Candle Making Courses – Level 3

Outshine your career by simple Candle making!

CSDO Candle Making Course (Level 3)

CSDO Candle Making Course (Level 3)

Introduction: Are you fond of candles and you think that this is something that you are passionate about? This course covers the comprehensive knowledge about simple ways of creating beautiful candles by taking you step by step on making basic candles.This basic course can make you an expert and can give you adequate knowledge on aspects of candle making.Not only manufacturing candles but how to give them elegant packaging is covered in this course.

This three-day course can make you a perfect candle maker.


T-lites – Colored T-lite I Perfume T-lite candle I Plain T-lite candle I Decorative T-lite candle I Packaging of T-lites I T-lites for Bulk

Pillars –Basic White pillar candle I Colored Pillar candle I Perfumed Pillar candle I Square Pillar candle I Ball candle I Angled layered candle I Shaded Pillar candle I Floating candle

Votives – Taper Votives I Straight Votives I Glass votives I Round votives I Perfumed Votives I Colored Votives

Aromatherapy –Introduction to Aromatherapy oils I Difference between Perfume & Aroma oils I Effects of Aroma oils I Types of Aroma- Therapy oils I Type of Aroma Therapy oils & their botanical names I Making of Aroma therapy & Jar Candles I

Floating candle –Plain floating candle I Shaded floating candle I Gel floating candle I Jar floating candle

*Gel candle –Gel ‘O’ Candle I Sparkle Candle I Marble Candle I Layered candle




Level two – Rustic /Granite / Chunks

Brighten your world with stepping a level up in Candle making!

Introduction-Learn and gain full fledged knowledge and move a level up with our candle making course. In this course we teach you complex candles like rustic effect and granite candles with special texture and effect that can make your candle  outshine and more appealing. You get knowledge on designing your own candles with a lot more independence .You learn from scratch and can easily get inputs and make astonishing handmade candles.

This two days course can teach you variety of candles that can be sold at very good profit!


Rustic candles – What are Rustic candles l What are the advantages of making Rustic candles l How to make ring design l Splash effect l Bubble Candle l Perfumed Rustic candle l Wrapped Rustic candle

Granite candles – What are Granite candles l How to make Pallets l How to make chunky granite candles l Granite pallets l Squishy foam Candle l Stone Candle

Chunk candles- Making chunks I Tutti Fruity I Diamond Multi- Layered candle I Valentine I Round chunk I Mother of Pearl I Log Chunk l Chip chunk candles l basic packaging


Level three – Hurricane / Embedded               


Illuminate your passion with Hurricane & Embedded candles

Are you keen to learn about candle making and want to make it your profession? Don’t worry friends Csdo conducts beautiful course that can give you hands on experience on  Hurricane and embedded Candle making .Hurricane candles are flameless candles with aroma that are displayed in rooms ,hotels. Its demand is increasing because of the light it illuminates. Embedded candles look absolutely stunning and give a magnificent look with the print and effect on candles .One can embed pearls, spices, stones, any object and can create astonishing candle with unique look.

This two day course can be profitable and constructive.


Level Four –Log/Carving/Bed Of Roses/Sheashells         


Embellish your creativity by learning Handcrafted candles  

Introduction-Handcrafted products are appreciated especially when it comes to candles! If you are fascinated by candles and are fond of showing your creativity and innovational styles then this course is appropriate and can fulfill your needs. This course includes making of candle, designing of candle and giving apt finishing to the candle so that it can be beautified. Charismatic and mesmerizing candles are covered in this level like log candles, carving candles, bed of roses and seashells.

This four day course can make you engineer in making candles by glorifying its design through the exclusive course.


Log candles: – Horizontal log candles l Bamboo Log candle l Vertical log candle l Designer log candle l Woody candle

Carving candle: – Introduction to Carving wax l Introduction to Carving tools l Double colored Carving candle l Triple color Carving candle l twisting & turning of wax

Bed of Roses: – Making of roses and setting of bed of roses

Sea –Inspired Designer Candles:- Designer sea shell candles l wrap on sea shell l window sea shell candle l horizontal sea shell l sea froth candle


Level five – Cfs/ Wow / Candle decoration

Brighten your life by learning surprising techniques of Candle making

Introduction-Give wings to your imagination and creativity by learning Candle making We make you an expert on candle decoration by teaching you special art and giving the abundance of knowledge in this course.


CFS Technique:-What Is CFS technique/How to make spiral Design/Well Candle/Earthly Candle/Gold Leaf Candle/Henna Art Candle/
Dice Candle.

Wao Technique-What Is Wao technique/How to make Wao Candles /Fence Design/Leaf Pattern Design/Gold Art Design/Silver Pin
Point Design/Chanderi Effect/Paint Effect/Multicolor Wao Candle/Embessed Wao Technique

Decoration Of Candle:-Pearl Technique/Spiral Design/Batik Effect/Gift Box Tear Drop Technique,Ethnic Design Traditional shalok Rafia Candle/Burnout Candle Drizzle Effect/Scarff Effect/Water Collections Candles.