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Course  :- Chocolate making

If you love making Chocolate and wish to opt it as the career, then CSDO is the right academy that provides Chocolate making courses. These courses are designed considering the student’s requirement and are professional oriented. The entire course is designed to provide complete knowledge on how to set up own business at home and learn various ways to prepare delicious Chocolates considering the customer’s requirement. Just register for the course and be your own boss.


  1. Practical demonstration of making molded chocolates, plain chocolate bar : flavored chocolate bar :  dry fruit chocolate bar :  crunchy chocolate bar : butterscotch chocolate bar :   chocolate shells : soft centers : vanilla : coconut : hard centers : coffee : pineapple : walnut chocolate bar :  rum N raisin chocolate bar : roasted cashew chocolates : roasted almonds chocolates : roasted pistachio chocolates
  2. Practical demonstration of making Rocks and Clusters (Peppermint Chromate Sticks, Walnut Chocolate Sticks, Chocolate Peanut Cluster with Walnuts, Fruit & Nutty Cluster, Coffee Cluster with Walnuts, Chunky Cluster, Orange Cluster, Hazelnut Cluster, Pistachio Rocks, Butterscotch Rocks, Cherries in the snow, Snow Rocks Almond Stick, Candid Peel, Butterscotch with Candid Peal Cluster.)
  3. Practical demonstration of Centre Filling (Ganache, Hazelnut Ganache, Vanilla Ganache Lemon Ganache, Caramel)
  4. Practical demonstration of making Liqueur Chocolate (Mint Liquor, Rum Liquor, Screwdriver, Almond Liquor, Banana Liquor, Lemon Liquor, Coffee Liquor, Chocolate Liquor, Ginger Liquor, Cherry Liquor Rose Cream Liquor, Pina Colada Liquor, Whiskey Liquor, Strawberry Liquor, Grapefruit Liquor, Mocktail Liquor, All your Honey, Rose Mint Liquor, Orange Colada Liquor)
  5. Practical demonstration of making Dates Chocolates (Almond & Dates Chocolate, Marzipan Dates Chocolate, Dates & Marzipan Truffle, Candid Peels, Dates Truffle, Caramelized Almond Dates Chocolate, Pista & Apricot Truffle with Dates, Rose Petal Dates Chocolate)
  6. Practical demonstration of making Designer Chocolate
  7. Basic packaging of chocolates

Starting date: – 19-06-2017

Finish date:– 28-06-2017

Timing :- 10:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.

Duration:-10 days

Fee :-20,000