Growth of Detergent Powder, Bar and Bakery Industry in India

Growth of detergent powder and detergent bar in India

The demand of detergent has been growing in India. The steep growth is noticed in the demand of detergent powder in urban areas and growth in the detergent bar in rural areas. With this, manufacturers have great opportunity to find best market for their detergent bar and powder in India.

For this, follow the strategy to introduce new and high quality detergent in the market and launch a wide range of package sizes, prices and quality as per the customer demand. For this, you can learn skills and techniques from CSDO to make various detergent powders and bars in India.

Growth of bakery industry for flyer industry

In few last years, it is noted that bakery industry has experienced the steep growth. With this, it is dominating the small scale industry and is attracting new entrepreneurs to enter in this business.

As per research, the rapid rise in population and nutrient value of the bakery products has increased its demand across the world. With a wide range of products, it has an important role to play for the flyer industry. For this, one needs to learn basic of the bakery from CSDO where industry expert shares their expertise. This is the best time to enter in this traditional business.

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Why to attend the CSDO Wellness workshop in Delhi

beauty workshop

Staying healthy and fit is the desire of every individual. If you wish to gain deep knowledge on various beauty products, then wellness workshop is one stop solution in Delhi India. For this, CSDO has come up with the one-day workshop that will provide complete knowledge on the use of various products and methods to prepare them at home.

When you prepare herbal shampoo, herbal face pack, massage oil, hair oil, aroma therapy and body scrub at home you get an opportunity to turn this hobby and skill into a part-time profession.

CSDO is the best academy in Delhi that conducts various part time courses that benefit people and provide them with a permanent source of income from the comfort of home. The courses for beauty are in high demand and people enroll to learn basic skills to prepare these products using various ingredients, process and machines.

In this beauty workshop for one day, you will get details of the beauty products, machines used, technology, ingredients, process and usage. On the other hand, the experts here will also clear all the doubts of the people who wish to open their own beauty parlor, wellness center or have a homemade beauty products production company.

Thus, when you attend this wellness workshop by CSDO in Delhi, India, you will get to know the importance and demand of beauty products in India and across the globe. Along with the one day workshop, you can get details of the weekend course that is conducted at this academy and can easily enroll for it.

You will be provided deep knowledge on marketing these products, understanding customers demand, source to get raw material and equipment to even setup a production at home. What are you waiting for? Just contact CSDO and get complete detail of this workshop and register for it.

Want to Start A Home Based Business?

Are you hoping for an income source? Do you have doubts about ways to start a business? You can earn a good amount by starting a home based business. Here are some of the home based ideas which can be fun making process.

Nowadays startups are gaining huge popularity because of their unique ideas which are fetching them money when used with some marketing skills. These business ideas will make you chase your dreams. All of you know that there is no place like your own home. So you can gain utmost growth by doing business at your home.

Most preferred ideas of Home based business

Soap Making

A craft ardent person can initiate home based soap making business with approximately low budget investment. It is a hobby that can be converted into full-time home-based business. Homemade soaps made with organic content have lured many customers since ages.

Homemade soaps are considered famous for gift-giving ideas as they don’t make a hole into the consumers’ pocket.   You can start with decorated speciality soap making and sell them in your locality or in gift stores. For getting success in this business, you will need to expertise in making quality soaps, control your pricing and market your products.

Gift Packing

This can be a rewarding experience if you have flair for decorating gifts in a unique way. You can put your crafting ideas to good use and earn good amount of money. The advantage of entering into gift packing industry is that you will feel good about using your passion without investing much.  People, who don’t have much time to spend on gift packing, can give you their items for packing it beautifully.

This business will fetch you money throughout the year as people need gifts in a variety of occasions. You will also have to promote your service in peak season which is during holidays and festive seasons. For this business, you will need supplies like colourful printed wrapping papers, glittery pens, net cloth, handmade papers, handmade gift bags,crafty tags, etc.

Flower Making

Everyone knows that the business of flower will never end as the artificial flower will stay forever. Irrespective of the occasion, flowers made up of tissues and ribbons are widely used as they look equally elegant as the fresh flowers.

