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  • Gift Baklawa to your Loved ones this Festive Season You must have heard about the special desert item Baklava. Yes, it’s true its origin is not in India but it managed to make its presence felt in the dessert market of India. Have you tasted this desert yet? If no, then you should surely taste this special desert item ...
  • Diwali- A Festival Of Giving Sweets Diwali is one of favorite festivals for Indians and this festival brings huge happiness and joy in our life. During this festival we give pack of sweets and chocolates to our friends and relatives and generally prefer to buy it from reputed stores. But, this year you can think in ...
  • Baklawa, the World Famous Dessert can be Made in Your Kitchen too! The season of festival is about to arrive and you will definitely wish to do something special during this festive months. Well, if you are fond of preparing mouthwatering dishes then why not try making desert, Baklawa in your kitchen this year? This desert, we all know, is famous within ...
  • Baklawa Making is as Easy as it Could be! Making perfect Baklawa is an art and only selected few can make this ravishing sweet dish like a true chef. Cooking is one form of ancient art and one can achieve perfection in it with hit and trial method. Life is too fast these days and we all want to ...
  • The Enigmatic Baklava! Origin and meaning of Baklava: Baklava: Itis a Turkish delicacy and a sort of dessert.Baklavaactually is apastry which is sweet and have layers filled with dry fruits or nuts or both organized with honey or syrup. Baklavais one such dessert which isomnipresent all over the globe. Baklava pastry comes in several flavors, size ...

Are you interested in learning the ways to make bakery products? Just register for Baklava making courses at CSDO. This is the right academy that provides courses that can provide you with a career option that can improve your skills to set up a business at home.

The courses are well designed considering the demand of students and supporting them to turn their hobby into a career option. This is the best course apart from traditional business opportunities.


  • Sweet Baklava
  • Mixed nut Buklawa
  • Pistachio Baklava
  • Rolled Baklava
  • Sweet and Savoury baklava

Duration: 1 day
Fee: 4999/-