Candle Making Courses – Level 1

Outshine your career by simple Candle making!

Introduction: Are you fond of candles and you think that this is something that you are passionate about? This course covers the comprehensive knowledge about simple ways of creating beautiful candles by taking you step by step on making basic candles.

CSDO Candle Making Course (Level 1)

CSDO Candle Making Course (Level 1)

This basic course can make you an expert and can give you adequate knowledge on aspects of candle making.Not only manufacturing candles but how to give them elegant packaging is covered in this course.

This three-day course can make you a perfect candle maker.


T-lites – Colored T-lite I Perfume T-lite candle I Plain T-lite candle I Decorative T-lite candle I Packaging of T-lites I T-lites for Bulk

Pillars –Basic White pillar candle I Colored Pillar candle I Perfumed Pillar candle I Square Pillar candle I Ball candle I Angled layered candle I Shaded Pillar candle I Floating candle

Votives – Taper Votives I Straight Votives I Glass votives I Round votives I Perfumed Votives I Colored Votives

Aromatherapy –Introduction to Aromatherapy oils I Difference between Perfume & Aroma oils I Effects of Aroma oils I Types of Aroma- Therapy oils I Type of Aroma Therapy oils & their botanical names I Making of Aroma therapy & Jar Candles I

Floating candle –Plain floating candle I Shaded floating candle I Gel floating candle I Jar floating candle

*Gel candle –Gel ‘O’ Candle I Sparkle Candle I Marble Candle I Layered candle