Different variety of materials is used for this purpose such as paper, ribbon, polyester and different fabrics like satin, velvet, muslin, cotton, etc. One more advantage is that the artificial flowers are light in weight compared to fresh flowers. These flowers are used in the decoration of homes, stores, classrooms, offices, especially for occasions. So you can easily get into this business.

If you are looking for flower making classes in Delhi to start a flower making home based business visit –

Chocolate Making

It is possible for you to make chocolates for an earning. Chocolate making is a passion driven business as you will have to hunt for new trends in the chocolate market. Keeping an eye to your consumers’ flavour preference is a must. You should know the various processes to make chocolates like lollipops, candies, jelly beans, etc.

Along with marketing skills and communications skills, you will need to do continuous monitoring other companies to know the current trends in the market. Branding is very important in this business. You can encrypt your brand name into your chocolates and make them visible with its quality to your clients.

Candle Making

Today, candles are meant for decoration. Anyone who has the interest in making candles can enter into the candle making industry. For this, you will need to learn the exact skills. You should continuously search for creative designs to climb the stair of success.

You will need marketing skills and tech savvy to fix your position as an entrepreneur in candle making business. Candles of different shapes and colours will allure consumers with its scent. The main feature while choosing a homemade candle is its perfume.

Therefore, the home-made business can be an amazing way to redefine the purpose of life. You can achieve dreams with your commitment and hard work. Spoken and business communication is very important to give speed to the growth of your business. Thus, you can make difference to your life from the comfort of your home. Working from your home can be a lucrative perk which can immensely help your home-based business.

Are You Ready for the Home-made Cosmetics Business?

Demands for various types of cosmetics are increasing day by day among ladies who love to look beautiful and stylish. And a surprising fact is that most of them are becoming fond of natural cosmetics. Today you can easily opt for different types of cosmetics available in the market. But most of these cosmetics are made of chemicals and other harmful ingredients which can cause harm to your skin. If you have suffered such problems then you must be looking for some natural cosmetics which will make you gorgeous during any festival or occasion as well as will take proper care of your skin.

To give your skin proper nourishment you can opt for making homemade cosmetics. Are you thinking of how to make such natural cosmetics? Well, here we are the professionals who can help you to learn how to prepare natural cosmetics. Everyone can join our classes and take necessary guidance regarding preparation of cosmetics using natural herbs. Here you can learn to prepare

  • Making of skin care cream
  • Face scrubs to rejuvenate your skin
  • Make up kits

To make various make up kits and other skin care cream you should know the proper ingredients to be mixed with each other and to have expert knowledge in making such products you need to join classes of our professionals.

But do you want to prepare these natural products only for your personal use? If no then you can apply your knowledge of making such natural homemade cosmetics for the mass and can earn good income. Our professionals will guide you always in this field and hence without any hesitation you can contact with the professionals today.

To know about your class schedules and duration of the course, feel free to give us a call @ +91 8860075342 or email us

What You Ought To Know About Lip Care With Lip Balm?

Lip care products offer a great way to keep your lips fresh and worth a gossip. The best benefit of lip balm made at home is it saves money while providing that extra bit of care to your beautiful lips. Another advantage of a home made lip balm is that you can customize it with your favorite scents and ingredients. You can use it up yourself or give it away to your near and dear ones especially the ones that you consider worth kissing everyday.

Lip Care With Lip BalmHere is your quick guide to a home made lip balm. Pour a decent amount of petroleum jelly into a microwaveable bowl. Heat up the petroleum jelly. Now, tint the petroleum jelly by cutting a piece of your favorite lipstick or eye shadow. By using a spoon, stir it thoroughly. Now, add a little juice or extract of your favorite flavor. Let the mixture cool and your lip balm is ready to use. Put the lip balm in airtight container and use it when needed.

The skin on our lips is thinner than the facial skin. So, the best way to avoid chapped and dry lips is to use a lip balm, which ensures that your lips are hydrated and heal up faster. Hydration is the best benefit of lip balm made at home. If you’ve ever seen your lips chapped, peeling or cracked, you can understand how embarrassing it is.

