Learn The Concept of Various Digital Marketing by Attending Session by CSDO

Do you have your own business and looking to promote it across the globe? If yes, then CSDO is here to provide the complete guidance on it. For providing you with a permanent solution, this academy is conducting Digital marketing one day session. This workshop will be operated by the marketing experts who are well aware of the various marketing styles and will be sharing their personal experience and effective tips for sure success.

Posting adds on the various social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn is the best way to increase the popularity of your work and website. For this, you need to stay updated and active to attract online traffic to your website.

If you wish to have an online presence, then it is necessary to know about the different marketing styles like email marketing, Google addson, affiliated marketing, etc. The digital workshop conducted for one day will definitely provide you knowledge on these marketing styles and their benefit for your business.

On the other hand, CSDO also provides short term class to learn these marketing techniques and start your own business of support service from the comfort of home. You can become a professional Google analytics and can support companies by promoting their products and services using these marketing techniques.

Once you visit the Digital marketing workshop in Delhi, you will meet people with same interest. The session will be conducted on the week end to ensure that you get complete time to learn new skills and clear all you doubt from the professionals. Thus, before the seats are full, register and know about the part time earning business in India.

The detail of this workshop can be extracted by visiting the CSDO official website or by contacting on the contact details. The application process is simple and you can be done through online.

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Learn Basic Cooking Styles By Attending The One-Day Cooking Workshop From Csdo

Do you love making various dishes at home and love feeding appetite of your guests? If yes, then you have an opportunity to turn this hobby into a profession. For this, CSDO is offering a one day Cooking workshop where you will learn preparing various cuisines like Labanese, Thai, Continental, Italian, etc.

This workshop is not meant only for people who love cooking, but people who wish to learn amazing cooking style will also be highly benefitted from it. This few hours class is dedicated to improving your cooking skills and providing you knowledge of different styles of cooking various dishes.

This short duration workshop is best to know about various cuisines and the best way to prepare. Here you will have experts who are renowned chefs in particular cuisines and will share their experience. Along with the various dishes, the class will be providing deep knowledge in preparing various other food items like smoothie, mocktail, ice cream, etc that have place in every family.

The best part of the class is that it is well balanced and managed by the experts who will take intense care to improve your cooking skills and generate love for dishes that you may find boring if prepared in traditional style.

The main intention of the cookery workshop is to support people who are looking for part time business in Delhi India. This workshop will be guiding you on ways to start the bakery, restaurant or catering service from the comfort of home. The professionals will be lending the helping hand to provide complete setup along with the proper guidance to make it a successful home based business.

Thus, if you have an interest in cooking, then this Cooking workshop is introduced specially for people like you. Just contact CSDO and get complete detail of this one day workshop in Delhi.

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Reason To Attend Bakery Workshop Conducted By CSDO In Delhi

Are you fond of preparing Bakery products at home and wish to sharpen the skill? For this, CSDO has come up with a one-day bakery workshop where experts will be sharing skills to prepare bakery products like bread, muffin, teacake, brownies, cookies, cake, cupcake, tart and pie easily with limited resources at home.

If you are looking to enter this business for a part time earning, then this session will definitely benefit you. This is the best opportunity to learn to make various baking products and surprise your guests and family members on special occasions.

In this short term workshop we provide step by step guidance, in-depth dealing and designing of bakery products, learn recipes using various ingredients, equipment used and career opportunities available in this industry.

After completing the class, you will attain factual and technical knowledge and will be a certified student to handle the bakery business.

Thus, when you step in this one day workshop, you will meet people with similar interest and will learn various steps to make bakery products in a professional way. This is the most specified class where expert’s chefs will be sharing their experience.

During the session, you will get to know the importance to make it a part time profession and start a bakery from the comfort of home. You can also register for the part time course that CSDO provides in Delhi to the desperate students who wish to improve their skills and find an appealing secondary earning option.

