Benefits Of Decoupage Courses For Beginners

Decoupage courses

The art and craft of Decoupage involve the cutting out of the pictures and gluing them to given objects. The object in the pictures is then coated with multiple (up to 40 or even more) varnish layers. Because of the varnish, the end objects appear like they have the inlay work, and the “stuck” feel that the pieces carry make them look more charming when compared to other kinds of arts.

Decoupage Courses and their Benefits

The Decoupage courses Introduce the students to this age-old art and help them explore the method for decorating different kinds of objects through the use of paper cutouts. Here are some of the benefits of decoupage courses for the beginners.

Easy and fun-filled art form

The art of Decoupage has been used since centuries.  The word has been taken from the French word “Decoupage” which means to “cut from” or “cut out” of something. The art gained prominence a wide recognition is the 18th century when the Florence artesian painted many different kinds of a decorative object using the method. Decoupage has never lost its significance and is one of the most effective and fun-filled ways to practice the art and create decors of the various kinds.

Decorate a wide range of items

There are a number of items that can be decorated through decoupage. Some of the most common items that can have beautiful and different decoupage designs include frames, furniture, mirrors, lamp shades and lamps, plates, bowls, boxes, pots and vases among others.

The students can learn this art and can beautify any space they want. Decoupage beginner courses help a student learn specifics including:

  • Surface preparation
  • Cutting out the pictures
  • Picture arrangement
  • Gluing of the pictures
  • Varnishing to an adequate thickness

The simple courses can be completed easily online or at nearby physical classes and brings to a learner all the skills, which can turn him/her into a qualified and efficient artist.

 No previous experience required

Anyone who wants to learn the art of Decoupage does not require to have any special qualification or skill. The course is pretty basic and a person can start learning it in his/her free time.

Pass through various stages

While the initial use of decoupage for beginners involves 2D objects, it can also be done on the 3D objects. Pyramid decoupaging is also quite popular and helps the student learn about the progressive placement of identical images in decreasing size.

 Learn in your free time

The Decoupaging courses can be easily learned in the free time. The entire course duration may not last beyond a few weeks, but brings to you a great skill that you can also use to earn money as well.

Step-by-step learning

A good decoupage course provider would help the student learn the course step-by-step so that they complete the smaller projects initially and then gradually move to the more complex 3D or Pyramid Decoupage projects.

Therefore there is no rush involved and you can learn the art easily, and also prevent the occurrence of errors later on.

A decoupage course helps you know about the various materials being used in the decoupage projects and helps you know how you can create beautiful crafts that can also be sold in the market for a good price.

What is Small Scale Business?

small scale business

Who does not wish to be own boss? Definitely everyone! For this, you need to look for the Small scale business. They have a low volume of sale but are profitable. This depends on the business you operate and brand image. The number of employees limited to the certain number. So, if you love working freely for you rather than under a boss, start your own business. For this, know “how to start small scale business (ssb”. In order to start, consider a few things like product line, training, tools and operations.

Learn How to Start Small Scale Business


Starting a business is not a secret that we all know. However, only a few get success and most of us fail. So what are the real factors that make the difference in outcome? Before starting any business, learn about the product/service from experts. For this, you can join the vocational courses offered by the CSDO academy. You get the best training for ssb from experts who have their own business. Even if you do not have any skill to make a certain product, you can develop it. You can take the help of experts to start at home. For this, you need less capital and manpower. You can easily start the small business in the comfort of home.


Moreover, take help from experts who are in the same business. Just have a product/service idea and do all that a start-up business need. For this, make a business plan, collect data, take experts help and execute the plan. All you need is to know about the ideas for ssb and enter into a loved business. Small business ideas like cosmetic making, candle making, bakery products, etc have a great scope. It is good to identify your passion and make it a profession. For this, take help from experts and know which right small scale business is for you.

Amazing benefits of small scale business

Most of the small scale businesses start as one person. The owner spots the gap in the market, learn a skill and start the business. Do you know the amazing benefit of ssb? Here are a few important ones:

  • Easy to respond to a problem and handle challenges
  • Helps to develop personal relationships
  • Easy to introduce new things and innovate things that please customers
  • Cater to limited and known markets
  • Low overhead cost and easy handling of business

Where to learn small scale business idea?

