Love Chikki? Make them on your own

One of the most loved and a mouth watering sweet which is loved by people of all ages in India is Chikki. Do you love it too? If yes, then we are sure that you need to hoop from one shop to the other to find best quality Chikki.

To avoid the disappointment of not tasting quality and yummy Chikki, why don’t you make them on your own? All that you need to learn about the ingredients which are used, the process of making and how to make them look presentable to people who will taste your Chikki. Aside to all these you need a well trained and experienced professional who can guide you in learning the steps of Chikki Making. If you look around you will get to taste mainly 3 varieties of Chikki:

  • Peanut chikki
  • Til /Sesame chikki
  • Coconut palm sugar chikki

All three of them are awesomely different. You need to learn which of the ingredients and that too in which proportion need to be added to bring out the traditional taste of chikki. After learning the basic steps of chikki making you can add up your own ideas to bring new flavor to it.

Your chikki should have your unique taste and how to do that depends on the way how well you understand the relation of kitchen Items and cooking temperatures.

If you are looking for the lessons of chikki making then get in touch with is. We have with us the professional Kitchen experts who will share with you the right methods of preparing chikki in their classes.

You can give us a call  +91 8860075342 or send us a mail to get the details and schedule of the classes taken by our experts. If you can learn this recipe well then on festive season when the demand for chikki is high you can plan for a homemade chikki business.

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Baklawa Making is as Easy as it Could be!

Making perfect Baklawa is an art and only selected few can make this ravishing sweet dish like a true chef. Cooking is one form of ancient art and one can achieve perfection in it with hit and trial method. Life is too fast these days and we all want to learn everything fast, so why not make an attempt to make this awesome sweet dish named Baklawa.

Some of the leading bakeries of the world are having huge collection of Baklawa of different taste and shapes in display for the pastry and sweet lovers. Some of the commonly found Baklawa varieties in the market are:

  • Baklawa Pistachio
  • Baklawa Walnut
  • Rose Shaped Baklawa
  • Baklawa  Finger
  • Baklawa Pastry
  • Cashew Baklawa

The list is never ending as with every passing day new and new flavors of Baklawa are coming up. Changes in the filling of the Baklawa can be made as per your choice and preference. But to learn the steps to make the perfect layers of filo and to place the stuffing in it you need a guide.

Professional experts are taking special classes to help you learn Baklawa making and also the technique of making the presentation. Presentation let it be for any dishes need to be done in a special and creative manner and this makes the dish taste even better.

If you are interested in taking classes for Baklawa making then get in touch with us. We arrange special classes by industry chefs for students. Want to know more about the classes and the schedules and durations……. Call us today

Learn making awesomely good looking and yummy Baklawa and start your very own Baklawa making business. We will guide you about the steps to make good money from your home based Baklawa making business.

Gift Home-made Chocolates this Diwali

Diwali, the well celebrated occasion is just knocking at your door. Are you thinking for doing something special in this occasion and want to surprise all the kids and family members during this festival? Well, you will definitely know that Diwali in India is a celebration of sweets, chocolates and fireworks.

To give all your family members and kids in your home a great surprise you can prepare some homemade chocolates by your own. Are you surprised? There are varieties of chocolates available in the market but once you give a try to make some special chocolate in your kitchen then it will definitely make your kids extremely happy.


To get lessons to prepare exotic chocolates you need to join special classes arranged by professionals. Our experts will teach you to prepare various types of homemade chocolates in different ways. The most fascinated chocolates which you can prepare yourself are:

Ø Flavored chocolate

Ø Fruit and Nut chocolate

Ø Sugar Free chocolate

Ø Bittersweet chocolate

Preparation of homemade chocolates is an art and you should know the basic components which are necessary to prepare chocolates to make the Diwali a special festival. Here you should know the proper proportion of each ingredient to use to prepare the special type of chocolate. Once you join special classes of our professionals you will get proper guide from them.

Besides you prepare delicious chocolates to celebrate Diwali, you can convert this passion into profession. It may sound strange but it is possible that after getting professional training you can open your own small business.

Our experts will guide you all the way to learn process to prepare exotic chocolates and they will also guide you to develop your business step by step. Call us today……and become an entrepreneur homemade chocolate company today.


Sensitive Skin? Prepare Home-made Soaps

Skin related problems are quite common in these days and skin care specialists are often asked remedies for such problems.  Especially if you are having sensitive skin, you will feel that only particular type of soap will work on your skin. If you try to apply any soap from leading brands your skin will become harsh. Available soaps carry high level of chemicals which can create allergic problem to your skin.