No matter from which part of India you are, you can easily register for this one day bakery workshop. Thus, enroll for the workshop and see how you be benefited by this session. You will be able to discuss the basics of the Bakery products and steps to setup own business at home.

To know about the bakery courses or join the bakery classes – click here.

How To Start Chocolate Industry

Chocolate is one delicacy which everyone broods over. Just one bite and you find yourself drooling on seventh heaven. Birthdays, parties, festivals or no occasion chocolates are the best things to gift. The consumption of chocolates in India is quite huge which means that chocolate industry is flourishing.

You also much be a chocolate lover. What if you can turn your love for chocolate into a venture which is sure going to give you huge profits? Yes! You can start your chocolate industry by investing a little amount. But you need to clear about these things and concepts –

1. Know your local market first –

It is important that you should be aware of your local market. It means, you must find out your local competitors and if their chocolates are more popular than yours, then find the reason behind and try to overcome the difference. Besides it is safe to start selling on your local area first, as you can easily find out the tastes, types and preferences of the customers.

2. Make your product interesting to buy–

What is that one thing which makes your product irresistible for the buyers to buy? You must strive to make your chocolates striking to the customers. Not only the taste but also the packaging must be alluring.

3. Purchasing chocolate making tools and equipment–

After planning to start a chocolate making business. It is foremost important to buy the chocolate making equipment and tools. While buying these you must not go for the lowest price quality or the highest priced ones. As you are just starting your business you must first do some research and reviews on various equipment and tools and then buy the most suitable one.

4. Legalize your business –

This is one thing to do be done right away. Legalising your business will ensure that you won’t face any governmental or legal problems in future. Also, you can easily insure your workplace too!

5. Ensure hygiene –

Hygiene is one essential part to be taken care of. Proper cleanliness of the work place, use of clean apron, head cover, gloves will ensure that your chocolates are being made in totally hygienic environment. Also, the hygiene inspectors will also pass your workplace to be fit for working.

6. Find proper space for production-

If you are thinking to start a chocolate making business then you cannot do it in your own kitchen. Things can get messy. It is better that you arrange a place separately for chocolate making so that there is no mess and no kitchen accidents too. Also, it is better to separate your work from your home to avoid any problems.

7. Pricing your chocolate –

Pricing can get tricky and mind boggling. When you start a business, you cannot overprice your chocolates because you need customers’ attention. So you must price your chocolates in such a way which could cover prices for raw materials, gas, electricity and labour. It is important that you cover the price for these elements so that you don’t fail any loss.

8. Selling –

After establishing your chocolate making business. You must emphasize on selling your chocolates to retailers and wholesalers. As retailers and wholesalers have fixed customers and higher footfall. Which will ensure that your chocolates are being sold and getting popular.

9. Promotion –

Any business works wonders if proper promotion is done. You must find ways to promote your chocolates as according to your budget. For example you can give away free samples, set up a stall in a local market place for your chocolate tasting, sending away pamphlets etc. Promotion will ensure that customers are aware of your product.

10. Understand and process customer feedback –

Understanding customer’s feedback is necessary. What your customers has liked it disliked about your chocolate, what are their suggestions and ideas whether it is about taste, colour, shape, packaging or price of the chocolates. That way you will be able to work more on your chocolate making business.

If you are keen on starting your own chocolate venture, keep these points in your mind while you start your chocolate making business, and you are good to go! For more knowledge, you can join our startup / advance / professional chocolate making courses.

How to Get Success in Business

Almost everyone dreams of owning or starting a business whether it is a small business out of your own home or a small-scale enterprise.  The idea of being your own boss thrills every single person. However, the risk involved in the process is what holds one back. It is important and crucial to keep in mind a few points in order to achieve success in these businesses.

1. Manage your time wisely

Owning a small business can mean juggling between numerous things at the same time. Therefore, time management is the key to success.  Structure your time and tasks and keep all the information in place.  Allot specific time for specific tasks and try to stick to the routine. Make a timetable that will leave you with hours for planning, execution and development. It is important organize your schedule instead of having chaotic days. Do not try to do everything yourself. Get as much help as possible and down delegate the work.

