How to Wrap Chocolate

wrap chocolate vocational-courses Are you involved in a homemade chocolate making activity? If yes, then it is important to know how to wrap chocolate. You should know to wrap them as per the occasion, time, person and demand. If it is a valentines day, you need to wrap chocolate for your special one. The packaging should be cute, appealing, colourful and decorated.

It can have a red ribbon around the box and even rose affixed on the top. This makes a perfect gift for your dear one. The box should also have a special message that really touches the heart of your loved one. Most importantly, the taste of the chocolate should be amazing.

If you love Truffle chocolate making, then understand that it is important to beautifully pack them. The packaging should be keeping in considering the nature of the chocolate and keep them safe. The packaging should provide the right temperature, maintain shape and keep them safe from damage.

Packaging chocolate is important as the chocolate itself. A beautifully wrapped chocolate box sends the right message to the receiver. For entering any market, this is the best tool to use the human emotional response to promote chocolate business.

When the packaging or the chocolate is wrapped perfectly, it easily finds a place in the market. This is the best way to keep your chocolate away from the available options in the market. If you are new and have less knowledge of wrapping, then attend Chocolate cluster classes. This course at CSDO consists of a series of workshops covering various ideas.

You learn to wrap chocolates for different occasions and prove as best gifting item. You learn about the material used, need, quality and wrapping ideas. You can question trainers on the functionality of each packaging. You also learn to make use of stone, flowers, motifs, buttons, etc to decorate packaging.

When you attend the Chocolate bouquet classes, you learn various things. The course also provides deep knowledge of factors that are taken into consideration in chocolate warping. The class helps you to understand:

  • Does the packaging is enough to protect the chocolate?
  • How a particular packaging can connect with human emotions?
  • What wrapping informs the customer about the chocolate?
  • Is chocolate wrapping an integral part of the chocolate making classes for business?
  • Does beautiful packaging increase the sales of chocolate in a different market?

The Chocolate bouquet classes also help to know the material used in packaging. All you need is a template, scissors, tissue paper or crepe paper, paper clips, a small note, cord, ribbon, etc. You will learn to pack chocolates as per the different occasions like anniversaries, weddings, parties, etc.

In these classes, you will also learn about writing beautiful messages and design that sets the mood of the receiver. You will also know about the importance of small messages and how to make them effective.

Thus, when you have time to make chocolates at home, learn to beautifully pack them. This will increase the quality and demand of the chocolate among consumers.

How to Make Career with Trousseau Packing

Trousseau Packing

Trousseau packing is nothing but a specialized technique of packing of gifts given to bride and members of family in wedding which also includes the groom.  Earlier the concept of Trousseau packing was not so popular in India but with passage of time it created impact in the Indian wedding Industry.

The tradition which is followed in India includes items which will be needed by the newly wedded couple to make a new beginning of life. The career of a Trousseau packer is getting huge popularity in recent time and so if you want to make a career in this field  then it is mandatory of you  join a Trousseau packing course from a reputed institute.

Trousseau packing course:

A good institute generally covers all basic and advanced steps for making a professional Trousseau art. If you can search online you will get the details of the course which are covered by the experts of the institute.

In case you want to learn some specific designs and patterns then speak to the professionals of the institute and they will surely arrange something which will be beneficial for you. Ensure to take admission in reputed institute and one of the popular one in this regard is CSDO.

Benefit of trousseau course:

  • When you look for a bridal trousseau you will get to see ideally it includes jewellery, accessories, clothing, bed linens, makeup, lingerie, sandals, bath towels and outfits too. So if you want to pursue a career in this field then it is important for you to learn the correct techniques and trendy styles Trousseau decoration is not at all an old concept but with time we can see some latest designs and patterns in the market which are appealing the customers.

Wedding trousseau will fail to drag the attention of the guests and relatives it is not presented in such a manner which is pleasing to the eyes. Benefit of trousseau course is that it helps you to learn which is mandatory to exist in the industry in a fruitful manner.

How to start trousseau packing business?

Be it any business of any shape and size, it is important to know how to give it a start and then proceed step by step to expand in a simple and correct way. If you already completed a course in trousseau packing and wondering as How to start trousseau packing business, then here are our suggestions.

Once you are sure that you learnt the art of trousseau packing well, and then first start it in a small scale. Start taking orders from close friends and give your best to present your best art. If you can impress your friends and relatives with your work then you will find them recommending you to others.

This way it will help you in expanding your business well. Undoubtedly it is a full of creativity business which will support you in evolving your artistic side of nature. You can join the course conducted by CSDO and the experts will guide you in starting your business as trousseau artist.

Want to Start A Home Based Business?

Are you hoping for an income source? Do you have doubts about ways to start a business? You can earn a good amount by starting a home based business. Here are some of the home based ideas which can be fun making process.

Nowadays startups are gaining huge popularity because of their unique ideas which are fetching them money when used with some marketing skills. These business ideas will make you chase your dreams. All of you know that there is no place like your own home. So you can gain utmost growth by doing business at your home.

Most preferred ideas of Home based business

Soap Making

A craft ardent person can initiate home based soap making business with approximately low budget investment. It is a hobby that can be converted into full-time home-based business. Homemade soaps made with organic content have lured many customers since ages.