The only solution to get rid of this problem is to use natural soap but how? This will be a definite question that where we can get natural soap? Well, the best option is to use homemade natural soap which you can make at your home. This may sound a bit weird, but it’s true that with our professionals’ guidance you can easily make home made natural soap which can keep your skin glowing and healthy. Our experts are taking classes on regular basis to guide interested and style conscious students to share the steps of making homemade soaps. Learn from us homemade soaps like:

  • Coconut oil soap
  • Herby citrus soap
  • Shampoo bar soap
  • Chai latte soap
  • Loofah soap
  • Lemon soap

All these soaps can be easily made at home after learning the process under professional guidance. Our experts will take regular classes and let your know about necessary ingredients in soap which can keep us free from skin problems.

Apart from making homemade soaps for your personal use, you can also earn money by making such soaps. If you want to have your own small business then you can surely take necessary help from our experts.

The experts will guide you in every step to set up your soap making business and turn into an entrepreneur. So, contact us today and join our courses to establish your own business of soap making.

Join Our Chocolate Making Course and Make A Delicacy

Sharing Chocolate is a mode of sharing love with others. Whether kids or grown up, everybody loves chocolate. There is huge demand of chocolate during any festive season or occasion. Do you want to make the coming festivals more delicious and love filled? Well then you can try for making some delicious chocolates at your home during this festival.

To make chocolates of different taste you need expert guidance and here you can join our chocolate making course. Our well trained professionals will always guide you to have proper knowledge regarding making of chocolate. Besides chocolate you can learn making other chocolate flavored items from us. Among popular recipes of chocolate you can learn from us:

  • Creamy chocolate fudge
  • Hot fudge Ice cream bar dessert
  • Chocolate Trifle
  • Eclair chocolate
  • Chocolate covered cherry cookies II
  • Chocolate cake
  • Best brownies
  • White chocolate raspberry cheesecake

We are sure that you will definitely wish to make those favorite chocolates during any occasion and to take a lesson about the recipes of the chocolate you need to join our  classes organized by our professionals. The professionals will teach you regarding how to arrange all the ingredients required making these chocolates and how to mix those ingredients in proper proportion.

Apart from making chocolates only for festivals and occasions, you can also go for making chocolates for a good home based business. Chocolate making can surely be a nice profession and it can be a good source of earning. To open your own business you can get reliable help from our experts and they will guide you to set up your own business of chocolate making. So without any delay contact us today to get the best help.

Speak to us and get details of the class schedules and duration.


Light Your Home With Aromatic Candles this Diwali

Diwali the festival of light and colors is celebrated all over India with much zeal and enjoyment. This year the festival is about to arrive in a month time. Are you getting ready for the celebration? Yes time has come that you start preparing for this festival. What about celebrating  this Diwali with some homemade Aromatic candles?  Sounds great to you…… Cool​

Are you aware of the fact that these days there are different types of aromatic candles which you can make at home  for this celebratory occasions? Candles comes in fantastic varieties and that too for different purposes as well as occasions. Popular types of Aromatic candles:

  • Jar Candles
  • Pillar Candles
  • Floating Candles
  • Tin Candles
  • Tea Lights Candles
You can make the selection from spectrum of elegant colors,  sizes, styles, shapes and even textures. You need to get the color of the candles  well co-ordinated with the interior decor during the festive season. You can even make awesome candles based on burning times, quality of wax and exotic fragrances to match up your mood in the festive occasion. Aromatic candles can be the best choice for gifting purpose on the occasion of Diwali.
There are 2 benefits of gifting homemade aromatic candles –
1. It will make the recipient of the gift happy and
2. It will give the scope to others to know about your creative side. If you have a business mind, then don’t waste it and start your very own aromatic candle business right at the comfort of the home.

Join our Candle making classes at CSDO and  give wings to your creativity to start your very own business.Our professionals will guide you and help you learn candle making.

Chocolate Business- Plan for Expansion

Chocolate making is just fun and you get to know about it when you plan to decide to go with your very own homemade chocolate business. Wondering how? Well, the fact is that these days demand for homemade chocolates are pretty high during festive and celebratory occasion and so if you can learn the art of Chocolate making from professional experts then starting you business will not be that difficult for you.

Popular types of Chocolate flavors Ruling the Market:

  1. Dark Chocolate:
    Dark chocolate is popular in this name because it is having low volume or less milk in  comparison to  other types of chocolate.
  1. Milk Chocolate:
    This is one of the highly consumed chocolate flavors in the market which is loved by almost all chocolate lovers. Its contents  high Volume of Milk or Milk powder and taste awesome when mixed with cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar.
  1. White Chocolate:
    The sweetest Chocolate flavor on this earth is White Chocolate and the interesting part with this chocolate is that it contains no cocoa solids and formed with sugar, milk, and cocoa butter.