2. Set smaller goals

In order to achieve success in your business, it is important to have small goals that lead the ultimate bigger one. Set milestones for yourself and your business. These goals have to be time framed. For example, set a specific target for where your business should be by the next quarter. Nevertheless, it is also crucial to keep these goals realistic and achievable.  Reward yourself and the people working for you once you reach a goal. The rewards can be monetary or recognition.

3. Focus on service as well as product

If you want to stand out from your competitors, it is important to sell your service rather than only focusing on your product. Go a little out of your way to connect with your customers or clients.  Be honest with them, this will help build a good relationship. It is imperative to gain the customer’s faith in both you and your product. Invest in your services and you will reap massive benefits from it. In small businesses, the best marketing technique is to gain maximum advertising through the word-of-mouth.

4. Employees are important

The most crucial segment of small-scale businesses is the team working behind it. Managing human resource is one of the major issues that businesses face. Therefore, attract good employees and create an environment that will keep them from leaving. Always remember to respect them and never correct them in public. Give the employees the space to work as they see fit, keeping a close check on their results.

5. Networking is crucial

Another key to achieving success in small-scale business is networking. In order to keep up with the happenings of the industry, it is important to stay in touch with the other small business owners. It is important to have contacts to survive various situations that may come up in your business. You can get a lot of useful and important suggestions and ideas during networking.

6. Rightly estimate the demand

Small businesses completely run on supply and demand. Therefore, it is important to get a thorough knowledge of the demand of the product or service that you offer. Overestimating the demand can lead to loses and thus eventually the failure of your business. Try to keep up with the current trends and update yourself with the requirement of your clients. Get feedback of your product or service from friends and family.

7. Carve out a niche

Creating a niche for your business in the market can also be a key to achieving success. Many people around you may have the similar skills and business ideas just the way you do. Therefore, it is important to stand out from the rest of them by making your product unique.

8. Calculate costs

Lastly, the most important factor for being successful is estimating and calculating all the costs. Lack of funding or insufficient funds can be the downfall for any business. Create a detailed and elaborate budget that includes not only the start up costs but also the costs involved until the business starts paying back.  You are safer if you overestimate your costs rather than underestimating it.

Keep in mind all these points to get success in your business.

How To Start Homemade Chocolate Business

So you have a sweet tooth? Do you love eating chocolates? Thinking of turning this hobby into a small business? Planning to start a business from home? If your answer is a YES to all these questions then you are reading the right thing at the right time. Chocolates are like air – it is a necessity and loved by all. Chocolates are confused in many forms like cookies, brownies, cakes and other candies.

Although chocolate making might bring excitement, but it is important to remember that chocolate making requires a lot of attention to details to use particular ingredients.

Starting up any business from home requires a lot of creativity, marketing techniques, organized processes, etc. If these traits match your personality and you have a sweet tooth and also wish to start up your own business from home, homemade chocolate business is the perfect option for you.

Homemade chocolates are any day better than other commercial chocolates that are sold in the market. Chocolates that are made at home are supposed to be natural that have an amazing natural and unique taste with fresh ingredients, no

preservatives are added to natural chocolates. Fresh ingredients include natural flavors, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachio and fresh cocoa butter; production cost is also much lesser at home because you do not produce it in the large quantities.


Homemade chocolates are also very healthy because you are using the right kind of ingredients without any preservatives. In this age where people are getting conscious about their health and diet,

making natural chocolates at home will just a topping of cherry on the cake for your prospect clients and can be used as a great marketing strategy to sell your product.

