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About Us

Education is modern India’s greatest leveler and its redemption. It is the tide that lifts every boat. CSDO’s Professional & Hobby courses are designed to increase your creative value, make you a professional & convert your hobby into a home business. To learn these courses, you do not require any formal education. These courses have been designed to make you independent and you can start your own business right from your home, that too with a very nominal investment and in a short time. These courses are also useful for those who would like to learn it for their own creative satisfaction.


It was born because of the large number of requests our owner, Ms. Sunita Bhasin , has got recived from no vice learners who are looking for training expertise and marketing of these art and craft courses. Based on Ms. Sunita`s experience, the CSDO’S Curriculum offers what she consider to be the foundation for any successful professional course whether it is candles , chocolates , cosmetology , Gift and Trousseau , Corporate gift packaging, Box making etc. CSDO Provides a complete understanding of these Professional Courses with a "plan of action" to fulfill your career or personal goals.


Ms.Sunita , is a successful Chocolatier for 21 years with a brand name of Brown Bite Chocolates ( so she knows what it takes to succeed in the chocolate retail and/or wholesale business. She is also associated with creative candles for over 9 years. ( She has been in teaching different hobby classes for the last 21 years. She makes each & every effort to make her Art and craft Institute as the No. 1 Institute in India.


It is also affiliated with KHADI AND VILLAGE INDUSTRIES COMMISSION, GOVT OF INDIA. After doing courses you can apply for 5 lac to 25 lac loan also to set up your own business from Khadi and village industries commission, 15% to 25% subsidiary also available.




The leading entrepreneur Sunita Bhasin was Born on 2 October 1962, Delhi.


She qualified and graduated in Double MA in Pol. Science (1983-85) & Public administration (1985-87)


Established WCI -5TH May 1987


Established IICS-Corporate study to provide quality education to rural areas –Cutting & Tailoring , Fashion Designing, Cooking, Hotel management ,Soft Toys, Painting ,Beautician ,Established soft Toy Manufacturing Unit (Year 1990)


Established Creative Candles in 2001


Established Brown Bite chocolates in 2003


General secretary of CSDO where main motto is to Provide full fleshed training for Candle making, Chocolate Making ,Soap making, Gift making.


Vision-Her Vision is to spread Education not only in Metaphor but in small towns & rural areas with the endeavour of workshops for Schools, Ngo& Mnc’s