Cold Process Soap Making Courses

Cold Process Soap Making CoursesA cold process soap is made when you mix fixed oils like coconut oil, olive or palm oil with an alkali which can be lye or sodium hydroxide to create a bar of soap, this chemical process is called as Saponification. You have complete control over the ingredients for making this type of soap. If you judiciously use the ingredients then you can extract a long lasting bar of soap.

Making your own cold process soap is wiser than buying the commercial soaps. You are well aware of all the ingredients used in your hand made cold process soap which would be completely healthy for you. In commercial soap there is always uncertainty about the ingredients used. There maybe chemicals used in commercial soap which can be harmful for your skin. It’s better to learn making soap at home which would be healthy for your skin than risk using commercial soaps.

Startup Cold Process Soap Making Course

Are you Fascinated by Handmade Soaps? In Cold Process Soaps with your creativity, you start from the base & convert simple things into something amazing. The waiting time is a little bit more but the result you get is overwhelming. These soaps are purely organic and a blessing to your skin. Learn to start up your own business with the lowest possible investment.

Theoretical part:

  • Introduction  to soap  material & perfume
  • Introduction  to soap color & Lye
  • Introduction  to soap cutting machinery
  • Introduction  to natural colorants
  • Introduction to  Color Wheel

Practical part:

  • Making Plain cold process soap bars
  • Cocoa butter soap
  • Moisturizing soap
  • Almond soap, Cinnamon soap, Clove soap
  • Making  Mud and Clay Cold Process Soaps 
  •  Assamese Fantasy Soap
  • Clay of Multan Soap
  • Soothing Effect Soap
  • Making colored and fragrance soaps
  • Production of soaps for bulk & mass production
  • Using of soap equipment & machines
  • Basic packaging for soaps of the sap
  • Marketing of the soaps


Course fees: Rs.9999/-

Course duration: 3 days

Professional Cold Process Soap Making Courses

Innovate and elevate your soap making process with new techniques and processes and learn how to make liquor soaps for deeper conditioning of your skin.

Theoretical part:

  • Colour wheel
  • Introduction to soap material which includes Soap Perfume, soap color, natural colorants
  • Introduction to designing of cold process soaps
  • Introduction to milk soaps
  • Introduction to advance swirl technique of designing

Practical part:

  • Making swirl designing soap
  • A different technique of swirl soap
  • Funnel technique,
  • Spinning technique,
  • Round columns technique,
  • Honey and Oat soap
  • Designer soap
  • Soap with  fresh milk and advance swirl techniques
  • Making soaps in bulk for production purposes

Course fees: Rs. 9999/-

Duration: 3 day’s