Healthy benefits of homemade chocolates can help you prevent heart diseases, cancer and other strokes also doctors claim that when consumed in lesser quantities, chocolates can become an important part of your diet. In order to start your own chocolate business, it is important to:

  • Find a niche market: There might be a lot of people making normal chocolates with various flavors using other techniques, but in order to stand out you need to do it differently! For example, you can start creating designer chocolate bars with fancy designer packaging.
  • Connect with the right suppliers: Your chocolates need to have the similar taste every time your clients eat. For this, you need to source the same type of material from the same vendor.
  • Determining your target audience: The most important step is to determine the target audience. If you were planning to concentrate on designer chocolates, not everybody would like to go for something like this.
  • Obtaining the entire requirement: Requirement could get a little expensive because storing chocolates are also a big deal. Hence the right requirements for your business could be really important.


Not every person can teach you the art of chocolate making; you need to take a right decision on choosing the right one to guide you. Any wrong decision could harm your business in the long run.

Craft and Social Development Organization, that are providing orientation to people in various home made products for the last 28 years, is just the reliable place you need to visit. You can also source your material for chocolate making from the same place; they supply utmost upper quality of goods that are required for chocolate making.

The organization having years experience understands what you expect and they can exactly provide you the same. With top expertise in various fields, CSDO can turn out to be your first step to a successful homemade chocolate business.


How Learn About Top Self Employment Courses In India

Employment is a great headache for new generations who are idle and have no work. For such people, CSDO has come up with some self employment courses that are in great demand among the people and opens limitless earning opportunity. These businesses require limited capital and can be easily started from the comfort of home at anytime.

This is also the best way to employ additional people and be the boss even when you work for home. For people who do not have any idea of these short-term professional courses, it is highly suitable to go for the professional training courses.

CSDO has a wide variety of courses that provide knowledge on Gift packing, bath salts making, Trousseau packing, Box making, Flower making, Soy wax candle making, bath bomb making, Chocolate bouquet, Handmade cosmetics, crunchy nut making, flavoured and spicy nuts, Chocolate making business,  etc.

The courses are affordable and timing is adjusted as per the individual’s demand. Along with the course, one can also avail support like understanding the consumer, contact details of suppliers, distributers, cost, income and support of an expert at an initial stage of the business startup. These self employment courses are attracting young people with their scope of expansion and huge profit.

How to Make Scented Candles

Today, we mainly use candles for the esthetic value that they bring to the atmosphere and the scent they emit. They are no more a mere source of light. They have become an integral part of our décor as they transform the space into a warm and pleasing aromatic ambience. Everybody loves scented candles.  We also use scented candles for the purposes of aromatherapy. It improves the general feeling of well-being. The minute you light a scented candle, the room is filled with the light and aroma emitted by it.

It can help a great deal in lifting your mood instantly. They stimulate our sense of smell almost immediately.  Every scent brings with it a sense of holiday or the dawn of a season. The flowery scented candles like lavender, rose and jasmine bring the feeling of spring. The apple, lemon and cinnamon scented candles put you in a joyous holiday mood. They can be placed in any part of the house be it the living room, the kitchen or even the bathroom.

Scented candles are available in beautiful shapes, colors and sizes. Just place them in any corner of your house and they make it look great. They give a very warm welcoming feeling to your house.  Be it miniature votive candles or the enormous pillars, scented candles are very attractive home décor pieces. You can use them to convert your bathing experience to a spa event, just by placing them around your bathtub or shower cabin. They can change the whole ambience of your house by making it aromatic and cozy when your guests arrive.  The very thought of a candle light dinner sounds exciting. You can make it even more engaging by adding scented candles.  You can fill the ambience with lots of love and enchantment by lighting aromatic candles. If you are planning a perfect romantic evening to propose to your girlfriend or a cooking a secret romantic dinner for your boyfriend, bring in some scented candles and place them around the table.  They can instigate great romance and transform the mood completely.

You can also use scented candles to decorate your house during festivals. Instead of plain cup-shaped oil lamp (made out of clay), use fancy looking scented candles to boost the decor. They come in various different shapes and sizes depending on where and how you want to use them. You can also make a great centerpiece for your coffee table, lounge table or your dining table using floating candles.

