Aromatic Candles from CSDO- Spread Love and Light on Diwali

The festival of Diwali is famous as festival of lights and sweets and we love to decorate our house with exclusive decorative lights available in the market. There are different types of modern electric lights available in the market but the effect of decorating a house with candles is always something unique.

Well, we are sure that you must be willing to decorate your house this Diwali with aromatic candles and we can also give these candles as gift to our friends and relatives. We can definitely opt for aromatic candles from CSDO and can enjoy the festival with love and joy. Some of the most popular aromatic candles which you can get from CSDO for gifting purpose include the following:

  • Chocolate
  • Fresh laundry
  • Lavender scents
  • Lemon scents
  • Sandalwood
  • Apple
  • Rose scented candles
  • Candles with coconut scents
  • Scent of cookie
  • Scent of Vanilla

So, above are some unique aromas which are used in candles. Our experts here will make these candles exceptionally well so that one can use these candles during any puja and any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Just get in touch with our professionals to have the best aromatic candles.

In case you are looking for the options to learn the art of candle making then you can join us and get trained by our professional experts. They will guide you step by step about the process and the ingredients used in the making of aromatic candles. Join the class today.


Love Cakes and Pastries? Bake them at Home

There will be hardly any person who does not love to taste cakes and pastries. From kids to elderly persons, all love to have this delicious desert during any festival or occasion. Yes, its true  that the taste of pastry preferred varies from person to person.  Normally we buy cakes from markets as there we can get lovely flavors of different cakes and pastries.

But, have you ever tried to make these pastries at home? If no, then you can try it and can make some delicious pastries today. Here you must be thinking of from whom you can learn the process of making pastries. Well, our professionals are here to guide you in preparing cakes and pastries of various tastes. Once you start learning of preparation of cakes and pastries you can try for

  • Croissants
  • Pies
  • Danishes
  • Macarons
  • Eclairs
  • Strudels
  • Cannoli
  • Pretzels
  • Tarts

All those above items of pastries and cakes are awesome to taste and our experts will make you expert in making the pastries. Again, you can think in a different way and can set up your own business of making cakes and pastries. In running the business successfully our professionals will guide you to know about all rules and regulations so that you will not find any problem to have your own start up. So, contact us today for the best support from our professionals

In case you want to learn from our experts any specific pastry then feel free to talk to us and we are sure that we can arrange something good for you to learn.



Candles- An Illuminating Way to Send Diwali Greetings

Diwali, the festival of lights and sweets, is at our doorstep and here we all are planning for making this festival more enjoyable. During Diwali we love to decorate our house with lights. Especially decorating house with candles will make our house look gorgeous. Again besides decorating house with candles we can also opt for giving those candles as gift to our friends.

In recent days craze for aromatic candles has raised a lot. Well now you can think in a different way and prepare candles of your own choice and design. Do you know how to make aromatic candles? If no then do not waste your time and join special classes arranged by our experts. Our experts will teach you thoroughly to make decorative candles. After taking proper lessons you can make candles as mentioned below.

  • Votive Candles
  • Container candles
  • Pillar candles
  • Dipped candles
  • Rolled candles

Do you want to earn some extra cash by setting up your own business? Well, then you can surely do it with the help of professionals who will guide you to learn about aromatic candle making process. Again, our experts will guide you to know about the rules and regulations for set up a business of candle making and earn a good income.

Hence, contact with our professionals to start our own business of candle making.  If you are a passionate person then we are sure that learning candle making will just be fun.

Join us today and become a good candle artist.

Diwali- A Festival Of Giving Sweets

Diwali is one of favorite festivals for Indians and this festival brings huge happiness and joy in our life. During this festival we give pack of sweets and chocolates to our friends and relatives and generally prefer to buy it from reputed stores. But, this year you can think in a different way. You can make delicious baklavas, chikkis and chocolates at home and can give a nice surprise to all your friends and relatives.

Are you wondering as how to prepare these delicious items? Well, then without wasting time join our special classes where our well trained experts will guide you to know about the process of making different types of baklava, chocolates and chikkis at home. You can learn here to make

  • Peanut chikki
  • Crispy Til chikki
  • Coconut palm sugar chikki
  • Mixed nut chikki
  • Jiggery boondi chikki
  • Dark chocolate bar
  • Camel milk chocolate
  • Black chocolate bar
  • White chocolate
  • Nut baklava
  • Chocolate baklava

Our professionals will guide you properly so that you can understand how to make all those above delicious deserts. Again, you can also start your own business of making various types of baklava, chikkis and chocolates and here also our experts will guide you to start your own business.

