Candle Making Courses – Level 2

Brighten your world by stepping a level up in Candlemaking!

CSDO Candle Making Course (Level 2)Introduction-Learn and gain full-fledged knowledge and move a level up with our candle making course. In this course, we teach you complex candles like rustic effect and granite candles with special texture and effect that can make your candle outshine and more appealing. You get knowledge on designing your own candles with a lot more independence.You learn from scratch and can easily get inputs and make astonishing handmade candles.

This three days course can teach you variety of candles that can be sold at a very good profit!


Rustic candles: What are Rustic candles l What are the advantages of making Rustic candles l How to make ring design l Splash effect l Bubble Candle l Perfumed Rustic candle l Wrapped Rustic candle

Granite candles: What are Granite candles l How to make Pallets l How to make chunky granite candles l Granite pallets l Squishy foam Candle l Stone Candle

Chunk candles: How to make chunks, Single layer chunk, Double layer chunks,Tutti Fruity candle, Diamond Multi-Layered candle, Valentine candle, Batic effect chunk candle, Round chunk candle, Mother of Pearl candle, Log Chunk candle, Chip chunk candles

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Duration-3 day’s