Do you have a dream or a business idea? You can know all about the ideas of ssb from experts. For this, look for the best institute /place to learn ssb idea. CSDO is the right academy that provides training on various ssb. You can develop skills in a certain business idea by completing the course. You can pick any business idea as per the list and experts will guide along with start-up support. Here experts provide training, share experience and help in working at home. You get a detailed guide on starting a business at home and make it successful. It has a wide range of courses that match with your area of interest.

The training for ssb helps to know all about the product, making process, tools, marketing, etc. Experts here will also help to pick the right course as per your interest. They improve skill and clear all the doubts. The best part is experts improve your confidence to work at home.

We know that vocational courses are best to learn some quick skill and start earning money. This is the reason that such businesses are turning as best profiting and way to earn money from home. You can also employ others and provide employment in the society. Now, young people entering small scale business and leave corporate salary. Who does not love freedom? Then why work for others when you can start your own business with less capital. Just know all about your passion, learn a skill, take experts help and execute the program.

Small scale business mostly covers the market of the local area. Hence, you can analyse the market to see what is in demand. Start the Small scale business and provide options in the market.

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Easy Way To Make Your Own Spices Nuts

Nuts are the delicious and light food that can be best for the holiday and travel. They are the best snack to be served during the small gathering, gifting on festivals and even enjoying the evening tea with family members. Although the market has various companies that provide spices nuts, still homemade spices nuts are becoming popular among people who are health conscious. For learning the technique, process and ingredients to make spiced nuts, CSDO provides a complete course for every individual.

For making spices nuts, it is your taste and knowledge of the process that will play a vital role to make a variety of them. There are various types of spice nuts that can be made using various nuts. Here is an easy way to make your own spiced nuts by using a combination of spices like curry powder, chilli, garlic, cinnamon, salt, cumin, brown sugar, ground mustard and orange peel are required to boost the task of spices nuts.

You can pick nuts of your choice from options like walnuts, almonds, pecans, cashew nuts, etc. One can use egg white or blanch the nuts in boiling water so that ingredients can stick to the nuts.

Ingredients used to prepare the candied nuts are candied walnuts, spiced nuts, spiced cocktail nuts and spiced pecans. Mix together the ingredients in a medium bowl by giving nuts a quick dunk in boiling water. Drain and toss the spice mixture. Boil then in right temperature, roast the nuts till they turn to brown and cool to make it the best mixture.

You can wrap this mixture with available ingredients and prepare the delicious spied nuts. They can be wrapped in the gift wrappers, gift baskets or the gift bags and can be presented to the near and dear ones on special occasion.

Why is Premix Gravy Workshop So Beneficial for Everyone?

Even if you are a good cook, the food you prepare does not taste the same as you think that tasted in a restaurant. The reason is the lack of knowledge on preparing the right premix gravy. People are fond of feeding their appetite with delicious Matar Paneer, Navratan Korma, Choley Amritsari, Rajma, Afgani kofta, etc.

For people who wish to boost their knowledge on preparing special gravies for such dishes, CSDO has come up with the few hours course. This is a balanced workshop that will be started soon a tnominal registration charges. The purpose is to help people to enjoy this festive season by preparing and delighting guests with the amazing dishes.

Trainers in this workshop will be sharing the knowledge and provide right guidance on the raw materials used, procedure and other ingredients that are required to prepare some important gravies for special dishes.

Important premix gravy that will be covered in the course is garlic powder, onion powder, cashew and dry spices, etc whose life will be for 4 months. Trainees will also get an opportunity to enter into this business and prepare these gravies for students, working women and people who love delicious food but are lazy to prepare required gravy.

Learn Basic Cooking Styles By Attending The One-Day Cooking Workshop From Csdo

Do you love making various dishes at home and love feeding appetite of your guests? If yes, then you have an opportunity to turn this hobby into a profession. For this, CSDO is offering a one day Cooking workshop where you will learn preparing various cuisines like Labanese, Thai, Continental, Italian, etc.

This workshop is not meant only for people who love cooking, but people who wish to learn amazing cooking style will also be highly benefitted from it. This few hours class is dedicated to improving your cooking skills and providing you knowledge of different styles of cooking various dishes.