Homemade soaps are considered famous for gift-giving ideas as they don’t make a hole into the consumers’ pocket.   You can start with decorated speciality soap making and sell them in your locality or in gift stores. For getting success in this business, you will need to expertise in making quality soaps, control your pricing and market your products.

Gift Packing

This can be a rewarding experience if you have flair for decorating gifts in a unique way. You can put your crafting ideas to good use and earn good amount of money. The advantage of entering into gift packing industry is that you will feel good about using your passion without investing much.  People, who don’t have much time to spend on gift packing, can give you their items for packing it beautifully.

This business will fetch you money throughout the year as people need gifts in a variety of occasions. You will also have to promote your service in peak season which is during holidays and festive seasons. For this business, you will need supplies like colourful printed wrapping papers, glittery pens, net cloth, handmade papers, handmade gift bags,crafty tags, etc.

Flower Making

Everyone knows that the business of flower will never end as the artificial flower will stay forever. Irrespective of the occasion, flowers made up of tissues and ribbons are widely used as they look equally elegant as the fresh flowers.

Different variety of materials is used for this purpose such as paper, ribbon, polyester and different fabrics like satin, velvet, muslin, cotton, etc. One more advantage is that the artificial flowers are light in weight compared to fresh flowers. These flowers are used in the decoration of homes, stores, classrooms, offices, especially for occasions. So you can easily get into this business.

If you are looking for flower making classes in Delhi to start a flower making home based business visit –

Chocolate Making

It is possible for you to make chocolates for an earning. Chocolate making is a passion driven business as you will have to hunt for new trends in the chocolate market. Keeping an eye to your consumers’ flavour preference is a must. You should know the various processes to make chocolates like lollipops, candies, jelly beans, etc.

Along with marketing skills and communications skills, you will need to do continuous monitoring other companies to know the current trends in the market. Branding is very important in this business. You can encrypt your brand name into your chocolates and make them visible with its quality to your clients.

Candle Making

Today, candles are meant for decoration. Anyone who has the interest in making candles can enter into the candle making industry. For this, you will need to learn the exact skills. You should continuously search for creative designs to climb the stair of success.

You will need marketing skills and tech savvy to fix your position as an entrepreneur in candle making business. Candles of different shapes and colours will allure consumers with its scent. The main feature while choosing a homemade candle is its perfume.

Therefore, the home-made business can be an amazing way to redefine the purpose of life. You can achieve dreams with your commitment and hard work. Spoken and business communication is very important to give speed to the growth of your business. Thus, you can make difference to your life from the comfort of your home. Working from your home can be a lucrative perk which can immensely help your home-based business.

Get Ready to Pack Trousseau from your own Home

Your neighborhood girl is getting married next month and as their family friend you are there to support them. Everything was going too perfect but just a week back they recognized OH NO that they completely overlooked packing of the Trousseau and other gifts of the groom’s family. Imagine that you took a step forward and took up the charge of getting the Trousseau packing done at your home.

You added some of the best designing patterns in the Trousseau plates and make each of them look amazingly beautiful. On the day of the wedding the guests and the groom’s family especially met you to thank you for the awesome Trousseau decoration as they completely loved it. Are you not feeling happy that your creativity got recognized…….?

After the wedding rituals were over the bride’s parents just showered their love on you and gave you an envelope…… and it contains a good amount for your Trousseau packing service. That wedding was the first promotion of your creative side and from then you start receiving one after another order and now it’s your business right from home.

Well, this story can be a reality for you and we and our expert Trousseau packing specialist are ready to help you learn the art of Trousseau packing. We are right here to guide you about how you can expand your Trousseau business. Just give us a call and collect the details of the class schedules and join us today.

With us you can learn:

  • Ring Tray Designing
  • Jewellery Designer Trousseau
  • Bridal Saree Packing
  • Return gift for wedding guests packing
  • Dry Fruit Packing
  • Cosmetic Tray packing
  • Groom’s personal care items packing
  • Sweetc


Get in touch with us today for trousseau packing courses and become an entrepreneur

Basket Packing is a Great Art!

During any festival and special occasions, we follow the rituals to give gifts to our friends and relatives. For gifting, we need to get special packing done for making a nice presentation. You may opt for buying various designer baskets from the market but you can make your friends more delighted if you can decorate a basket by your own.

Doing a nice packaging to a basket is always considered a nice art and you can also be the owner of this nice art if you join special classes organized by our professionals. Our experts will make you learn about different types of basket packing such as

  • Packing of fancy basket and potlis
  • Teshu basket with teddy
  • Designing a fruit basket
  • Designing baskets with flowers
  • Pink and golden basket with flower
  • Decoration of cane baskets for fruits

Well, to do such nice basket decoration you will need to arrange various items and hence you will be guided by the professionals to decorate baskets nicely. Again, you can opt for opening your own business of basket designing for any occasion, celebration or puja etc. This new business will give you good return too. Hence, contact with our professionals today to have the best support.

If you are a creative person then we are sure that after our classes you will add up your ideas and bring more new designs of basket packing. You need to be passionate about your creative side and then you can design the best baskets for your loved ones gift.