How Candle Industry Is Changing

Candle Making Market

Candle making is an art. A skilled candle maker makes beautiful designs and styles of candles which you can behold all day long. Many people learn candle making as a hobby, while, they can also make it a successful business. If you are interested to start a candle making business, then take candle making classes so that u gain skills in this art, which would further help you to make good profits in your business.

A Source Of Income For Weaker Sections In The Society

In India, there are many women who are carrying out a candle making business right from their home and are attaining great profits. While it has also become a source of livelihood for weaker sections in the society. Where they can make productive use of their skills and earn a livelihood with dignity and self respect. Not only women, men are also involved in this candle making business. This has helped hundreds and thousands of people live and earn respectfully.

Candle Making Market In India

India has huge production as well as consumption of candles, which has given candle making market a strong foot in the economy. This is emerging to be a great business idea in India. Also, India is a country famous for its rich culture and traditional festivals. Festivals like Diwali, Janamashtami etc. are known for candle decoration. India shimmers in candle lights during these festivals. Which clearly means, huge usage of candles. Thus, candle making idea  a great proposition for business in this country.

Trends In Candle Making Industry

The candle making industry is now more diversified and huge. Now candle making is not confined to making simple straight candles. There is endless scope for innovation in candle making. Which has open many new doors and challenges for the candle making industry. Every year, a new type of candle gets introduced in the market during festivals in India.

The best part is starting a candle making business is easy and requires small investment, as low as Rs. 50000. The gross candle production is increasing every year, which is a green signal to start away with candles making business.

So far, there are so many types of candles introduced in the market like beeswax candles, soy wax candles, paraffin based candles, gel candles, candles used in aromatherapy, scented candles, floating candles, box candles, and various other candles in different shapes and designs for festival season. Candles made from natural products are quite high end, and are being loved and demanded by many people.

Taking Candle Making Business To The Next Level

Now, candle making is not only confined to making straight wax sticks. It’s more about chic, style, mental relaxation, creating a subtle aura and what not. Which has made candle makers to:

  • Innovate new candle making idea and designs. Market always welcomes new styles and designs of candles
  • Collecting wax, different types of moulds. These moulds are used to give delightful and interesting shapes to candles. Candle makers strive to always create something new, gel candles have been everyone’s favourite these days.
  • Studying different chemicals and working on various ingredients to create new designs. The candle makers to not stop working on new ingredients which can be used to create a new type of candle. If you are willing to start a candle making business then you must not be afraid to search and try for something new.
  • Experimenting on new styles and methods to make candles. Candle makers always strive to find extensive method to make candles which can yield high productivity and great candles.
  • Making candles suitable for interior decoration. Nowadays, candles are being quite much used by interior decorators to give a chic or pleasing look to the house. Candles are made and designed in such a way, where there are candles for all themes, like, contemporary, modern, classic look etc.
  • Customizing candles as per customer’s choice. There are high end customers who order candles as per their choice. And as a candle maker you must be ready to create your customer’s ideas into reality.
  • Getting training for candle making.
  • Damage proof packaging of the candles
  • Fast delivery of the orders.

Candle making business has attained a different and higher spot in Indian economy. So, if you are planning to start a candle making business then it is sure going to be a profitable one.

How to Make Scented Candles

Today, we mainly use candles for the esthetic value that they bring to the atmosphere and the scent they emit. They are no more a mere source of light. They have become an integral part of our décor as they transform the space into a warm and pleasing aromatic ambience. Everybody loves scented candles.  We also use scented candles for the purposes of aromatherapy. It improves the general feeling of well-being. The minute you light a scented candle, the room is filled with the light and aroma emitted by it.

It can help a great deal in lifting your mood instantly. They stimulate our sense of smell almost immediately.  Every scent brings with it a sense of holiday or the dawn of a season. The flowery scented candles like lavender, rose and jasmine bring the feeling of spring. The apple, lemon and cinnamon scented candles put you in a joyous holiday mood. They can be placed in any part of the house be it the living room, the kitchen or even the bathroom.

Scented candles are available in beautiful shapes, colors and sizes. Just place them in any corner of your house and they make it look great. They give a very warm welcoming feeling to your house.  Be it miniature votive candles or the enormous pillars, scented candles are very attractive home décor pieces. You can use them to convert your bathing experience to a spa event, just by placing them around your bathtub or shower cabin. They can change the whole ambience of your house by making it aromatic and cozy when your guests arrive.  The very thought of a candle light dinner sounds exciting. You can make it even more engaging by adding scented candles.  You can fill the ambience with lots of love and enchantment by lighting aromatic candles. If you are planning a perfect romantic evening to propose to your girlfriend or a cooking a secret romantic dinner for your boyfriend, bring in some scented candles and place them around the table.  They can instigate great romance and transform the mood completely.

You can also use scented candles to decorate your house during festivals. Instead of plain cup-shaped oil lamp (made out of clay), use fancy looking scented candles to boost the decor. They come in various different shapes and sizes depending on where and how you want to use them. You can also make a great centerpiece for your coffee table, lounge table or your dining table using floating candles.

Commercial scented candles are quite expensive these days. A great alternative to these are making them yourself at home. The ingredients that are required to make them are easily available in the market. All you need is the right kind of training to make good scented candles. There is no reason to get intimidated, as the process is not very complicated.

However, you need to understand the process of making scented candles and a safe way of making them. Scented candles are made by adding aroma oils to candle wax. Then you insert a wick into it. Homemade scented candles smell as good as the expensive candles that are available in the market today. The making cost is very less too.  You can either start your candle making business or keep it just as a hobby. Either it can serve as a very profitable business or it is great for gifting purposes too. Anybody can start a part-time or a full-scale scented candle making business, all you need is training.

CSDO offers hobby classes as well as professional training for making scented candles. They teach you to make different types of scented candles. Few of them are as below

Pillar candles, rustic candles, chuck and round chuck candles, embedded and encrusted candles, gel candles, granite candles, advance hurricane candles, beautiful carving candles, candle decoration, CFS techniques, WOW technique, log candles, sea inspired candles, handmade simple candles, handmade floating candles, Ti-light and votive candles, aroma therapy candles, Feng Shui candles, bed of roses candles, mold making and candle presentation techniques.

Here they do teach you more than just pouring aromatic wax into a container. They teach you the art of candle making and the right techniques involved in achieving a high quality finish.

Is it the Right Time to Start a Candle Making Business?

Do you feel that your house can be decorated in an excellent way during this year’s Diwali festival? Are you planning for something special to decorate your house? Well, then this time you can go for aromatic candles to give your house a gorgeous look. There are various types of aromatic candles available in the market but you can make these candles at home too.

Are you surprised that how can you make these candles? Well nothing to worry as our expert professionals are going to help you in understanding the process of making aromatic candles. There are various types of candles which you can make at home and we can take a look of those candles.

  • Votive Candles
  • Container candles
  • Pillar candles
  • Dipped candles
  • Rolled candles

The techniques will vary slightly from one to the another and its must for you to know. Again all these candles can be of special aromatic essence and our professionals will guide you in making those candles. Well, now you can think in a different way to turn your passion of candle making into your profession.

You can think to start your own business of candle making and the craze for aromatic candles have made it clear that if we go for starting a business of candle making it will definitely give a nice return. Hence, contact with our experts to get all necessary support to set up a business of candle making.

Call us today to get details of the class.

Gift your Business Associates Chocolates and Candles

During any festival, we often give different types of beautiful items as gifts to our friends and business associates. Gifting candles or chocolates are very common and generally we buy these items from the market. But have you ever given a try to make different types of candles and chocolates at home?