Commercial scented candles are quite expensive these days. A great alternative to these are making them yourself at home. The ingredients that are required to make them are easily available in the market. All you need is the right kind of training to make good scented candles. There is no reason to get intimidated, as the process is not very complicated.

However, you need to understand the process of making scented candles and a safe way of making them. Scented candles are made by adding aroma oils to candle wax. Then you insert a wick into it. Homemade scented candles smell as good as the expensive candles that are available in the market today. The making cost is very less too.  You can either start your candle making business or keep it just as a hobby. Either it can serve as a very profitable business or it is great for gifting purposes too. Anybody can start a part-time or a full-scale scented candle making business, all you need is training.

CSDO offers hobby classes as well as professional training for making scented candles. They teach you to make different types of scented candles. Few of them are as below

Pillar candles, rustic candles, chuck and round chuck candles, embedded and encrusted candles, gel candles, granite candles, advance hurricane candles, beautiful carving candles, candle decoration, CFS techniques, WOW technique, log candles, sea inspired candles, handmade simple candles, handmade floating candles, Ti-light and votive candles, aroma therapy candles, Feng Shui candles, bed of roses candles, mold making and candle presentation techniques.

Here they do teach you more than just pouring aromatic wax into a container. They teach you the art of candle making and the right techniques involved in achieving a high quality finish.

Facts To Know About The Candle Packaging Business

Are you desperate to earn some extra income from the comfort of home without investing huge capital? For this, you need a deep understanding of the small businesses that are prevailing in the market and are in high demand. Though you have various options, you need to pick one that can be started easily. It is noted that Candle packaging and making is the most flourishing business that is trendy in the market and required low investment.

What is packaging

Candle packaging is a technique through which candles are packed in boxes, wrapped, and levelled with the brand name. This process involves designing, evaluating, and producing packages. It can also be described as the coordinating system that supports warehousing, transportation, sale, and identifying the end users. Different packaging theme is opted to identify the variety of candles according to their shape, colour, theme, cost, quality, quantity, and other factors.

Role of Candle packaging

Candle packaging is the best technique that ensures the safety of candles and makes them durable; safeguard them in transit and in storage. The packing has to be decent that ensure that there is no leakage of wax due to heat or other factors. There are best sayings that never judge a book by its cover. However, this is never true for the candles. Packaging provides beauty to the product and adds value to the brand.

The decently packed materials are in high demand and assure of the best quality. On the other hand, the safe product delivery is never possible without a proper packaging. Apart from this, the proper Candle packaging ensures that the products are packed decently and provide a clear understanding of their different shape, size, colour and variety.

Different types of candle packaging

If you are desperate to understand various types of candle packaging then you can pick boxes, mail lite padded envelopes, kraft paper rolls, silica gel packs, sealed air bubble wrap, telescopic boxes, air cap bubble wrap, and polythene bags to provide different packaging style to the candles.

For opting the best packaging, you need to understand your customer and the market trend. This is the easiest way to pick the best supplier, transportation medium and other factors that have a direct impact on the overall cost of the candles. Thus, understanding the nature and importance of candle packaging is utmost important to enjoy the competitive advantage.

Candle packaging according to occasion

Candles are the best gifting material considering the special occasion. For this, they have to be gift wrapped, specially packed and delivered in the style. The demand increases during the festive seasons like Christmas, Deepawali, new year, baby shower, and even on special occasions like birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, etc. Therefore, you need to understand the colour theme, packaging style and specific requirement of the customers during these celebrations across the country all through the year.

Candles also share happiness as they are scented, leaves special effect to the atmosphere and delight consumers. It adds beauty to the celebration, thus, proper care has to be taken to pack them for these unforgettable moments of life. You can also provide option to customers to choose the desired packaging for the candles as per their requirement.

Understanding the Candle packaging business in depth requires support from an expert. For this, you need to enrol for the professional Candle packaging course and learn even minor tips and tricks to be best in the industry. For this, you can trust CSDO; this is the best training institute in Delhi that provides complete guidance, support and training to the new entrepreneur to learn basic elements of the various small businesses.

