How to Make Cosmetics- Is It As Easy As It Sounds?

Making of cosmetics is a highly specialized area of manufacturing. It requires special knowledge of the science of cosmetic. The first thing required for making cosmetics is to choose from a long list of items termed as cosmetics.

Some of these items are face masks, toners, moisturisers, creams, lotions, gels, skin toners, foundation materials, eye makeup, deodorants, sun screens, hair care products, lip care balms and gels, lipsticks, anti-acne materials, anti-aging products, conditioners, shampoos, and other products ranged in the list of beauty care or cosmetics. CSDO is the best place to learn about it.

The need for various items for making cosmetics will depend on whether it is for home use or general supplies.

When a person is making beauty care products at home for personal use there is no need for a thorough knowledge of cosmetology. A simple knowledge of ingredients and a few basic items like spoons and measures will do. On the other hand if a person is going for a marketable product, even if it is at a small scale, the need to procure certain standard items will be there.

Basic Equipments

Weighing equipment to use proper measure of ingredients is the first requirement. Containers like glass beakers, mixers or stirrers with different speed controls, a hot plate and a simple tub for heating and cooling the ingredients, testing equipments like a ph.

Meter, dispensing spoons, spatula and pipettes, mouldsfor solid items like lipstick, syringes and thermometers, microbial testing kits and ph. indicator kits are some of the basic equipments needed to make cosmetics. CSDO will provide guidance for the same.


The ingredients required for making cosmetics range from natural to synthetic items.There are hundreds of these items available in the market. But there are some ingredients generally needed for making cosmetics. The CSDO is the institute to learn it.

Exfoliates like alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, anti-acne agents as salicylic acid and glycolic acids, antioxidants, deodorant making antiperspirants like zinc ricinoleate, and aluminium chloride, chlorohydrates and zirconium compounds, readily available bases to help you not to formulate your own concoction for a particular cosmetic like cream, gel, face masks, cleansing cream bases are some of the readily available pre-fabricated ingredients.

Emulsifiers to mix water and oil, botanical extracts for skin care, hair conditioner makers, emollients to smoothing the skin, flavours and fragrances are some of the necessary ingredients used for making cosmetics of different types.

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