Candle Making Courses – Level 4

Embellish your creativity by learning Handcrafted candles

Introduction-Handcrafted products are appreciated especially when it comes to candles! If you are fascinated by candles and are fond of showing your creativity and innovational styles then this course is appropriate and can fulfill your needs. This course includes making of candle, designing of candle and giving apt finishing to the candle so that it can be beautified. Charismatic and mesmerizing candles are covered in this level like log candles, carving candles, bed of roses and seashells.

CSDO Candle Making Course (Level 4)

CSDO Candle Making Course (Level 4)

This four day course can make you engineer in making candles by glorifying its design through the exclusive course.


Log candles: – Horizontal log candles l Bamboo Log candle l Vertical log candle l Designer log candle l Woody candle

Carving candle: – Introduction to Carving wax l Introduction to Carving tools l Double colored Carving candle l Triple color Carving candle l twisting & turning of wax

Bed of Roses: – Making of roses and setting of bed of roses

Sea –Inspired Designer Candles:- Designer sea shell candles l wrap on sea shell l window sea shell candle l horizontal sea shell l sea froth candle