How To Start Chocolate Industry

Chocolate is one delicacy which everyone broods over. Just one bite and you find yourself drooling on seventh heaven. Birthdays, parties, festivals or no occasion chocolates are the best things to gift. The consumption of chocolates in India is quite huge which means that chocolate industry is flourishing.

You also much be a chocolate lover. What if you can turn your love for chocolate into a venture which is sure going to give you huge profits? Yes! You can start your chocolate industry by investing a little amount. But you need to clear about these things and concepts –

1. Know your local market first –

It is important that you should be aware of your local market. It means, you must find out your local competitors and if their chocolates are more popular than yours, then find the reason behind and try to overcome the difference. Besides it is safe to start selling on your local area first, as you can easily find out the tastes, types and preferences of the customers.

2. Make your product interesting to buy–

What is that one thing which makes your product irresistible for the buyers to buy? You must strive to make your chocolates striking to the customers. Not only the taste but also the packaging must be alluring.

3. Purchasing chocolate making tools and equipment–

After planning to start a chocolate making business. It is foremost important to buy the chocolate making equipment and tools. While buying these you must not go for the lowest price quality or the highest priced ones. As you are just starting your business you must first do some research and reviews on various equipment and tools and then buy the most suitable one.

4. Legalize your business –

This is one thing to do be done right away. Legalising your business will ensure that you won’t face any governmental or legal problems in future. Also, you can easily insure your workplace too!

5. Ensure hygiene –

Hygiene is one essential part to be taken care of. Proper cleanliness of the work place, use of clean apron, head cover, gloves will ensure that your chocolates are being made in totally hygienic environment. Also, the hygiene inspectors will also pass your workplace to be fit for working.

6. Find proper space for production-

If you are thinking to start a chocolate making business then you cannot do it in your own kitchen. Things can get messy. It is better that you arrange a place separately for chocolate making so that there is no mess and no kitchen accidents too. Also, it is better to separate your work from your home to avoid any problems.

7. Pricing your chocolate –

Pricing can get tricky and mind boggling. When you start a business, you cannot overprice your chocolates because you need customers’ attention. So you must price your chocolates in such a way which could cover prices for raw materials, gas, electricity and labour. It is important that you cover the price for these elements so that you don’t fail any loss.

8. Selling –

After establishing your chocolate making business. You must emphasize on selling your chocolates to retailers and wholesalers. As retailers and wholesalers have fixed customers and higher footfall. Which will ensure that your chocolates are being sold and getting popular.

9. Promotion –

Any business works wonders if proper promotion is done. You must find ways to promote your chocolates as according to your budget. For example you can give away free samples, set up a stall in a local market place for your chocolate tasting, sending away pamphlets etc. Promotion will ensure that customers are aware of your product.

10. Understand and process customer feedback –

Understanding customer’s feedback is necessary. What your customers has liked it disliked about your chocolate, what are their suggestions and ideas whether it is about taste, colour, shape, packaging or price of the chocolates. That way you will be able to work more on your chocolate making business.

If you are keen on starting your own chocolate venture, keep these points in your mind while you start your chocolate making business, and you are good to go! For more knowledge, you can join our startup / advance / professional chocolate making courses.

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