Advance Candle Making Courses

CSDO Advance Candle Making Courses

We teach you how to turn your room into a five star hotel room with these   sophisticated designer candles.

Theoretical part:

  • Types of waxes and choosing of wax
  • Types of mold and choosing of mold
  • Choosing of utensils
  • Types of wicks and choosing of wick
  • Choosing of containers and wick sustainers
  • Color wheel
  • Introduction to T-light Candle
  • Introduction to votive candle
  • Introduction to pillar candle
  • Introduction to embedded and Incrusted candle
  • Introduction to rustic candle
  • Introduction to gel candle
  • Introduction to chunks and chunk candle
  • Candle decoration and it’s various techniques
  • Introduction to candle machines
  • Marketing and costing of your candles
  • Do’s and dont’s of candle making
  • Burning instructions
  • Burning time of candles
  • Weight of the candle

Practical part:

  • Making T-lites ( colored, perfumed, plain, decorative )
  • Making  Pillar candle ( colored, perfumed, angled layered, cube, multi wick, floating, double colored, square, round, ball )
  • Making of votives and taper candle (perfumed taper candle, colored taper candle, double colored taper candle, colored votives, spa votives, straight votives, round votives, taper votives )
  • Making chunk candle (tutti fruity, diamond, multi layered, rainbow, valentine, mother of pearl, round chunk, log chunk, chip chunk )
  • Decoration of candle (  pearl technique, spiral design, batik effect, tear drop technique, gift box, ethnic design, traditional shlok, raffia candle, burnout candle, drizzle effect, scarf effect, water collection candles)
  • Wow technique ( fence design, leaf pattern design, gold art design, silver pin point design, chanderi effect)
  • Cfs technique ( spiral design, brick designer candle, we’ll candle, earthly candle, gold leaf candle )
  • Embedding and incrusting candles ( potpourri, shell, pearl, pebbles, sunflower, red chili, cinnamon, kidney beans )
  • Making rustic candle ( ring design, splash effect, bubble candle, rocky candle, perfumed rustic candle, wrapped rustic )
  • Making gel candle ( gel’o’candle, marble candle, sparkle candle, layered candle, fruit candle, multi wick candle, valentine candle, sand art candle, color bleeding candle, flower bouquet candle, tutti fruity gel candle )
  • Making candles for production purposes
  • Packaging of candles ( unit packing, master carton packing )
  • Shipper note
  • Basic and theme paking ( Christmas theme, valentine theme, baby shower theme, wedding theme, ethnic theme )

Course fees : Rs. 10000
Course duration : 4 days