Professional Chocolate Making Courses

Learn to make not only yummylicious chocolates but also how to market and price your chocolates. 

 Theoretical part:

  • Types of chocolates and choosing of chocolate
  • Types of different chocolate mould and choosing right kind of mould
  • Types of essence and choosing of essence
  • Knowledge of chocolate making equipment
  • Difference between hard center and soft center
  • What are rocks and clusters
  • Styles of chocolate packing paper and choosing the paper
  • Knowledge of chocolate machines
  • Knowledge of making chocolates for production purposes
  • Do’s and dont’s of chocolate making
  • Marketing and costing

Practical part:

  • How to melt and temper chocolate
  • Practical demonstration of making molded chocolates (plain chocolate bar, flavoured chocolate bar,  dry fruit chocolate bar,  crunchy chocolate bar, butterscotch chocolate bar,   chocolate shells, soft centers (vanilla, coconut),  hard centers ( coffee, pineapple), walnut chocolate bar,  rum N raisin chocolate bar, roasted cashew chocolates, roasted almonds chocolates, roasted pistachio chocolates)
  • Practical demonstration of making truffle
  • Practical demonstration of making  difference ganache like coffee, hazelnut, coconut, vodka, rum
  • Practical demonstration of making dipped chocolates (Dutch macaroons, ladies kisses, rocky rode bites, chocolate biscuits, chocolate pie, chocolate Grenoble, peanut point, almond supreme, walnut cluster, true heaven, surprise moment, chocolate pizza )
  • Practical demonstration of centre filling ( ganache, hazelnut ganache, vanilla ganache, lemon ganache, caramel )
  • Practical demonstration of making Choco Doco
  • Practical demonstration making rocks and clusters ( pepperment chcolate sticks, walnut chocolate sticks, chocolate peanut cluster with walnuts, fruit n nutty cluster, coffee cluster with walnuts, chunky cluster, orange cluster, hazelnut cluster, pistachio rocks, butterscotch rocks, cherries in the snow, snow rocks, almond stick, candid peel, butterscotch with candid peal cluster )
  • Basic packaging of chocolates and truffles

Course fees: Rs. 20,000
Course duration: 10 days