Start up Candle Making Course Description

Candle making is one of the beautiful ventures that you can step into! Home decor has been an essential part of our lives especially in 21st century.Over a decade it has been observed that people have changed their choices from simple to fancy, from ordinary to extra ordinary, from synthetic to handmade and natural.

If you are keen lover of candles and had curiosity to learn on how actually Candles are made then this is the course only for you. It will give you the basic understanding and will inspire you to become more creative with Candle making.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction about different kind of the wax
  • Introduction about colour,wick perfume
  • Moulds -Poly carbonate , Aluminum, casting mould, Silicon mould, Hurricane mould, Plastic mould, Releasing spray
  • Different temperature and how impact of the temperature affects your Candle texture.
  • Techniques of melting various kinds of wax
  • How to decide and choose right kind of the pouring equipment.
  • Ways to make your work easy and efficient for making candles
  • How to give better finishing to the candle
  • Burning instructions for the Candle
  • Safety measures when making candles
  • How to achieve low cost production
  • Necessary equipment to start business.
  • Budgeting and marketing
  • Packing of candles

Also after covering this syllabus we will move towards practical making of candles which will describe you procedures.

Practical Part

  • T-light Candles: Using pouring and dye method, bulk production to earn maximum money, equipment, selection and priming of wick, wicking method, choosing right kind of container, packing of T-light candle, making colored T-light, perfume T-light, packing of T-light candle
  •  Pillar Candles: Round candle , square pillar, ball shape candle, double color, ice candle, shaded candle, streak pillar candle, marble candle, multi-wick, 9 wick candle, bubble candle, balloon candle
  • Floating Candle: How to select the right kind of mould to make a perfect floating candle, shaded floating candles, packing of the floating candle.

This startup candle making course can make you an expert and can give you adequate knowledge on aspects of candle making. If you are passionate about candle craft learn the startup course. In startup course, all the fundamental of the candle making will be covered like how to select the right kind of the wick and role of the candle additive.

Outcome of Basic Candle Making

Are you good at creativity? If the answer to this question is a Yes!! Then one of the ideal resolutions you can make is enrolling yourself for basic Candle making course. The outcome of this course would be superb as you will gain knowledge of making hand poured Candle as per your choice and fragrance.

All the material and hand outs will be provided by CSDO.

Course Fee : 9999/-

Duration : 3 Days

Timings: 10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM