What You Ought To Know About Lip Care With Lip Balm?

Lip care products offer a great way to keep your lips fresh and worth a gossip. The best benefit of lip balm made at home is it saves money while providing that extra bit of care to your beautiful lips. Another advantage of a home made lip balm is that you can customize it with your favorite scents and ingredients. You can use it up yourself or give it away to your near and dear ones especially the ones that you consider worth kissing everyday.

Lip Care With Lip BalmHere is your quick guide to a home made lip balm. Pour a decent amount of petroleum jelly into a microwaveable bowl. Heat up the petroleum jelly. Now, tint the petroleum jelly by cutting a piece of your favorite lipstick or eye shadow. By using a spoon, stir it thoroughly. Now, add a little juice or extract of your favorite flavor. Let the mixture cool and your lip balm is ready to use. Put the lip balm in airtight container and use it when needed.

The skin on our lips is thinner than the facial skin. So, the best way to avoid chapped and dry lips is to use a lip balm, which ensures that your lips are hydrated and heal up faster. Hydration is the best benefit of lip balm made at home. If you’ve ever seen your lips chapped, peeling or cracked, you can understand how embarrassing it is.

Is it winter or summer, lip balm keeps your lips fresh and hydrated. You will find plenty of lip care products claiming to plump your lips quickly and instantly but moisturizing your lips everyday is required to keep them youthful and maintain their supple looks.

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A Quick Guide To Benefits And Using Scrubs At Home

Home made scrub offers an excellent alternative to expensive spa based skin care. These scrubs not just cleanse or exfoliate your skin but also help in improving circulation and pulling toxins from the body. By using organic ingredients for making a scrub, you can be sure that you are not adding any toxins to your scrub. Most of these ingredients are easily available in health and food stores. Here is how to make scrubs at home

Take a cup of chickpea floor and mix it with enough amount of distilled water. The mixture should be made and stored in airtight container. Use it in the shower rubbing gently over your skin. A lemon based scrub is yet another way to rejuvenate and detoxify your body. Take enough amount of sugar mixed thoroughly in distilled water and then add lemon juice to it. Store in a cool and dry place and apply to skin with Benefits And Using Scrubs At Homeor without shower.

Combating the dry effects of sun during summer or be it the harshness of cold and chilling winter, home made scrub is a promising way of complete skin care and protection. Due to preservation issues, most of the scrubs should be made just prior to use. The best time for applying a scrub is before turning on the shower but while you’re standing in the bath tub.

The best way to apply a scrub is to massage it over the body gently and then, rinse in warm water. The warm water acts as a cleanser. This way, you won’t need to cleanse the body after using the scrub. Learn how to make home made scrubs and you will surely start relishing your bath time all the more!

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Want to build a bright career in detergent business?

Detergent manufacturing business has huge scope for success. Detergent is the most essential everyday item of use in life. No matter whatever the sector or industry it may be the importance of detergent is there everywhere to keep everything clean, clear and free from dirt.

career in detergent business

career in detergent business

Whether it is hospitals, shops, households or commercial houses detergents are needed everywhere and anywhere for various cleaning purpose. If you are thinking of How to start detergent business then you will be glad to know that there are various detergent making classes available just for you.

You can choose these classes for learning the best trick of making best detergents. In this way you can choose to make bright career in detergent manufacturing. This business will surely give you the chance to earn well.

Options that will guide you in picking the best detergent making classes:

In India you will find various detergent making classes. These classes give you all the training that you will need for making best detergent at home. The detergent classes India are easily available on the internet.

With these classes you can learn to make various kinds of detergents by using simple ingredients at home. The quality of your detergent will only depend on your skill. Therefore, if you are interested then make your bookings now. You can choose your classes just with a click. There are huge options available for you on the internet.

CSDO is one of the best places where you can learn the art of detergent making. There are various techniques using which you can produce good detergents. Go and choose now and become a quality detergent manufacturer in your city. Success will be yours if you put the hard work in the right direction.

