Be your own Master-Start a Home Based Business

Benefits of a home based business

Many people are starting a home based business today due to its benefits. Such a business can be a part time work. It will always provide flexible timings of work. The cost of running a home based business can be as low as you can afford. The problems of commuting to work are zero.There are several rebates, grants and tax concessions given by the government for such enterprises.

The following 5 considerations for starting a Home based Business will be helpful for such aspirants.

Initial Planning

You need to check the business venture you wish to embark upon. It requires a study of the demand for the item you wish to produce, the financial commitment, the market outlets and the budget you can afford for the planning and its execution. The Craft and Social Development Organization(CSDO),Delhi gives detailed guidance for planning a venture.

Necessary licences and permits

Whatever is to be produced at home, you will need several permissions for it. There will be licences to apply.The certificates from sales tax, fire department, and several other governmental agencies will be needed. This is to be done at the planning stage itself. The CSDO makes you aware of the same.

Market survey

It is very essential to survey the market and know the sellers who sell the kind of stuff you are producing. It will be an uphill task to begin the supplies and get the sales right on day one. If you are aware of the outlets you will be at least stock your produce at the display windows.

Buffer period arrangement

The gestation period of the things supplied by you in the market and the people actually liking to buy it will have to be accounted for right at the beginning of the venture. You will have to initially dump your item with the suppliers and retailers on credit. You have to make financial arrangement for this period in the initial budgetary exercise.


Even if the business is from home, the need for advertising the brand cannot be ignored. The product must be noticed by the customers. The budget for the same can be as per the investment profile you have made when you started the business.

These are some of the important steps needed to begin a home based business.

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