Hence, contact us today and get the best support in making all delicious deserts in this Diwali. There are many other things which you can learn from our experts and start your very own business right from home.

Cakes Loved By All- Learn To Bake Them From CSDO

Yummy Yummy cake….. is loved by all and any celebration remains incomplete till the time we taste some awesome cake. Especially during any festival, we love to make cakes to make our friends and family happy. And birthdays are incomplete without cake and what about making a cake on your own on your kids or husbands birthday. But, you should learn well about the process of cake making.

Here you will surely need professional guidance and to get reliable assistance in cake making you can join classes organized by our professionals. The professionals from CSDO are carrying on all these classes at a reasonable price so that all can join here and learn the process of cake making. You can learn to make cakes such as

  • Layered cakes
  • Pound cake
  • Foam and sponge cake
  • Cakes with egg whites only
  • Cakes with egg white and yolks
  • Flourless and low flour cakes
  • Unbaked cakes

Those above preparations will surely make all your friends extremely delighted while you will give home made cakes to them during any festival as gifts. Our experts will guide you in proper way so that you can learn exact process of cake making. Do you want to convert your passion for cake making into your profession? Well, here also you will get reliable guidance from our professionals to make cakes and earn some good income.  Call us today and know about our class schedules.

Do You Want to Learn the Art of Running a Successful Chocolate Business?

The demand for chocolate will never go down as this is such one item which is loved by all. Especially during any festival different types of delicious chocolates of different taste are made. Again it has been observed that most of us love to make chocolates at our home during festival to gift our friends and family members a big surprise. But preparing chocolate is not at all an easy task and here we need to learn a lot.

To know about proper process to make chocolate of different taste we should take expert advice. Well here you can join special course for chocolate making organized by our specialists. They have also arranged online classes where you can learn how to prepare delicious chocolates and make your beloved happy. Apart from making tasty chocolates you can also take lessons to prepare:

  • Texas sheet cake
  • Chocolate Frangelico Fondue
  • Double chocolate ice cream
  • Mexican chocolate cream pie
  • Chocolate baklava
  • Chocolate pudding
  • Marbled chocolate banana bread

So those above taste of chocolates will definitely make your festival a grand success. However have you ever thought to apply your passion for chocolate making into making money? This will never be surprising at all if you take initiative to start your own business of chocolate making. There is huge demand for chocolate of various tastes in the market and hence if you set up your own business it can give you a nice earning.

Hence to make your own business too you will get help of our professionals. So without wasting more time get in touch with our experts today.  You can give a call to us to know about the class schedules and the venues of our practical classes. Make the celebration of love this festive season a memorable one with your homemade chocolates.

Open up a Bakery, Sell Finger Licking Cakes and Pastries

There will be hardly any person who does not love to taste cakes and pastries of various flavors during any occasion or festival. If you are passionate about making various dishes at your home then you can easily give a try to make pastries and cakes of different flavors.

You effort will definitely make your kids and other members in your family extremely happy. Well, you must be thinking of from where you will get proper lessons to know about recipes of cakes.

Nothing to worry as our experts are running classes to help people like you to learn the tips and tricks of how to make cakes and pastries. Our professionals are enough experienced and they will make you understand the ways to make different types of cakes and pastries of different flavors. Start sharing homemade pastries to your friends on festive occasion and this will help to make mouth to mouth promotion of your pastries. You can learn to prepare

  1. Lemon coconut cake
  2. Orange blossom bundt
  3. Toffee crunch cake
  4. Banana caramel cake
  5. Chocolate brown sugar butter cake
  6. Sponge cake
  7. Chocolate cinnamon pastries
  8. Apple pie

Those above flavors are extremely great and yummy to taste and to make these flavors you need to know exact recipes. Here you can get necessary details regarding how to make these cakes you can surely take lessons from our professionals.