Is it winter or summer, lip balm keeps your lips fresh and hydrated. You will find plenty of lip care products claiming to plump your lips quickly and instantly but moisturizing your lips everyday is required to keep them youthful and maintain their supple looks.

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A Quick Guide To Benefits And Using Scrubs At Home

Home made scrub offers an excellent alternative to expensive spa based skin care. These scrubs not just cleanse or exfoliate your skin but also help in improving circulation and pulling toxins from the body. By using organic ingredients for making a scrub, you can be sure that you are not adding any toxins to your scrub. Most of these ingredients are easily available in health and food stores. Here is how to make scrubs at home

Take a cup of chickpea floor and mix it with enough amount of distilled water. The mixture should be made and stored in airtight container. Use it in the shower rubbing gently over your skin. A lemon based scrub is yet another way to rejuvenate and detoxify your body. Take enough amount of sugar mixed thoroughly in distilled water and then add lemon juice to it. Store in a cool and dry place and apply to skin with Benefits And Using Scrubs At Homeor without shower.

Combating the dry effects of sun during summer or be it the harshness of cold and chilling winter, home made scrub is a promising way of complete skin care and protection. Due to preservation issues, most of the scrubs should be made just prior to use. The best time for applying a scrub is before turning on the shower but while you’re standing in the bath tub.

The best way to apply a scrub is to massage it over the body gently and then, rinse in warm water. The warm water acts as a cleanser. This way, you won’t need to cleanse the body after using the scrub. Learn how to make home made scrubs and you will surely start relishing your bath time all the more!

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Want to build a bright career in detergent business?

Detergent manufacturing business has huge scope for success. Detergent is the most essential everyday item of use in life. No matter whatever the sector or industry it may be the importance of detergent is there everywhere to keep everything clean, clear and free from dirt.

career in detergent business

career in detergent business

Whether it is hospitals, shops, households or commercial houses detergents are needed everywhere and anywhere for various cleaning purpose. If you are thinking of How to start detergent business then you will be glad to know that there are various detergent making classes available just for you.

You can choose these classes for learning the best trick of making best detergents. In this way you can choose to make bright career in detergent manufacturing. This business will surely give you the chance to earn well.

Options that will guide you in picking the best detergent making classes:

In India you will find various detergent making classes. These classes give you all the training that you will need for making best detergent at home. The detergent classes India are easily available on the internet.

With these classes you can learn to make various kinds of detergents by using simple ingredients at home. The quality of your detergent will only depend on your skill. Therefore, if you are interested then make your bookings now. You can choose your classes just with a click. There are huge options available for you on the internet.

CSDO is one of the best places where you can learn the art of detergent making. There are various techniques using which you can produce good detergents. Go and choose now and become a quality detergent manufacturer in your city. Success will be yours if you put the hard work in the right direction.

Homemade soaps better than commercial soaps

Homemade soaps better than commercial soaps

Even though commercial soaps are marketed as natural, but is doesn’t necessarily meansthat it’s all good and natural for your skin. Here is the list of handful of reasons that prove that homemade soaps better than commercial soaps.

  • Commercial soaps may not necessarily contain Glycerine.

homemadesoapsbetterthancommercialsoapsGlycerine is a natural skin softener. It is for this reasonit boasts extensive use in lotions, creams and soaps, for maintaining the moisture content in the skin. Not all the commercial soaps includeglycerine. Instead, they may use additional products or chemicals as an alternative to glycerine. Moreover, the companies in order to make more profits add glycerine to cream and lotion products. So instead of purchasing one product (soap)buyer will have to buy additional products in order to retain the moisturization of skin. This increases the profit making of the company. Whereas, homemade soaps contain glycerine as the ingredients measure is personally handled.

  • Handmade Soaps are skin friendly

Handmade soaps preserve the integrity of butters, oils, and fats. They include all theskin-loving qualities and elements such as minerals and vitamins.  Moreover, when making handmade soaps the recipe can be customised according to the personal needs of the individual. More olive oil or tallow can be added in order to make the soap harder. Add some honey to produce a thick-lathering soap. Commercial soapsinclude synthetic chemicals that may harm the skin.

