Designer Cup Cakes Making Courses

Ordinary cup cakes are commonly available in all the bakeries. But, designer cup cakes are most probably available at the online stores. But, how hygienic these cup cakes are, have you ever imagined? With regards to the health of you and your loved ones, it is always a better idea to cook these cup cakes at home. You’ll definitely appreciate it and in turn you’ll get appreciated for the great job you have done! To get great ideas, call CSDO, and the experts or trainers of CSDO will help you in cooking the best designer cup cakes. If you’re interested contact CSDO immediately.

Cup Cakes & Designer Cup Cakes (with frosting, glazing, fill & cream cup cakes)

  • Vanilla Cup Cakes
  • Chocolate Cup Cakes
  • Jam Filled Cupcakes
  • Cupcake With Butter Icing
  • Cream Icing
  • Chocolate glazed Icing

Duration: 1 day
Fee: 3000/-