Advance Chocolate Making Courses

CSDO Advace Chocolate Making Courses

Advance Chocolate Making Course Description:

Take chocolate making skill to the next level

Do you make chocolates?  If yes, then this Advance Chocolate Making Course from CSDO is to sharpen your skill. The course is best for everyone who is in this business and wish to sharpen their skills. When you master chocolate making, you gain attention from consumers. This course helps to boost skill, confidence and knowledge in the chocolate making. If you are already in the chocolate making, this course is a boon.

Benefits of Advance Chocolate Making Course

This chocolate making course from CSDO aims to help people go to the next level. The industry experts help to set up the unit at home with minimum capital input. Once skill moved to next level, trainees can think of expanding the business. Bring in the best quality and variety of chocolates. Trainees learn about consumer taste and ways to enter different markets. .

Growth in the Chocolate Industry 

Data tell that the chocolate industry likely to boost each year. From the report it has increased by 4-6% in past few years and likely to rise due to various factors. People are now aware of the health benefits of chocolate. This is now a key factor in raise demand in the global market. Despite high production, there is a huge gap between demand and supply. India is now among the most fruitful market for chocolates. In order to satisfy the rising demand, it is necessary to acquire advanced skill.

After doing this Advance Chocolate Making course from CSDO, trainees easily cater to niche client. Overall, the course is best for everyone who knows the basics of making chocolate and desire to gain expertise. Trainees know how to reduce waste and overall cost of making. In a true sense, this course takes your skill to a next level. The class is entirely dedicated to people who want to learn the latest techniques, tools and process on chocolate making. Thus, register for the course to know what is new and how you can improve your chocolate making skill.


Introduction of different Ganaches:

How to make soft, medium and hard ganache and make different Praline like vanilla ganache chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, extra mocha chocolate, tea ganache chocolate, pineapple chocolate, pistachio chocolate,  and cappuccino chocolate.

  • Double layer filling chocolates
  • Marzipan filling Chocolate:- Another finger licking filling Marzipan will be taught right from scratch so that you can make amazing chocolates and gain great profit from your clients.
  • Dates Chocolate:- Delicious and nutritious chocolates for people who love the combination of health and have sweet tooth can learn variations in chocolate making.
  • Marbling technique
  • Tatoo Chocolate with and without mould
  • Coloring of Chocolate
  • Open Chocolate

Course Fee: 10000/-

Course Duration: 3 Days

TIMINGS: 11.00 AM-2.00 PM

All material and hands out will be provided by the CSDO