A Quick Guide To Benefits And Using Scrubs At Home

Home made scrub offers an excellent alternative to expensive spa based skin care. These scrubs not just cleanse or exfoliate your skin but also help in improving circulation and pulling toxins from the body. By using organic ingredients for making a scrub, you can be sure that you are not adding any toxins to your scrub. Most of these ingredients are easily available in health and food stores. Here is how to make scrubs at home

Take a cup of chickpea floor and mix it with enough amount of distilled water. The mixture should be made and stored in airtight container. Use it in the shower rubbing gently over your skin. A lemon based scrub is yet another way to rejuvenate and detoxify your body. Take enough amount of sugar mixed thoroughly in distilled water and then add lemon juice to it. Store in a cool and dry place and apply to skin with Benefits And Using Scrubs At Homeor without shower.

Combating the dry effects of sun during summer or be it the harshness of cold and chilling winter, home made scrub is a promising way of complete skin care and protection. Due to preservation issues, most of the scrubs should be made just prior to use. The best time for applying a scrub is before turning on the shower but while you’re standing in the bath tub.

The best way to apply a scrub is to massage it over the body gently and then, rinse in warm water. The warm water acts as a cleanser. This way, you won’t need to cleanse the body after using the scrub. Learn how to make home made scrubs and you will surely start relishing your bath time all the more!

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