Commercial soaps cannot beat homemade soaps in terms of quality. The effectiveness of homemade soaps cannot be questioned upon. However, you may have to put in a little extra effort to make handmade soap but that will be worth it. Remember, commercial soaps are manufactured just for moneymaking. Their worth and quality isn’t completely trustable. So always, choose handmade soaps over commercial soaps. The latter isn’t worth your money. Learn how to make homemade soaps at CSDO.


All you need to know about soap making

Make your own soaps- All you need to know about soap making

Making your own soaps at home is frugal, easy, fulfilling, and creative. Taking a bar of a homemade soap into the shower or bath or shower is something that is really amazing.Whether you’re looking for reliable natural alternative to the market soaps, or you love trying new things, making soap is anabsolute fun.

Basic elements used in soap making

  • Lye

makeyourownsoapsLye is one of primary ingredients used in making handmade soaps. It’s recommended to either use crystallised lye or 100% sodium hydroxide when making soap at home.Do not substitute drain cleaners or liquid lye. They include bits of metal and might cause inaccurate measures. Of course, you would not want that.Though lye is dangerous can caustic but it’s harmless when it reacts with the oils used in soap making.

  • Equipment

The equipment used for cooking should never be used for making soap. However, the equipment or utensil can be cleaned really well, but it’s better not to take any chance. Equipment made of tempered glass, enamel, stainless steel all are ideal for using as mixing bowls. Do not use aluminium or copper equipment as they reactwith lye.

  • Herbs

Only dried herbal materials should be used in making soap. The popular materials used in homemade soap include Lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, oak moss, and more. Make sure that standard quantity of herbal materials is included in soap.

  • Essential Oils

The essential oils used in homemade soaps are extracted from plants. Generally, they come from the stems, roots, seeds, or flowers. Blends of essential oils can also be used in soap making. Usually, only 15 to 20 drops is sufficient for standard sized batch.

Make sure that you have good knowledge about the ingredients and materials you are using in making soap. Lack of information/knowledge can lead to hazardous results. We, at CSDO teach the best soap making techniques to those interested.


Cosmetic Training Institute Delhi, India – How to Select?

Cosmetics are a multi-billion Industry in India. There are small to medium to large scale industrial units in the business of producing cosmetics. The advent of visual and digital media has further increased the market for cosmetic in India. Hundreds of small scale and home based cosmetic manufacturing units are also adding to the overall space of cosmetics industry.

This has given rise to a number of institutes that run short and long term courses to teach the ways of making cosmetics. Delhi is an important hub of these institutes. The courses they run range from one week to certificate and diploma courses in cosmetic making.

The institutes like the CSDO serve a very important purpose. They ease pressure on the unemployment front in India. The students who are trained to make cosmetics never have to hunt for jobs. They can always start their small business. Produce good items and earn a good living eventually through hard work and perseverance.

Need for such institute

These institutes are needed because of the highly specialized nature of the industry. If a person needs to have a knowledge of the cosmetics, a basic know how is required. There are chemicals, herbs, oils, emulsifiers, emollients, colours and fragrances, antioxidants etc. needed for making cosmetics. If the person does not have even the basic idea about these ingredients the cosmetic making idea is bound to flop ultimately.

The training institutes like CSDO provide a through idea about such ingredients, their proportions in mixing, the ultimate effect on the skin and how to pack and sell in the market. Thus the institutes in Delhi provide a full package to learn the art of making cosmetics.


The Cosmetic training institute in Delhi provide short term or basic courses for making cosmetics. These may run from a week to a three, four weeks course. It may be provided by several institutes as a summer vacation course enabling both young ones and working women to attend. A basic knowledge of the requirements, equipments and places to get the raw material etc. is provided along with the basic idea of mixing ingredients with the prefabricated bases.

Medium to long term courses consist of certificate and diplomas provided to learners after a set period of training. Most of these institutes provide courses on making products for beauty care, dermatology, skin care, hair care, anti -aging etc. The CSDO is a premier institute in this regard.

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