Advanced Cold Process Soap Making Course

Course Comprises of:-

∼  Handouts to remember

∼  Raw material in house

∼  3 DAY’S extensive training

∼  Live interaction with trainer

∼  Question & Answer Round

∼  You get prepared Soap as token of love

∼  Certification of completion

∼  Lifetime association with CSDO

Course Date

Course Description

Course Fee

So, you know the basic art of making cold process soaps?  What about taking it a level up and learn it further where you can be a pro in the technique of Advanced Cold process soap making course that we have to offer you! This advance course from our Craft and social development organization will take your soap making skills to another level.


Course Curriculum:-

  • Important ingredients required in making soaps along with equipment
  • The course also offers the advanced soap swirl designs including:
    • Spoon swirling
    • Funnel swirls
    • Faux Funnel swirls
    • Bull’s-eye swirls
    • Soap spinning effects
    • Multi-layering techniques
    • Soap frostings
    • Piping soap technique and tips
    • Advanced whipped cold process soaps
    • Texturing techniques
    • Stunning layered soap cakes
    • Designer toppings and effects
    • Cold process embedding effects
    • Planet Soaps & Soap Pearls
Advance CP5

Course Description:-

Our Advanced Cold process soap making will be helpful for you to shape your creativity and it will give you the advance level knowledge of cold process soap making that can make you get the dazzlingand latest styles of stunning visual appeal to your soaps. If you are into soap making business this course is your step towards taking your brand to the market edge.

In this course we will just not skip the basic steps but will teach you the new art of creating appealing designs using the natural cold process soap making techniques that you already know. Together we will enter the complete new league of the fancy soap making where we will learn the process of creating artistic designs along with the new techniques of the art. The main focus of our Advanced Cold process soap making is to offer you the knowledge that will enhance your creativity.

We will utilize the cold process technique of soap making art along with the new methods of soap making in this advance course. We will tech you the different ways along with the benefits of the advance level that will help you leverage your brand and you will make a handsome profit using the new technique for sure. With this course you will polish your skills and will know the soap making art in a better and enhanced way.

We at our Craft and social development organization we understand that the market trends are changing. Fancy things get more attention and it is important to stand out in the market if you want to get your brand noticed. With the market getting competitive each day, using the same old traditional designs and patterns will not work. We believe that you need to get that unique touch to attract your customers. We focus on the competitive edge in the market and include the practices that can help in improving your creativity with a whole set of new patterns and ideas that can make your way to stand out in the market place that need the new and unique ideas every day.

Even if you are not very good with designs and style, however you want to improve your soaps in a classy yet attractive manner, you need to try our course that will give you the required knowledge where you will learn to achieve the designs that you may desire without compromising with the quality of your natural soaps.

The Advanced Cold process soap making course we offer makes you understand the simple yet important points that are necessary to get the designer soap collection in order to make a breakthrough in the market. The course emphasizes on the visual appeal of the soaps that makes them interesting for your buyers.

Along with the creative aspects the course we offer makes you learn the art of using a wide array of herbs and natural botanicals while you make your natural soaps. If you are novice in the sap making art, you can book both beginners and advance level soap making course with us.

What will you gain out of STARTUP Melt and Pour Soap making course?

At the end of the course, the trainees will be able to create the following different types of soaps in a simple, effortless and rapid manner.

  • Paraben free soaps
  • SLES and SLS free soaps
  • Purely herbal Soaps
  • Purely oil based soaps
  • Make pure fresh soaps
  • Start your journey towards herbal, organic and skin friendly soaps
  • Able to fabricate soaps according to customer’s needs

Our Students Says

Quick Details of Course

∼  Course fees: Rs. 9999/- 
∼  Duration: 3 day’s
∼  Timing: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
∼  Location: Lajpat Nagar-II 
∼  Requirements: None 
∼  Suitable For: Beginners 


This course is for you if:

√  You love to use natural ingredients and essential oils

√  You want to learn how to make professional quality products

√  You want to start your own soap or cosmetics business

√  You want to enjoy the fun and passion of a new hobby

Dates & Booking

Date: Monday 18th March 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

Date: Monday 18th March 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

Date: Monday 18th March 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

Date: Monday 18th March 2019
Location: Lajpat Nagar-II

At the end of your day with us, you will also receive your certificate of completion for this course.