This short duration workshop is best to know about various cuisines and the best way to prepare. Here you will have experts who are renowned chefs in particular cuisines and will share their experience. Along with the various dishes, the class will be providing deep knowledge in preparing various other food items like smoothie, mocktail, ice cream, etc that have place in every family.

The best part of the class is that it is well balanced and managed by the experts who will take intense care to improve your cooking skills and generate love for dishes that you may find boring if prepared in traditional style.

The main intention of the cookery workshop is to support people who are looking for part time business in Delhi India. This workshop will be guiding you on ways to start the bakery, restaurant or catering service from the comfort of home. The professionals will be lending the helping hand to provide complete setup along with the proper guidance to make it a successful home based business.

Thus, if you have an interest in cooking, then this Cooking workshop is introduced specially for people like you. Just contact CSDO and get complete detail of this one day workshop in Delhi.

For Cooking Workshop Details – Click Here

How to Get Success in Business

Almost everyone dreams of owning or starting a business whether it is a small business out of your own home or a small-scale enterprise.  The idea of being your own boss thrills every single person. However, the risk involved in the process is what holds one back. It is important and crucial to keep in mind a few points in order to achieve success in these businesses.

1. Manage your time wisely

Owning a small business can mean juggling between numerous things at the same time. Therefore, time management is the key to success.  Structure your time and tasks and keep all the information in place.  Allot specific time for specific tasks and try to stick to the routine. Make a timetable that will leave you with hours for planning, execution and development. It is important organize your schedule instead of having chaotic days. Do not try to do everything yourself. Get as much help as possible and down delegate the work.

2. Set smaller goals

In order to achieve success in your business, it is important to have small goals that lead the ultimate bigger one. Set milestones for yourself and your business. These goals have to be time framed. For example, set a specific target for where your business should be by the next quarter. Nevertheless, it is also crucial to keep these goals realistic and achievable.  Reward yourself and the people working for you once you reach a goal. The rewards can be monetary or recognition.

3. Focus on service as well as product

If you want to stand out from your competitors, it is important to sell your service rather than only focusing on your product. Go a little out of your way to connect with your customers or clients.  Be honest with them, this will help build a good relationship. It is imperative to gain the customer’s faith in both you and your product. Invest in your services and you will reap massive benefits from it. In small businesses, the best marketing technique is to gain maximum advertising through the word-of-mouth.

4. Employees are important

The most crucial segment of small-scale businesses is the team working behind it. Managing human resource is one of the major issues that businesses face. Therefore, attract good employees and create an environment that will keep them from leaving. Always remember to respect them and never correct them in public. Give the employees the space to work as they see fit, keeping a close check on their results.

5. Networking is crucial

Another key to achieving success in small-scale business is networking. In order to keep up with the happenings of the industry, it is important to stay in touch with the other small business owners. It is important to have contacts to survive various situations that may come up in your business. You can get a lot of useful and important suggestions and ideas during networking.

6. Rightly estimate the demand

Small businesses completely run on supply and demand. Therefore, it is important to get a thorough knowledge of the demand of the product or service that you offer. Overestimating the demand can lead to loses and thus eventually the failure of your business. Try to keep up with the current trends and update yourself with the requirement of your clients. Get feedback of your product or service from friends and family.

7. Carve out a niche

Creating a niche for your business in the market can also be a key to achieving success. Many people around you may have the similar skills and business ideas just the way you do. Therefore, it is important to stand out from the rest of them by making your product unique.

8. Calculate costs

Lastly, the most important factor for being successful is estimating and calculating all the costs. Lack of funding or insufficient funds can be the downfall for any business. Create a detailed and elaborate budget that includes not only the start up costs but also the costs involved until the business starts paying back.  You are safer if you overestimate your costs rather than underestimating it.

Keep in mind all these points to get success in your business.

Crunchy Nut making Course

How crunchy nut making course provides earning opportunity


Are you desperate to work from home and earn some extra income during free time? Then look for crunchy nut making business. This is the easiest way to make money without much investment and enjoy the profession. This can also involve employing neighbours and provide them earning the opportunity. If you are not well aware of the entire process of crunchy nut making, then do not worry, as you will have some of the best training centres where you can register for crunchy nut making course. The charges are genuine and in just a few sessions, you will get complete training on making delicious and various flavoured crunchy nuts considering the market demand. With so many benefits associated with crunchy nut making business, you can also train other members of your family or neighbours which are fun loving and easy.