Chocolate: – Best Gift for Deepawali Purpose

Chocolate: – Best Gift for Deepawali Purpose

Now gifting chocolates are no more considered a foreign fashion. While a few years ago only Indian sweets were an option in delicacy gifting. Smart marketing techniques and overt media exposure have made chocolates as another good alternative for gifting. Here you will know why Chocolate is the Best Gift for Deepawali Purpose?

Top four reasons that proof the worth of chocolates as Diwali gifts-

  • Ease of purchase

chocolatebestgiftfordipawalipurposeIndeed, chocolates form a distress gift purchase. It is an ideal option for the ones that are short of ideas or time.Additionally, the growth in artisan chocolatier sector has enhanced gifting value of chocolate. They make a perfect gift item for all kind of occasions.

  • High hygiene value

Chocolates gift packs come in assortment boxes that keep the item hygienic in comparison to the traditional Indian sweets. You can find a various styles of packing that enhances the appeal value of the product. This further makes gifting of chocolate, worth of value particularly during festive seasons such as Diwali.

  • Pleasant looks


Chocolates come in a number of gift packaging. The customization in branding enhances their value as a gift item. This makes gifting chocolates in festivals a premium option. Gourmets, personalizing and handmadeare a few features that enhance the value of chocolates.

  • Value and variety

The rise in organized retailhas encouraged the manufacturers to come up with value gift packs. Chocolates are an excellent gifting option fora simple reason thatvalue and ambience adds another good factor to their valuable features.During festive seasons, you can find even better options of chocolate gift packages. Now the customers are coming with customised chocolate gifts such as for Children Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Diwali, and others.

Festivals in India hold high value. Gifting each other on such special occasions is really heart-warming. It makes it important to gift something that is of high value, and what could better than chocolates for delicacy gifting.

We, at CSDO can teach you how to make luscious chocolates. Get in touch with us today!


Easy way to start your chocolate business

Easy way to start your chocolate business

If you are looking forward to channelize your chocolate passion into a business, you need to pre-plan everything first. Additionally, you should know each and everything about the business you are going to start.Know here about the easy way to start your chocolate business.Well, you can always depend upon us, at CSDO for learning more about the same.

  • Determine your business structure

easywaystostartyourchocolatebusinessOrganization is crucial for the start-ups. You should meet with an experience and certified public accountantto discuss about your idea of starting chocolate business. He/she will help you in determining your business structure: Limited Liability Company, corporation or sole proprietorship. Also, enquire about the permits that will be required.Don’t forget to get your business license from your city’s clerk.

  • List your product line

List your chocolate creations according to flavour and variety. Decide the range and types of products you are planning to include in your business.It could be chocolates, chocolate peanut butter, or just anything else. You may also keep different styles of cakes on the menu. Explore new flavours and products with trusted friends and family.

  • Create a promotional plan

A good promotional plan is very important for a good start of business. Identify thebest dates that will be perfect for inauguration of your business. Some of eth good examples include- Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and Mother’s Day. Integrate your products into the promotional plan

  • Approval of health department

You will need to obtain the approval of health department before starting your business. Your local health department will approve whether or not you are adopting proper production habits of sanitation and cleanliness in the production process. Know about the local requirements are compulsory for approval.

  • Purchasing quality packaging supplies

Buy chocolate packaging supplies for your chocolate confections. Additionally, you should also explore the possible discount range by anticipating your promotion and packaging needs. It’s good if you include chocolate-making supplies too in your business.



Candlemaking: – A smart business option

Candlemaking: – A smart business option

Candle making is one of those businesses that you can start with no or little capital investment. And the best part is the returns are overwhelming. But are you doubtful about your potentials of handling or even starting the business. The listings briefed below could be your guide. Know how you can make Candle making- a smart business option for yourself. You can join a course at CSDO to learn more.