The dedicated staffs here also provides complete support in finding the right package material supplier, close competitors, market condition, markets, training, equipment, and other related elements that boost the Candle packaging business. The courses are designed according to the customer’s demand and timing can be adjusted as per the customer ease. You can also learn basic tips and tricks by visiting the website from the comfort of home. No matter what you require CSDO cares for your comfort and support in easing the entire process of establishing Candle packaging business at home.

When you consider all these tips and tricks and understand the scope of business opportunity of Candle packaging in your area, you will defiantly emerge as the successful entrepreneur. Just make sure to analyse the market closely and understand the targeted customers, their demand, special occasion and price of the candle that market can consume. When you have well-planned strategies for everything, Candle packaging business will be a play for you.

Chocolate Packaging Techniques

Nowadays, the way your gifts look matters a lot. No matter, how expensive product you have bought, but if the outer appearance is not up to the mark, people will point it out and make you feel embarrassed and low. Therefore, the need of packaging and labeling is very important these days.

The process of covering the products and protecting them from any kind of destruction is known as packaging. If your gifts are packed in a nice manner, it not only keeps the product safe but also people consider it as a status symbol.  You gain more recognition in the society.

Chocolates are really a nice way to express your love and concern towards your beloved ones. People these days gift chocolate bouquets to their friends or relatives on all kinds of occasions. Not only people love to eat chocolates but also chocolates have many health benefits associated with it. It reduces your level of cholesterol, is good for the heart, reduces stress and depression and also controls mood swings. Rarely will you find anyone, who will say a NO to eating chocolates. Instead of giving too expensive materialistic gifts which are of no use, it is better to give chocolates which strengthen your bond even more.

These days’ chocolates come in different shapes and sizes. You get a variety of them available in the market. Well, who would not like to receive a gift which is properly packed and looks nice? Chocolate packaging is really in trend these days.  Almost everybody gets their chocolates nicely packed before gifting it to someone.  But the major problem that comes your way is that you need to specially make a visit to the shop to get them packed. This is not at all easy and convincing. It takes lot of time as well as effort.

Have you ever thought of packing your chocolates on your own?

Chocolate packaging is not an easy job. You need to gain some kind of knowledge before doing the same.  It is important for you to take the guidance of some professionals so that you can learn the basic techniques that are required for the same. There are many institutions these days that help you to learn chocolate packaging. They offer various courses on the same. One of the most reputed institutions is CSDO. CSDO offers you various chocolate packaging courses and helps you learn in the best way. The staff appointed there is very cooperative and friendly. You can share your existing level of knowledge with them, and they will help you to enhance the same. You really get a platform to show your talent and modify it in a better manner.  The courses are available at different time periods. Thus, you can choose the one which suits you the most! Feel free to contact them whenever you have any query. They are there to help you at anytime.

Different types of chocolate packaging techniques are available for different occasions. It is not necessary to gift chocolates only on the marriage anniversary or birthday celebration. You can also present this on occasions such as baby shower, father’s day, Christmas Day, Holi and much more.

Well, the chocolate packaging techniques vary a lot. There is no set rule regarding the same. You can also develop your own style by using your creativity. For example, on the occasion of Baby Shower, you can pack your chocolates which give the picture of the baby. This will not only go perfectly with the occasion but will also add a special charm to your gift. Even your relatives will feel more special and happy. Similarly, on the occasion of Holi, you can go with some beautiful colors which add more spark to your gift. Use your creative skills and you will get an amazing idea, no doubt!

At CSDO you will learn a lot. Your imagination will improve a lot and your vision will get a boost. Once you step out of that institute, you yourself will feel a change in yourself. If possible, you can use these skills to earn some amount of money as well. You can think of investing a small amount of capital at the initial stage and with your talent, you can really earn a good amount after a short period of time.

Thus, do not delay anymore! Just join CSDO as soon as possible and get ready to learn something new and interesting.  Let your friends and relatives also know about the same.

All the Best!

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