Baklava Making Course

CSDO Baklava Making Courses


Baklava is a Delicious Arabian delight and is a superb treat that can make anyone’s day special.

Baklava is a soft sweet centered filling that is superb and includes dry fruits that are truly beneficial to your body.

This traditional mouth-watering dessert is famous in Dubai. How to make Baklava, Freeze Baklava and Preserve Baklava is what we will be learning in our course.

There are 5-7 types of Baklava that you will be learning and this course is excellent for Bakers, Chocolate Parlors, Ice-cream Parlors and Housewives.


  • Sweet Baklava
  • Cinnamon Baklava
  • Cheese Baklava
  • Savory Baklava
  • Honey and Almond Baklava
  • Mixed Herb Baklava
  • Mixed nut Baklava
  • Pistachio Baklava
  • Rolled Baklava

Outcome of Baklava Making Course

You will gain the confidence of making baklava on your own with the latest types and yummy flavors. Also, you will gain an understanding of ingredients and the recipes needed to make delicious Baklava. You would also be able to customize Baklava as per your client needs.

Fee:- 5000/-

Duration- 1 Day 

Timings: 11.00 AM TO 4.00 PM

All the Material and hands out will be provided by CSDO