Falafel,
  3. Fatuous baba gannoush
  4. Muhammara
  5. Pita pockets
  6. Thai sauce

Mexican food covers delicious food with wonderful presentation and unique flavors with exotic flavors that can change your mood .

  1. Nachos tacos enchiladas
  2. Sauce cream, Mexican rich
  3. Salsa
  4. Mexican hot sauce-salsa
  5. Burritos

Sizzlers the word itself bring water in mouth .Learn tomake barbeque veg sizzlers ,different sauces for beginners as well as experts.

  1. Ice cream sizzler
  2. Panerr tikka Sizzler
  3. Chinies Sizzler
  4. Thai rice noodles
  5. Sizzler Souce
  1. Cappuccino with chocolate sauce cinnamon spiced mocha creamy hot cocoa
  2. Iced café frappe,
  3. Iced mochaccino choco cappuccino ,
  4. Iced caramel macchjato

Thai food that can give you feel of eating something in thailand has intense flavors of thai dishes, thai soups &noodles for beginners as well as experts.

Food for all that can impress your friends & family to help you play with colors and flavors gives marvellous presentation.

Delhi’s street food is famous and so is our street food as it gives finger licking flavors from chinese food to south indan to gujrati food be it noodles ,vada pao or dokhla you learn it all.

Become an expert and craft your talent with Italian herbs and learn sauces for Pasta &Spaghetti.A superb treat for all Cheese lovers.