Other than preparing cakes and pastries for your family members and friends, you can also opt for starting your own business of cake making. This business will definitely give you a nice turnover and you will make good profit. Besides learning the ways of making cakes, our professionals will also give you suggestions regarding starting your own cake making business.

Come we are waiting for you… Join our classes by giving a call  +91 8860075342

Which Flavor Do you Like in Chocolates? Create it At Home

Whether it is a festive season or if any special event is going to be organized at your home then chocolates can always be treated as a great desert to offer your loved ones. Normally we buy chocolates of various flavors from the market and offer them as gifts to others. Especially children become extremely happy when they get chocolates as gift. But have you ever thought of making chocolates by your own of different shape and flavour at home and offer them to friends and family members?

If not, then give a try to make different types of chocolates of different taste and make all surprised. To prepare chocolates you should know recipes properly and here you will get help from our professionals. Special classes are being organized by experts to let you know how to make chocolates. The flavors of chocolates that you can make are

  • Banana chocolate
  • Black pearl chocolate
  • Lavender truffles
  • Naga bar
  • Goat cheese and pear bonbons
  • Kaffir lime bar
  • Lemon grass with peppercorn Raspberry pink pepper truffles

To make these flavor one should know exact process and our experts will offer you the best guidance to know about perfect recipes. Here you need to mix all ingredients in right proportion so that everybody can be delighted once they taste them.

Now apart from making these chocolates only during festivals you can convert this passion into profession. Yes,  you can earn some good money by making chocolates of above flavors. To get necessary help you can surely contact with us.  We along with our professionals experts will guide you in learning chocolate making and then turning it into a business which will be worth enjoyable for you.

Come and Join us and run your own chocolate business.

Are You Ready for the Home-made Cosmetics Business?

Demands for various types of cosmetics are increasing day by day among ladies who love to look beautiful and stylish. And a surprising fact is that most of them are becoming fond of natural cosmetics. Today you can easily opt for different types of cosmetics available in the market. But most of these cosmetics are made of chemicals and other harmful ingredients which can cause harm to your skin. If you have suffered such problems then you must be looking for some natural cosmetics which will make you gorgeous during any festival or occasion as well as will take proper care of your skin.

To give your skin proper nourishment you can opt for making homemade cosmetics. Are you thinking of how to make such natural cosmetics? Well, here we are the professionals who can help you to learn how to prepare natural cosmetics. Everyone can join our classes and take necessary guidance regarding preparation of cosmetics using natural herbs. Here you can learn to prepare

  • Making of skin care cream
  • Face scrubs to rejuvenate your skin
  • Make up kits

To make various make up kits and other skin care cream you should know the proper ingredients to be mixed with each other and to have expert knowledge in making such products you need to join classes of our professionals.

But do you want to prepare these natural products only for your personal use? If no then you can apply your knowledge of making such natural homemade cosmetics for the mass and can earn good income. Our professionals will guide you always in this field and hence without any hesitation you can contact with the professionals today.

To know about your class schedules and duration of the course, feel free to give us a call @ +91 8860075342 or email us

Gift your Subordinates Home-made Aroma Candles on Diwali

The most awaited festival, Diwali is about come. Like every year you must have planned to enjoy this Diwali in a special way and gift your near and dear ones with special some special items. Diwali is the festival of light and you can make your loved ones happy by gifting them special aroma candles. If you want to gift your professional family members your subordinates at your office special gift packs then aroma candles can really be a good idea.

Well, you can buy those candles from the market or you can make these candles by your own. Here you need to take classes from professionals so that you can learn exact ways to make these candles. Our professionals are ready to teach lessons about how to make aroma candles. With the help of professionals, you will be able to learn to make candles of the following types.

  • Super simple beeswax candle
  • Olive oil candles
  • Orange candle
  • French vanilla  candles
  • Floating candles
  • Ice candle
  • Lavender beeswax teacup candle

To prepare all these candles you should know exact method of preparation and ingredients required to make these candles. Our professionals will guide you thoroughly to learn about these candle making.

Not only for gifting but also you can go for starting your own business to earn good amount by making such aroma candles at home. If not you then encourage your wife to learn it and she can also start her own business right from the comfort of your home. To start a business you need professional help and here is our professionals who will help you a lot in starting your business. Hence get in touch with us today to have the best service.

To know about our class schedules and duration feel free to give us a call at +91 9811272138

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