  • You should have knowledge about making candles-Good education is the key to success of your candlemakingasmartbusinessoptionbusiness. Candles making is tricky little and you won’t come up with an excellent work if you don’t employ proper techniques. You withe do an online course or learn by reading the articles online.
  • Practise candle making-“Practise makes the person perfect.”Just run a few trials runs and you will gain confidence over the techniques used in candle making. Present your candles to a trustworthy person and collect his/her feedback. Make the improvementsif required.
  • Organize your work space– In order to conduct a professional business you need a productive andorganised workspace. This will help you in saving your time and you will save less time in finding stuff while more in making candles.
  • Decide a niche– There are countless varieties of candles- coloured, scented and much more. There are hundreds of candle choices. It’s very important that you hold specialization in one or two types of niche and stick with that. This is a smart idea because it helps in defining your business structure.


No business lacks scope of growth. It’s just that you need to employ proper tricks and techniques to grow your business. As a start-up, you will need to do a little extra labour, but that is going to be fruitful ultimately. So put in your best efforts and you will see sky is the limit.


Good Luck!

Homemade soaps better than commercial soaps

Homemade soaps better than commercial soaps

Even though commercial soaps are marketed as natural, but is doesn’t necessarily meansthat it’s all good and natural for your skin. Here is the list of handful of reasons that prove that homemade soaps better than commercial soaps.

  • Commercial soaps may not necessarily contain Glycerine.

homemadesoapsbetterthancommercialsoapsGlycerine is a natural skin softener. It is for this reasonit boasts extensive use in lotions, creams and soaps, for maintaining the moisture content in the skin. Not all the commercial soaps includeglycerine. Instead, they may use additional products or chemicals as an alternative to glycerine. Moreover, the companies in order to make more profits add glycerine to cream and lotion products. So instead of purchasing one product (soap)buyer will have to buy additional products in order to retain the moisturization of skin. This increases the profit making of the company. Whereas, homemade soaps contain glycerine as the ingredients measure is personally handled.

  • Handmade Soaps are skin friendly

Handmade soaps preserve the integrity of butters, oils, and fats. They include all theskin-loving qualities and elements such as minerals and vitamins.  Moreover, when making handmade soaps the recipe can be customised according to the personal needs of the individual. More olive oil or tallow can be added in order to make the soap harder. Add some honey to produce a thick-lathering soap. Commercial soapsinclude synthetic chemicals that may harm the skin.

Commercial soaps cannot beat homemade soaps in terms of quality. The effectiveness of homemade soaps cannot be questioned upon. However, you may have to put in a little extra effort to make handmade soap but that will be worth it. Remember, commercial soaps are manufactured just for moneymaking. Their worth and quality isn’t completely trustable. So always, choose handmade soaps over commercial soaps. The latter isn’t worth your money. Learn how to make homemade soaps at CSDO.


How to make handmade chocolates?

How to make handmade chocolates?

Wondering how to make handmade chocolates? Here is an easy yum, yum recipe of making chocolate at home. You are surely going to love it.


  • howtomakehandmadechocolates1 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup raw cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup or raw honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • dash of salt

Method of making

  • Add coconut oil in a glass bowl. Take a little water in a small saucepan and place the glass bowl in it. Heat it on the stove until coconut oil melts. Make sure to keep it at room temperature. Do not microwave the oil or you’ll kill the healthy antimicrobial properties of the oil. Also, it will not get mixed up with the cocoa powder. Make sure that the temperature of the oil doesn’t reach beyond room temperature.
  • While the oil is comes to room temperature, you need to add the other ingredients in a food processor. Then add the warmed up coconut oil into it. Blend until all the ingredients are blended together.
  • Now place a parchment paper or plastic wrap in a loaf pan in order to cover the sides and bottom of the pan. Now pour the blended chocolate mixture into the pan, covering it gently with the plastic wrap. Tilt or press down in order to even out the mixture’s thickness. It should be 1/2 inch thick. Alternatively, you can pour out the chocolate mixture on a cookie sheetona roasting pan and placeit in the fridge. This works really well and avoids the plastic wrap.
  • If you adopt the previous method, the next step is to place the loaf pan into the freezer. Allow it to set for 20 min. Then remove the chocolate from fridge and slice it into pieces. You may either store it in the fridge or keep it in a jar.

