Bath Bomb & Bath Salt Making

Course Comprises of:-

∼  Handouts to remember

∼  Raw material in house

∼  3 DAY’S extensive training

∼  Live interaction with trainer

∼  Question & Answer Round

∼  You get prepared Candle as token of love

∼  Certification of completion

∼  Lifetime association with CSDO

Bath Bombs Making Course Description

Bath Bomb are wonderful gifts during all the seasons because of wonderful therapeutic

Benefits they provide to your skin. These bombs are thrilling and distressing. Bath bomb comes in various shapes, and commonly are seeing in round balls form and are made out of beautiful colors, petals, sands, essence and their fizz dissolves in water and gives you a ravishing bathing experience.

Value of learning bath bombs
With our technology and online business expanding in few minutes we can order bath bombs form websites and it will be delivered to your home. However making bath bomb on your own is quite convenient, easy and can also be stress buster.

These are the benefits of learning and making your Own Bath bomb:-

Unique gift set idea!!
When you are occupied and busy and really have no time to buy gifts then you can make these adorable & fancy bath bombs and gift them to someone. It will also give a special feeling to the

Bath Bomb-Making is an economical deal
When you purchase bath bomb form a showroom, market or online those sellers make a great profit out of it. Also you can use essential oils from home and create your own and save some money.

Quality is maintained –
When you know that you are using the ingredients then for sure you can do the quality check for the material used, and take care of expiry dates of products and are sure are going to have better bomb made over the one we buy form market.

You can personalize them 
Handmade bath bombs can always be personalized for your customers. If someone has an allergy to a particular perfume then you can avoid and add on some other ingredients.

Bath Salt Making Course Description

Bath Salt is rejuvenating to the soul and helps you too relax and chill after a long weekend or tired schedule !Bath salt contains all –in natural ingredients like Himalayan salts, pacific sea salts , dead sea salts which are not only effective but beneficial for aches , sore muscles and also provide rich minerals to the overall body.


Natural remedy for mood swings 
With more stress in our lives we all go through mood swings depending upon the frequency and mood of our surroundings and we react , effective bath salts help you and acts as a natural remedy for mood swings .

Therapeutic properties 
Bath salts contains such therapeutic properties due to the salts being coming from common areas like Himalayas , pacific ocean , great salt lake in Utah which actually playa  positive role in maintaining health of our skin & body.

Cures skin diseases 
Popular aliments present in the dead sea  cures many skin diseases and also ensures your body to stay healthy by avoiding any kind of cellular breakdown. Bath salts helps to exfoliate the skin by keeping it smooth and clean .

Relieve from foot aches 
Bath salts helps in stimulation of natural solution , relives from any athletes foot injury ,foot pain , removing corns and calluses and helps in relaxation of tensed muscles.

Cures back pain 
Back pain which is a common problem and more than 70% people suffer is also relived and cured due to high concentration of sea salt in water.

Deep relaxation 
A good sea slat soak also helps in deep relaxation, relief from any kind of stress and also promotes rest. Many grandmothers use to keep it in bathroom for relaxation. If you really want to keep your skin & body healthy then Bath salt is must for you.

Course Date

Course Fee

Bath Bombs Course Curriculum

Basic Bath Bomb-The easiest way of making bath bomb and the basic bath bomb in which you learn the basics of making bath bomb and gain knowledge of adding ingredients.

Milky Bath Bomb-This bath bomb does the magic to your skin as it consist of milk and great butters that enhances the quality of your skin and keeps your skin moisturize and clean  throughout  the day.

Relieving bath bomb-This bath bomb is the best when it comes refining your skin and making it softer than before. This bath bombs consists of shea butter and such great oils which do wonders to your skin .This is the best bath bomb for the individuals who have dry skin .

Herbal bath bomb-Herbs have such good nourishing properties that they keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day. Herbal bath bombs act as a remedy if you have any body pain or are feeling uneasy, then these bath bombs heal you as these herbs cure and when mixed with great oils altogether relaxes your mind & body.

  • Raw material used for bath bombs
  • Introduction of bath bombs
  • Do’s & Don’ts for bath bombs
  • Equipment’s, molds and tools required for Bath Bombs
  • Tips to make perfect bath bomb
  • Benefits of bath bomb
  • Practical making of bath bombs
  • Packing of bath bombs
  • Various options to pack simple & luxurious bath bombs
  • How to make lemon bath bomb
  • How to make rose bath bomb
  • Wild citrus garden bath bomb
  • Energy boosting bath bomb
  • Sensual Jasmine bath bomb
  • Country garden bath bomb
  • Chocolate milk bath bomb

Bath Salt Course Curriculum

  • Raw material used for bath salts
  • Introduction of bath salts
  • Do’s & Don’ts for bath salts
  • Equipment’s, molds and tools required for Bath salts
  • Tips to make perfect bath salts
  • Benefits of bath salts
  • Practical making of bath salts
  • Packing of bath salts
  • Various options to pack simple & luxurious bath salts


What will you gain out of Outcome of Advance Candle making

Are you already good in the art of candle making and are seeking growth in your present venture ? Then you have rightly made up your mind because your passion can become your career and make you richer! The outcome of advance candle making is phenomenal. You can make incredible progress by learning the advance level. You can exhibit and earn money by events, seminars also by exporting Candles.

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Quick Details of Course

∼  Course fees: Rs.5000/- 
∼  Duration: 1 day
∼  Timing: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
∼  Location: Lajpat Nagar-II 
∼  Requirements: None 
∼  Suitable For: Intermediate


This course is for you if:

√  You love to use natural ingredients and essential oils

√  You want to learn how to make professional quality products

√  You want to start your own soap or cosmetics business

√  You want to enjoy the fun and passion of a new hobby

Dates & Booking

Date: Monday 18th Feb 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

Date: Monday 18th Feb 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

Date: Monday 18th Feb 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

Date: Monday 18th Feb 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

At the end of your day with us, you will also receive your certificate of completion for this course.