If no, then you can take a look at the classes organized by our professionals who will guide you properly to know exact process of candle making and chocolates. There are various types of candles that can be prepared and these candles can be given as gifts too. Other than candle making, you can also take necessary details about processing of different types of chocolates. You can learn to make

  • Container candles with fragrances
  • Voltive candles
  • Pillars candles
  • Art wax candles
  • Tapers candles
  • Camel milk chocolate
  • Black chocolate bar
  • White chocolate
  • Dark chocolate bar

Our professionals are able to guide you perfectly so that you can make candles of various designs and you can also gift them to your business associates and friends. Other than preparing candles and chocolates at home during festive season, you can also start your own business of candles and chocolate making with the help of our professionals.

Life is beautiful and if you want to make it even more beautiful this festive season then take a step forward and join our classes and learn making chocolates and candles and gift you friends and associates of business.

What Do You Need to Start a Candle Business at Home?

During any festival, we never miss to decorate our house with lights of various designs, patterns and colors. Especially, decorating a house with candles will definitely give your house more glamour and more classic look. Do you buy candles from market to decorate your house? Well, this year you can give a try to make candles of your own and give your house a nice look. Here you must be thinking of how to get knowledge about making candles. Well, special classes are organized by our professionals to teach you about the process of candles making. Here you can learn to make

  1. Voltive candles
  2. Container candles with fragrances
  3. Pillars candles
  4. Tapers candles
  5. Art wax candles

To make all these candles, special ingredients are required to be collected and to be mixed in right proportion. Here you will need proper guidance of experts and our experts will definitely show you the right way to make these candles. Again, you can opt for starting your own business of candles making which can give you a nice turnover. Here also our professionals will guide you in proper way to start your own business.

So, contact us today and join our classes to have all necessary details regarding setting up your own business of candle making.  Our professionals will help you learn the steps in easy and simple manner and you can start your candle making business soon and become an entrepreneur in real sense.

Aromatic Candles Spread Warmth and Induce Fragrance

The festival of lights and sweets is about to come in  just few days time and we all love to enjoy this festive season with absolute warmth and happiness. During this festival of lights we all love to decorate our house with aromatic candles. Besides decorating own house we love to give candles as gift to our friends and relatives.

Normally we buy candles from markets but it will become more enjoyable if we can make candles at our home and can give them as gifts to all our relatives and friends. Well, to know the process of making scented candles, you need to join the classes of our professionals. Our professionals will teach you all details to make candles like

  1. Votive Candles
  2. Container candles
  3. Pillar candles
  4. Dipped candles
  5. Rolled candles

To make these scented candles, there are several accessories which are needed and proper mixture measurements of all the ingredients are necessary for all to know. Our professionals will help you a lot to know in detail about the process of candle making. In spite of making candles at home only during festive season, you can also opt for earning a good income by making aromatic candles all through the year.

To set up a good business too, our professionals will assist you too.  The perfumed candles are loved and appreciated by all and if you can start this business on a definite note you will end up making good money– Only when you know how to do business and our experts will guide you.

Aromatic Candles from CSDO- Spread Love and Light on Diwali

The festival of Diwali is famous as festival of lights and sweets and we love to decorate our house with exclusive decorative lights available in the market. There are different types of modern electric lights available in the market but the effect of decorating a house with candles is always something unique.

Well, we are sure that you must be willing to decorate your house this Diwali with aromatic candles and we can also give these candles as gift to our friends and relatives. We can definitely opt for aromatic candles from CSDO and can enjoy the festival with love and joy. Some of the most popular aromatic candles which you can get from CSDO for gifting purpose include the following:

  • Chocolate
  • Fresh laundry
  • Lavender scents
  • Lemon scents
  • Sandalwood
  • Apple
  • Rose scented candles
  • Candles with coconut scents
  • Scent of cookie
  • Scent of Vanilla

So, above are some unique aromas which are used in candles. Our experts here will make these candles exceptionally well so that one can use these candles during any puja and any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Just get in touch with our professionals to have the best aromatic candles.

