Candle Making Courses – Level 3

Illuminate your passion with Hurricane & Embedded candles

Introduction: Are you keen to learn about candle making and want to make it your profession? Don’t worry friends Csdo conducts a beautiful course that can give you hands-on experience on  Hurricane and embedded Candle making.

Hurricane candles are flameless candles with an aroma that are displayed in rooms, hotels. Its demand is increasing because of the light it illuminates. Embedded candles look absolutely stunning and give a magnificent look with the print and effect on candles.

One can embed pearls, spices, stones, any object and can create an astonishing candle with a unique look.

This two-day course can be profitable and constructive.     


Hurricane candles

Plainhurricanee candle, half hurricane candle, double color hurricane candle, potpourri candle, inline glow hurricane, brine gem candle, dusky dingy candle, designer hurricane candle

Embedded & Incrusted candles

Potpourri candles, shell candle, pearl candle, pebbles candle, sunflower candle, red chilli candle, cinnamon candle, kidney beans candle, shell candle, bay leaf candle