Your kids are surely going to love it! For more delightful recipes, you can join the various chocolate making courses at CSDO.


All you need to know about soap making

Make your own soaps- All you need to know about soap making

Making your own soaps at home is frugal, easy, fulfilling, and creative. Taking a bar of a homemade soap into the shower or bath or shower is something that is really amazing.Whether you’re looking for reliable natural alternative to the market soaps, or you love trying new things, making soap is anabsolute fun.

Basic elements used in soap making

  • Lye

makeyourownsoapsLye is one of primary ingredients used in making handmade soaps. It’s recommended to either use crystallised lye or 100% sodium hydroxide when making soap at home.Do not substitute drain cleaners or liquid lye. They include bits of metal and might cause inaccurate measures. Of course, you would not want that.Though lye is dangerous can caustic but it’s harmless when it reacts with the oils used in soap making.

  • Equipment

The equipment used for cooking should never be used for making soap. However, the equipment or utensil can be cleaned really well, but it’s better not to take any chance. Equipment made of tempered glass, enamel, stainless steel all are ideal for using as mixing bowls. Do not use aluminium or copper equipment as they reactwith lye.

  • Herbs

Only dried herbal materials should be used in making soap. The popular materials used in homemade soap include Lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, oak moss, and more. Make sure that standard quantity of herbal materials is included in soap.

  • Essential Oils

The essential oils used in homemade soaps are extracted from plants. Generally, they come from the stems, roots, seeds, or flowers. Blends of essential oils can also be used in soap making. Usually, only 15 to 20 drops is sufficient for standard sized batch.

Make sure that you have good knowledge about the ingredients and materials you are using in making soap. Lack of information/knowledge can lead to hazardous results. We, at CSDO teach the best soap making techniques to those interested.


Cosmetic Training Institute Delhi, India – How to Select?

Cosmetics are a multi-billion Industry in India. There are small to medium to large scale industrial units in the business of producing cosmetics. The advent of visual and digital media has further increased the market for cosmetic in India. Hundreds of small scale and home based cosmetic manufacturing units are also adding to the overall space of cosmetics industry.

This has given rise to a number of institutes that run short and long term courses to teach the ways of making cosmetics. Delhi is an important hub of these institutes. The courses they run range from one week to certificate and diploma courses in cosmetic making.

The institutes like the CSDO serve a very important purpose. They ease pressure on the unemployment front in India. The students who are trained to make cosmetics never have to hunt for jobs. They can always start their small business. Produce good items and earn a good living eventually through hard work and perseverance.

Need for such institute

These institutes are needed because of the highly specialized nature of the industry. If a person needs to have a knowledge of the cosmetics, a basic know how is required. There are chemicals, herbs, oils, emulsifiers, emollients, colours and fragrances, antioxidants etc. needed for making cosmetics. If the person does not have even the basic idea about these ingredients the cosmetic making idea is bound to flop ultimately.

The training institutes like CSDO provide a through idea about such ingredients, their proportions in mixing, the ultimate effect on the skin and how to pack and sell in the market. Thus the institutes in Delhi provide a full package to learn the art of making cosmetics.


The Cosmetic training institute in Delhi provide short term or basic courses for making cosmetics. These may run from a week to a three, four weeks course. It may be provided by several institutes as a summer vacation course enabling both young ones and working women to attend. A basic knowledge of the requirements, equipments and places to get the raw material etc. is provided along with the basic idea of mixing ingredients with the prefabricated bases.

Medium to long term courses consist of certificate and diplomas provided to learners after a set period of training. Most of these institutes provide courses on making products for beauty care, dermatology, skin care, hair care, anti -aging etc. The CSDO is a premier institute in this regard.

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