Knowing the art of Chocolate making is just not enough to run a chocolate business successfully. You can start with your near and dear ones and with mouth to mouth promotion. But to make a plan of expansion of the homemade chocolate business you need to learn the tricks and tips of it.

Looking forward to learn the art of chocolate making and how to do Chocolate business?

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Basket Packing is a Great Art!

During any festival and special occasions, we follow the rituals to give gifts to our friends and relatives. For gifting, we need to get special packing done for making a nice presentation. You may opt for buying various designer baskets from the market but you can make your friends more delighted if you can decorate a basket by your own.

Doing a nice packaging to a basket is always considered a nice art and you can also be the owner of this nice art if you join special classes organized by our professionals. Our experts will make you learn about different types of basket packing such as

  • Packing of fancy basket and potlis
  • Teshu basket with teddy
  • Designing a fruit basket
  • Designing baskets with flowers
  • Pink and golden basket with flower
  • Decoration of cane baskets for fruits

Well, to do such nice basket decoration you will need to arrange various items and hence you will be guided by the professionals to decorate baskets nicely. Again, you can opt for opening your own business of basket designing for any occasion, celebration or puja etc. This new business will give you good return too. Hence, contact with our professionals today to have the best support.

If you are a creative person then we are sure that after our classes you will add up your ideas and bring more new designs of basket packing. You need to be passionate about your creative side and then you can design the best baskets for your loved ones gift.


Send Homemade Cakes to People you Love

Cakes are always loved and appreciated by people of all ages on different occasions. In recent days we can notice cakes of various new flavors have been invented and people are loving these immensely. Well, you can also go for giving surprise to your loved ones by gifting them home made cakes.

If you are worried about how to make cakes at home then you should learn the process from our professionals. Our professionals will guide you thoroughly to know about the best recipe to prepare cakes at home. Once you join the classes you can learn to make cakes such as

Ø Spice layer cake

Ø Grape slab pie

Ø Old fashioned brioche bread

Ø Butterscotch banana trifle

Ø Cranberry cake

Ø Maple nut pie

There are many more flavors which you can learn from our experts. The experts will teach you the easiest process to prepare those excellent flavors at home. Now, you can think in a different way. Other than making cakes only for festivals, you can try for starting your own business of cake making.

Our experts will teach you how to start the business and will give you idea about all the rules to maintain. This can be said that in recent days with the increased demand for cakes it will be easier for you to get a good return from the business. So, get in touch with our professionals for the best result.

Feel free to get in touch with us and join our classes.

The Enigmatic Baklava!

Origin and meaning of Baklava:


Itis a Turkish delicacy and a sort of dessert.Baklavaactually is apastry which is sweet and have layers filled with dry fruits or nuts or both organized with honey or syrup.
Baklavais one such dessert which isomnipresent all over the globe. Baklava pastry comes in several flavors, size as well as shapes. The most acceptable flavors of Baklavaworldwide includes;

  • Cevizli Baklava (Walnut, almonds Baklava)
  • Fistikli Baklava (Pistachio Baklava)

Baklava making:


  • Dough
  • Real Butter (non-salted)
  • Chopped walnuts or almonds (mixed with cinnamon and honey or sugar)
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Wedge lemon
  • White cloves
  • Cinnamon

How to make Baklava:

  • It is advisable to make the syrup a day before so as to have the syrup readily available at room temperature.
  • It is important to have the melted butter ready during the process.
  • To make the dough come crispy, it is necessary to coat the dough with butter.
  • Add 5 – 6 or more layers of buttered dough in the pot. On the bottom layer sprinkle the sweetened chopped nuts liberally.
  • Lay two more layers of buttered dough over the nuts and repeat the process of sprinkling the sweetened nuts.
  • After you are done with nuts, put the final layer of dough but without any toppings.
  • Finally heat the butter and spread it little more over the entire dough and pot.
  • It is important to shape the dough by cutting butdo not forget to put a clove in between before baking. It would hold the dough together.
  • Bake at 325 F. for 30 – 35 minutes.
  • Take it out and let it rest for 4 – 5 minutes before pouring the syrup entirely over the top.

Dry fruit Baklava:

Steps remains same, just add dry fruits for filling between layers.
Baklava making classes can be joined to learn the making of Baklava.

Baklava for weddings:

Baklava is strongly gaining popularity eachpassing day and is most sought after dessert in weddings and other festive occasions.

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