With the complexities of life, earning an extra income is highly required to fulfil the demand of modern lifestyle and find some additional source apart from the primary profession. You need to learn the varieties of crunchy nuts and let the customers know your skill of preparing some delicious nuts that will meet your appetite.


No matter for what you wish availing crunchy nut making course, it is sure that you will enjoy learning the skill. You can use it as a business opportunity, as crunchy nut making is in high demand during parties, wedding ceremony and even at home to serve guests. The crunchy nuts are also suitable as a gifting material and are the best way to surprise relatives. It is always an exciting to delight guests with fresh made crunchy nuts and even packs it for their children. Thus, whether it is a desire to start a business or learn it for the personal taste, it is necessary that you learn best techniques of preparing it at the special workshop. It is sure that when you attend the workshop, you will find it simple in preparation and will meet our appetite.


If you are desperate to know how to make crunchy nuts, then you should know how to make a variety of crunchy nuts like heeng zeera nuts, roasted almond with Mexican seasoning, mixed herb nuts, spicy nuts, pepper-sugar nuts, mixed nuts with deshi tadka and mixed nuts with Punjabi tadka. The method is easy and you will definitely find interest in preparing it. At the training institute, experts are available for providing details of the variety of crunchy nut and the ways they can be prepared under the guidance of experts in a dedicated workshop. Thus, do not worry, as experts will always support you in understanding the complete preparation process, dealers, distributors and source to get raw material.


For applying for the crunchy nut making course, you can contact Craft and Social Development Organisation (CSDO) and pick the course as per your requirement. The courses are designed as per the customer’s requirement and the rates are affordable. For this, you can visit the website and get complete details of the courses the timing as per your comfort. Along with this institute, you can also explore the internet to get the nearest training institute that can provide you affordable course. Therefore, do not sit idle when you have an opportunity to earn money from the comfort of home. You can also register for the course by paying the membership fee or even by attending the session without registering for the membership with CSDO. Complete details of the training courses and charges are mentioned at the official website of the institute. Thus, do not miss to attend this special workshop and register it as soon as possible.

The Enigmatic Baklava!

Origin and meaning of Baklava:


Itis a Turkish delicacy and a sort of dessert.Baklavaactually is apastry which is sweet and have layers filled with dry fruits or nuts or both organized with honey or syrup.
Baklavais one such dessert which isomnipresent all over the globe. Baklava pastry comes in several flavors, size as well as shapes. The most acceptable flavors of Baklavaworldwide includes;

  • Cevizli Baklava (Walnut, almonds Baklava)
  • Fistikli Baklava (Pistachio Baklava)

Baklava making:


  • Dough
  • Real Butter (non-salted)
  • Chopped walnuts or almonds (mixed with cinnamon and honey or sugar)
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Wedge lemon
  • White cloves
  • Cinnamon

How to make Baklava:

  • It is advisable to make the syrup a day before so as to have the syrup readily available at room temperature.
  • It is important to have the melted butter ready during the process.
  • To make the dough come crispy, it is necessary to coat the dough with butter.
  • Add 5 – 6 or more layers of buttered dough in the pot. On the bottom layer sprinkle the sweetened chopped nuts liberally.
  • Lay two more layers of buttered dough over the nuts and repeat the process of sprinkling the sweetened nuts.
  • After you are done with nuts, put the final layer of dough but without any toppings.
  • Finally heat the butter and spread it little more over the entire dough and pot.
  • It is important to shape the dough by cutting butdo not forget to put a clove in between before baking. It would hold the dough together.
  • Bake at 325 F. for 30 – 35 minutes.
  • Take it out and let it rest for 4 – 5 minutes before pouring the syrup entirely over the top.

Dry fruit Baklava:

Steps remains same, just add dry fruits for filling between layers.
Baklava making classes can be joined to learn the making of Baklava.

Baklava for weddings:

Baklava is strongly gaining popularity eachpassing day and is most sought after dessert in weddings and other festive occasions.