In case you are looking for the options to learn the art of candle making then you can join us and get trained by our professional experts. They will guide you step by step about the process and the ingredients used in the making of aromatic candles. Join the class today.


Candles- An Illuminating Way to Send Diwali Greetings

Diwali, the festival of lights and sweets, is at our doorstep and here we all are planning for making this festival more enjoyable. During Diwali we love to decorate our house with lights. Especially decorating house with candles will make our house look gorgeous. Again besides decorating house with candles we can also opt for giving those candles as gift to our friends.

In recent days craze for aromatic candles has raised a lot. Well now you can think in a different way and prepare candles of your own choice and design. Do you know how to make aromatic candles? If no then do not waste your time and join special classes arranged by our experts. Our experts will teach you thoroughly to make decorative candles. After taking proper lessons you can make candles as mentioned below.

  • Votive Candles
  • Container candles
  • Pillar candles
  • Dipped candles
  • Rolled candles

Do you want to earn some extra cash by setting up your own business? Well, then you can surely do it with the help of professionals who will guide you to learn about aromatic candle making process. Again, our experts will guide you to know about the rules and regulations for set up a business of candle making and earn a good income.

Hence, contact with our professionals to start our own business of candle making.  If you are a passionate person then we are sure that learning candle making will just be fun.

Join us today and become a good candle artist.

Gift your Subordinates Home-made Aroma Candles on Diwali

The most awaited festival, Diwali is about come. Like every year you must have planned to enjoy this Diwali in a special way and gift your near and dear ones with special some special items. Diwali is the festival of light and you can make your loved ones happy by gifting them special aroma candles. If you want to gift your professional family members your subordinates at your office special gift packs then aroma candles can really be a good idea.

Well, you can buy those candles from the market or you can make these candles by your own. Here you need to take classes from professionals so that you can learn exact ways to make these candles. Our professionals are ready to teach lessons about how to make aroma candles. With the help of professionals, you will be able to learn to make candles of the following types.

  • Super simple beeswax candle
  • Olive oil candles
  • Orange candle
  • French vanilla  candles
  • Floating candles
  • Ice candle
  • Lavender beeswax teacup candle

To prepare all these candles you should know exact method of preparation and ingredients required to make these candles. Our professionals will guide you thoroughly to learn about these candle making.

Not only for gifting but also you can go for starting your own business to earn good amount by making such aroma candles at home. If not you then encourage your wife to learn it and she can also start her own business right from the comfort of your home. To start a business you need professional help and here is our professionals who will help you a lot in starting your business. Hence get in touch with us today to have the best service.

To know about our class schedules and duration feel free to give us a call at +91 9811272138

Get Ready for Festival of Lights- Learn Candle Making

The festive season is approaching soon and we all are getting prepared for celebrating the festivals with lights, fashion and foods. Do you want to celebrate this festive season as usual or you want to make it special this year? Well, you will definitely try to go for something special to celebrate all occasions but how? Are you fond of decorating your house with candles and lights which are available in the market? Here you can try for something new option and prepare candles at your home.

This will be really be a great idea to decorate your house with homemade candles. This will make you and all your family members delighted. So, to make candles at home you need to have proper knowledge. You need to attend classes offered by our professionals to learn step by step process to make candles. Candles that you can learn to make are as follows:

Ø  Votive Candles

Ø  Container candles

Ø  Pillar candles

Ø  Dipped candles

Ø  Rolled candles

To prepare different types of homemade candles you need to know all details about the process and basic ingredients to make these candles at home. Our professionals will guide you to understand properly how to mix all ingredients accurately and prepare perfect candles. We organize special classes to teach how to make candles safely to decorate your entire house during festive seasons.

Making candles at home for giving your house an exotic look is always a good choice. But, will it not be a nice thinking to make candles professionally and have your own business? Are you getting surprised? Well, nothing to be surprised as our professionals will give you necessary guidance to build your own small business of candle making. Contact us today to join our exclusive classes and develop your own business of making candles of attractive styles.

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